No problem, baby! AKA: How To Tame Baby Hair & Edges In Style

by BRENDA L. / FEB 21, 2022

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    Whether you were born with fuzzy edges or grew them out after pregnancy, did you know baby hairs are a cute, precious detail on your face, that you can style in so many different ways?
    Black and Latinx cultures have developed creative and useful techniques to lay edges and keep flyaways away – a cultural and beauty expression that eventually ended up being sported on runways, red carpets and more. Think of stars like Rihanna, Saweetie, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Lizzo, FKA Twigs… And yes, also those who tried to gel down regular bangs and misused the term. Ifnabeel ahmed you actually do have baby hairs and are desperate to know what to do with them, no matter your skill level - there’s a way to tame your edges, sculpt your baby hairs, and complete your look adequately – to either add drama or a more sophisticated twist to any style.

    What Are Baby Hairs?

    First things first, as per usual, let’s see what baby hairs are and what causes them. In the majority of cases, baby hairs are something you are born with – and they fall under the category of vellus hair, just like the “peach fuzz” some people have on their cheeks and ears. Generally speaking, baby hairs are softer, lighter and thinner than the regular hair that grows on your head, and they sprout around your temples, forehead, around your ears and at the nape of your neck.

    As baby hairs are not particularly impressed by your blow-dryer (meaning: you don’t want your edges to get dry or burnt) and are short and fine in texture, they can create an irregular hairline – making your styling process a little bit tricky.

    How To Get Rid Of Baby Hairs?

    If living with them is not an option at all, you can resort to two types of treatment to get rid of your baby hairs: waxing and laser hair removal.
    Unfortunately, both methods are not a permanent solution – and this is why you should probably give them a chance and learn how to lay edges and what to use to style baby hair!

    Baby Hairs 101: How To Do Edges

    There are few things that you need to know about your baby hairs before attempting to style them: you will need the right tools, some patience, and time. When it comes to a good hair routine, investing the right amount of time in your styling (and not only under the shower) is essential. Get to know your baby hairs as much as you know the rest of you mane: analyse if they’re damaged and dry for example – the main reason why they may refuse to lay flat – and change the way you protect them at night (might be worth investing in a silk scarf to avoid breakage, for example). Ready to style? Here’s a step by step guide.

    1. Choose The Right Tools

    Like I said, this part is essential. You could use the pointy end of a rat tail comb, a toothbrush, or even a mascara wand (a clean one, of course). In some cases, if you’re feeling particularly artsy, you could also resort to a natural fibre small paintbrush. You should always look for soft bristles, as you want them to be gentle on your edges and keep the frizz at bay.

    2. Use Hairspray

    Hairspray is the quickest and easiest way to style baby hairs and keep them glued to your skin. Instead of spraying it directly on your edges, use it on your toothbrush first and then gently brush it on your baby hairs. Then, spray it onto the hair for a strong finish that will keep them in place.

    3. Use Styling Cream

    If your baby hairs are thicker or curly, you may want to ditch hairspray for a pomade or a styling paste. Always go for a nourishing formula that will keep your strands moisturised whilst smoothing out the frizz. Even though they appear to be thicker than other people’s, always keep in mind that baby hairs are super fragile. Hydration-focused products, of heavier consistency and rich in nourishing oils – like Olaplex or Moroccanoil, will be your best friends.

    How To Lay Edges: The Lookbook

    You’ve got all your products lined up, you practised your skills, now it’s time to get creative. Did you know that there are so many ways you can spice up your hair game by styling your baby hairs in different ways? If you’re looking for some inspo, I have come to the rescue – here’s 5 inspirational baby hairs styles to turn your edges into the double cherry on top of your look!

    The Giant Curl

    This is H.E.R. signature style, the one that made history on the Oscars 2021’s red carpet: hair worn long on a side, romantically laying on her shoulder, baby hairs styled in one giant curl.

    Ocean Waves

    @lozvassallo makes me want to grab my surfing gear and ride waves until the sun goes down. Her baby hairs have been swooped on the sides, recreating the shape of ocean waves – leaving one thin, small curl at the centre.


    Model @joyjah’s baby hairs give massive Euphoria vibes, as her edges are laid down in a number of curlicues and adorned by small stick-on rhinestones. Definitely an unforgettable night-out look!

    Go Big Or Go Home

    I mean, there is a reason if Saweetie calls herself the baby hair princess – right? If you’re looking to know how to lay your hair whilst rocking a ponytail and also look a little extra whilst doing so, then look no further than this iconic look sported by the singer.


    @chelliscurls edges are softly laid back, with definition – yes, but keeping if very subtle and blending in perfectly with her volume and length.



    Baby hairs are a natural phenomenon and as you can see, with the right styling technique they can add glamour to any hairstyle – regardless of your hair type and length. Learning how to take care of them is essential! Slicked back with a fierce ponytail, framing your face in waves with a long braid or laying on your forehead in glossy curls – the choice is yours.

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