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Remy Royale: The Ultimate Luxury Feeling.

Cliphair Remy Royale hair extensions are the result of a tight selection, ethically sourcing the healthiest human hair. Our team specialises in hand-picking only the thickest, strongest and cuticle-intact strands; then, we carefully treat the hair to make sure every single cuticle is perfectly aligned. The finish? Soft, shiny, silky and manageable tresses that have never looked any better. Read more

Double Drawn, Double Delight.

Premium quality means premium service. That’s why after giving our Remy Royale hair a nice spa treatment, our experts go back to examine our handcrafted wefts and weaves. This is the final step in the journey of our sumptuous hair extensions, where shorter hair strands get removed by hand in a process known by professionals as “Double Drawing”. The selection follows the steps planned in the most lavish hair extensions design available, at the end of which only the thickest strands, even from root to tip, make it. This results in high-density, even length hair extensions, meaning that you will need less product to achieve the volume and length you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Are Remy Royale Hair Extensions More Expensive?

Think of Remy Royale as the haute couture of hair extensions. You’re not paying for a brand, you’re investing in a high-end, superior-quality product that will last longer than any other hair extensions type - and it will keep on looking fabulous whilst doing so. The careful selection and the hard work behind the process present you with a range of healthy, glossy and strong hair that you can use to achieve the ultimate makeover.

A Gorgeous Selection For Any Occasion.

Our Remy Royale range includes a wide selection of salon professional extensions to meet your needs and help you achieve the perfect look for any occasion.
I-Tip Hair Extensions: individually-bonded, luscious strands of hair to apply with the aid of a micro rings or tubes. This is an easy to hide, sturdy yet discreet type of permanent hair extensions. They can be used by people with average or thick hair, making a great alternative to Nano Hair Extensions that would take over 5 hours to fit. Faster to apply.
Nano Hair Extensions: individually-bonded, lightweight strands of hair to apply with the aid of a nano ring. This is a super-discreet, easy to hide and zero-damage type of permanent hair extensions, designed for people with thin to medium-thickness hair. Longer application time.
Seamless Hair Extensions: all the freedom of clip-in hair extensions, without missing out on discreet attachments and luxury quality. Seamless hair extensions are a no-commitment type of hair extensions that hides its clips underneath its silicone seam, laying flat against the head. Sturdier and with less shedding than the average lace weft. Perfect for those who need a temporary change, or like to switch things up quite often. Can be worn and taken down in a matter of minutes.
Weave / Weft Hair Extensions: imagine a world of unlimited possibilities to unlock with our superior-quality weaves. The most popular application is the LA weave, which combines both micro-rings and sewing to attach the weft. This is faster and easier than the original braid and sew method. Our Remy Royale Hair Wefts can also be glued, or used to create custom-made clip-ins. Read less