10 Celebrity Christmas Looks To Get Inspired For Your Holiday Season

by BRENDA L. / NOV 22, 2022

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    Work Christmas party, Christmas Eve’s dinner with your family, that one silly night out to exchange presents with your friends and Boxing Day lunch with your in-laws. December is a busy month for a lot of people, and all these fancy gatherings usually have an unspecified elegant dress code and… Fabulous hair, of course. If you're struggling to find the right look, get inspired by these celebrities and their Christmas glitz and glamour!

    1. Mariah Carey

    How could I not include the queen of Christmas herself? Mariah always nails the Christmas spirit with elegance and impeccable style. Take it from her: deep side part, Hollywood waves, and caramel or bronde highlights. If you don’t feel like committing to the color, you can always add hair extensions in your curls and blend them in for a flawless, highlighted look that will leave everyone completely stunned.

    2. Leomie Anderson

    Victoria’s Secret angel and Fenty Beauty model Leomie Anderson makes a classy statement with super-sleek, extra-long black hair. The glass hair trend is still going strong (you can read more about what glass hair is and how to achieve it in our dedicated blog) with fellow celebrities such as Lourdes Leon and Kim Kardashian sporting it on different occasions. You could make this minimalistic yet stunning hairstyle your go-to style with jumbo-length human hair extensions, a generous dose of heat protectant spray before going in with your hair straightener, and Color Wow’s Dream Coat.

    3. Kim Kardashian

    Kim’s extra-long plait and slicked-back hair are worldwide-famous now - and there’s a reason behind it! This hairstyle has been one of the most copied by her fans, who often resort to clip-in ponytail hair extensions to achieve the necessary length and volume. Reminiscing of old-school Lara Croft, this simple look is quick and easy to recreate, doesn’t require any particular skill besides basic braiding and works on many different occasions. What’s not to love?

    4. Kendall Jenner

    Kim’s sister Kendall opts for a softer, more romantic look instead. One of her signature looks sees her mane styled in a half-up, half-down do. You can make it messy and gently tousled for a “messy chic” finish, or sleek and neatly tucked in your favourite hair jewel on the back of your head for a more put-together look. Kendall always styles her hair with a middle part, a staple in today’s fashionable hairdos.

    5. Jennifer Lopez

    JLo’s all-white Christmas decor went viral not too long ago, but how does she always look so sophisticated and perfectly blend in with those stage lights? Her famous braided bun is a top-notch hairstyle choice for a Christmas do. Well, that and her gorgeous, flawless makeup. Sometimes less is more, and in Jennifer’s case, we have seen how a simple claw clip or a minimalistic top bun can go a long way with the right outfit and jewellery. If you have a pair of important earrings or an elaborate necklace to show off, this is the style for you.

    6. Kourtney Kardashian

    Kourt’s approach isn’t too far from her usual aesthetic: a gently tousled, slicked-back ponytail. Like the top bun and the sleek plait described before, this hairstyle is perfect for those who’d like to go bananas on sparkly accessories and themed jewellery. Wrap-around ponytail hair extensions make the perfect hair accessory to get volume and length, guaranteeing an elegant finish that leaves no room for visible scrunchies and hair ties.

    7. Lindsay Lohan

    Y2K’s favourite redhead is back and better than ever! Her famous fiery tresses are gently curled for the role of Sierra Belmont, main character of the recent seasonal flick “Falling For Christmas”, starring Lindsay Lohan. The film is quite cute and has good reviews - perfect for a lighthearted, cozy girls’ night in. Red is extremely trendy this season, with coppery and auburn shades being adopted by celebrities and influencers alike. If you’ve recently dyed your hair red, this is a great opportunity to show off your new, fiery mane. Looking to add a kick to your hairdo? Come and explore the most inclusive range of red hair extensions.

    8. Millie Bobby-Brown

    Millie’s blonde makeover has been the talk of the town for quite a long time earlier this year. How can someone go from a middle-parted lob to waist-long tresses and wispy bangs overnight? Well, the answer is simple: a great hairstylist and remy hair extensions. If you don’t feel like giving your hair the big chop yet, you can try and give yourself an instant makeover with clip-in bangs! Pop them on and ask your hairdresser to style them for you so that they become practically invisible. Nobody will be able to tell the difference from your actual hair… Until you simply clip them out!

    9. Keke Palmer

    If you like the idea of going shorter, Keke Palmer’s flipped-out bob is a romantic, retro-esque and trendy hairstyle to try. Adding a bling-bling hair barre is the cherry on top. This look has something extremely Y2K/90s to it, and it kind of makes me think of a more polished, modern version of that hairstyle we’ve seen on stars such as Brittany Murphy and Gwen Stefani a few years back. Best paired with a side part.

    10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    Rosie’s romantic Hollywood waves are a nod to the late Veronica Lake, star of black-and-white cinema. Hollywood curls are a glossy, perfectly shaped wavy hairstyle often seen on the red carpet and previously sported by top-tier actresses and A-listers such as Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Blake Lively. This hairdo is also a popular bridal choice and works wonders with literally any natural hair shade.

    11. Conclusion:

    From glossy curls to slicked-back hairstyles and trendy colorful shades, I hope I was helpful to inspire you and slay any Christmas event you’re participating in this year. Not sure about what type of remy hair extensions might suit you? Explore our range of clip-in hair extensions and get in touch for FREE hair advice from our experts.

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