Gifted Glamour: The Lookbook For Christmas Hairstyles

by BRENDA L. / NOV 17, 2023

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    What has Cliphair been up to lately? In order to give you all the resources and inspiration to create the perfect hairstyle, we’ve gathered up to find out which looks would be trending this year. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds: exploring the past trends, seeing what celebrities have been up to, and identifying the growth in number of certain videos instead of others provided us with the necessary data for us to create this small – yet incredibly glamorous – lookbook. Ready to find out how you can use your hair extensions for an ultra-fab holiday season?

    Sleek & Straight

    We’ve seen many celebrities exploring this trend in the past, and their looks are still going strong. Some examples? Lourdes Leon, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and more. What is so fascinating about this hairstyle? The sleek hairdo has a unique Y2K feeling to it, and given the extravagant revival that the early 00s aesthetic has experienced in the past few years, it’s not surprising to see this look still going strong on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and more. We selected Fifi for this especially elegant yet simple look, trying to recreate the famous “glass hair trend” that flooded our social media feed. To create this hairstyle on her, our team matched her to our shade Natural Black (1B). Then, we selected the thickest hair extensions in our range, our Ultra Volume hair extensions collection.

    This type of clip in hair extensions is perfect to hide blunt, shorter haircuts, or to pump the volume up in longer tresses for a big, big hair effect. By braiding some of her hair for an easy application, we were able to go all the way extra with 26” hair extensions for a vertigo-inducing length!

    Soft Waves

    Inspired by the timeless classic of the divas of the past, this hairstyle is the gift that keeps on giving. Hollywood waves may have been made famous by silver-screen queens such as Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, and Veronica Lake – but this hairdo has never truly left the stage (pun not intended)!

    Contemporary Hollywood stars such as Jessica Chastain and others still choose this look as their go-to hairstyle for special occasions and red carpet appearances, not to mention how popular these glossy waves are for weddings and formal parties! For a more down-to-earth finish we decided to soften them down a little – focusing on volume and puffiness instead of keeping them firmly crimped.

    Lauren was selected for this hairstyle, given her hair’s natural thickness – we were sure we’d be able to work absolute magic by adding Ultra Volume hair extensions to her mane. And we weren’t wrong! 22” Medium Brown hair extensions were enough to boost her length and keep a natural finish, whilst the pumped-up volume gave her all the glamour we needed. Hair stylist Joshua William completed the look by giving her a blowout that would make pin-ups jealous.

    Half-Up Hairstyle

    The iconic half-up, half-down hairstyle that we’ve seen on Beyonce simply had to make it to our roster! Soft curls and a high ponytail mixed with half-down lengths for a romantic, voluptuous finish are a dream recipe for a holiday look. Hairstyles like this work wonders for many different occasions: a work Christmas party, a night out with your friends, a fancy family dinner, or whatever ticks the box for you as a holiday celebration – why not make it even more fun with this playful, peppy, and elegant hairdo?

    If your look is more on the bold side rather than the “timeless classic” vibe, then this hairstyle surely is for you. With the help of Remy Royale Seamless hair extensions in shade “Iced Cappuccino”, hair artist Ashley Lee created this gorgeous, voluminous look on our stunning Ayeisha. This specific type of Remy hair extensions belongs to an elite collection, which we named Remy Royale. How is it different from the rest of our clip-ins?

    The hair in our Remy Royale range is of higher quality, cuticle-aligned for improved softness, manageability, and unmatched shine. On top of that, all the products in our Remy Royale collection are double-drawn: same thickness from root to top for a fuller, glamorous finish. What’s not to love?

    High Ponytail

    If “go big or go home” is your motto, then you’ll love this hairstyle. Perhaps your aesthetic is more on the fierce vibe, or perhaps you just prefer a practical hairstyle that will keep your hair away from your face whilst dancing the night away, or hovering around the buffet area. No matter what your holiday party vibe is, this high ponytail look is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Not only can the wrap around ponytail hair extensions set be fit in less than five minutes: this versatile hair accessory opens the door to so many different combinations! Use it to create an editorial-looking half-up hairstyle, a wavy ponytail for the summer, or a fierce braid for a sophisticated festival look. It truly is the clip in ponytail that can do it all! For this lookbook, we selected Diana and matched her to our 24” Mega Wrap Around Ponytail hair extensions in shade “Platinum Blonde Highlights”. A rich, sleek, and bold statement look that shines bright like a diamond.


    What’s your favourite hairstyle for the holidays? If you’re feeling inspired, come and check out our Gifted Glamour holiday campaign to shop your dream hair look. And don’t miss out on our gift selection to bless your bestie with a beloved hair present!

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