The Essential Role of Hair Cuticles in Hair Extensions Quality

by BRENDA L. / OCT 31, 2023

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    If you’ve been considering human hair extensions as the solution to your hair problems or the perfect tool to recreate the hairstyles of your dreams, chances are that you’ve read this sentence a thousand times: “make sure you choose high quality hair extensions”. But what does high quality mean when talking about tresses, and how to break down all the jargon? In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about hair cuticles – where hair quality begins – and how important they are for the final look and feel of clip in hair extensions and other types of hair solutions.

    What Are Hair Cuticles?

    Let’s start with a little bit of science to understand the structure of a single hair strand: the cuticle is the outermost protective layer of your hair. Under the microscope, hair cuticles look like a scaly layer covering the hair shaft, and they’re made of overlapping cells resembling roof shingles.

    The purpose of hair cuticles is to protect the inner layers of your hair from UV radiation, heat, chemicals, physical abrasion, and other external agents that could damage your hair’s softer and more delicate core.

    On top of that, cuticles help retain moisture and regulate its absorption, keeping your hair hydrated and preventing excessive dryness or frizz; damaged and lifted cuticles have an impact on your hair’s overall look and feel, ultimately impacting your hair porosity too.

    What Is Cuticle Aligned Hair?

    When reading or talking about hair extensions, chances are that the words “cuticle aligned” might pop up. But what does it mean, and what impact does cuticle alignment on your hair extensions quality? When it comes to extensions, the alignment of the cuticles is crucial to ensure the anti-tangling properties of the added tresses, their shine factor, and general softness, smoothness and manageability. High-quality extensions, often referred to as "Remy" hair, are selected by choosing hair strands with preserved cuticles – flowing in the same direction from root to tip.

    Cuticle aligned hair extensions look and perform better, preventing the scales on the outer layer of the hair shaft from catching onto each other – thus reducing tangling, matting, and general wear and tear.

    The Royal Difference: Remy Royale Quality

    Cliphair’s Remy Royale range is praised around the world for its cuticle aligned tresses and double drawn composition, for hair that is thick, looks fuller, and has unmatched shine, softness, and manageability. But how is it different from the regular 100% Remy hair that characterises collections such as double weft hair extensions and ultra volume hair extensions?

    Whilst the Remy collection is cuticle aligned, it is different in quality from the Remy Royale range.

    What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

    Double drawn hair extensions are a type of extensions where the strands are carefully selected to have the same length, for wefts that share the same thickness from root to tip. This means that the final results will be thicker and fuller looking, especially on the ends – where other types of extensions tend to seem thinner. It’s the ideal range to recreate glamorous hairdos, or to match thicker hair types or blunt haircuts.

    Remy Royale: Champions Of Longevity

    The integrity of the hair cuticles and the quality of the tresses in our Remy Royale range makes sure we can guarantee a 6+ months lifetime for the hair extensions in this collection. This is especially important when considering permanent hair extensions, as some types – such as flat tip hair extensions – are quite low maintenance and can be worn for up to three months before booking a refitting appointment. Longevity is extremely important in long-term hair solutions, and that’s why our whole permanent range is available in Remy Royale selection.

    Care & Maintenance: How To Care For Remy Hair Extensions

    Taking care of your Remy Royale hair extensions is quite easy, just make sure you follow these essential bullet points:

    • Make sure you’re always using sulphate-free and alcohol-free shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks
    • Avoid excessive heat-based styling
    • Always protect your hair extensions from heat damage by using heat protection spray when resorting to styling tools such as hair straighteners, curling wands, blow-dryers and such
    • Always use a detangling brush for hair extensions to keep your tresses tangle-free and prevent matting 
    • Only trust qualified hair professionals for fitting appointments, maintenance, and removal of your permanent Remy hair extensions.

    Why Choose Cliphair Remy Royale Hair Extensions?

    Whilst finding cuticle correct hair extensions and double drawn hair extensions separately may be quite easy when browsing online, there aren’t many hair extensions experts that bring you the best of both worlds like Cliphair does. This range, being both cost-effective, affordable, and luxurious in quality, is the byproduct of careful selection, international trading, and ethical sourcing performed at the lowest possible prices. 

    This means that you have access to superior-quality hair extensions that get delivered to your doorstep after a clean journey with your best interest at heart. Customers all over the world have already chosen Remy Royale for their hair transformations, including salon professionals, hair artists, and celebrity stylists. Whether you’re looking to transform your hair to boost your confidence, considering your look for a special occasion, or choosing the right tresses to craft a jaw-dropping editorial hairstyle, Remy Royale has the solution for you.

    As Seen At… Salon International 2023

    Proudly showcased for the first time ever in person at Salon International, the Remy Royale range was the main character at the 2023 edition of the professional conference. Thousands of people from everywhere around the world admired the superior quality of Cliphair’s double drawn tresses, and touched it with their hands.

    Styling Versatility For Creative Heads

    As this is the highest-quality range available in our collection of Remy hair extensions, the Remy Royale selection offers incredible versatility when it comes to styling. Designed to withstand the test of time, these tresses will naturally move and follow the natural flow of your own hair, adding a boost of thickness, volume, and length for maximum performance. Glamorous big ‘dos, voluptuous curls, silky-smooth straight hairstyles and all the bounce and dimension that you need for your updos: meet the hair extensions that can do it all. Add Remy Royale seamless hair extensions to your natural tresses in just a few minutes for that extra oomph, or use Invisible tape hair extensions to add a dash of color to your mane!

    See What Our Customers Say:

    Louise W. review image

    22/07/23 Louise W. (Verified Buyer) says: Best Hair!
    Messaged and used the colour matching service. The colour was spot on!! Amazing quality and seem less in blending in my own hair. Would definitely buy my extensions from here again!

    Sarah B. review image

    29/11/22 Sarah B. (Verified Buyer) says: The very best product
    I’ve been purchasing my hair extensions from this supplier since the beginning of the year and have continued to do so with zero issues. The hair is thick, excellent quality and long lasting. I’d not change supplier having used these. Easy to order, fast delivery and regularly updated on the status. The best hair I’ve ordered by far

    Mia W. review image

    16/06/23 Mia W. (Verified Buyer) says: Medium brown nano 26 inch 200g
    Absolutely love this hair, blends effortlessly and it’s so silky and soft, everyone has said it looks like my natural hair! I have fairly thick medium length hair too and always found it hard to find extensions that blend nicely but I will definitely be ordering again!

    Conclusion: Elevate Your Hair Game with Remy Royale

    The role of hair cuticles in the quality of hair extensions is extremely important, and Cliphair’s Remy Royale range is a shining example (pun not intended!) of this. Preserving your hair extensions cuticle layer means preserving your precious investment’s longevity and beauty, for hair that withstands the test of time and performs in harmony with the rest of your tresses – for you to recreate all the hairstyles you’d like. Explore the double drawn hair extensions selection today, and find your Remy Royale perfect match to achieve your hair goals!

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