Top Festival Hairstyles To Try In 2022

by BRENDA L. / APR 8, 2022

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    To some it’s just a tacky print on a pillow, to some others it’s a mindset: life is a party.

    And when it comes to partying, one of the most amazing things is that you can go unhinged with your hair and no one will bat an eye - if anything, it is expected from everyone to look a little bit extra.

    You know I love to dive deep into creative anything, and hairstyles are no exception! Are you ready to get inspired? Let’s have a look at these gorgeous hair ideas to steal the show at your next music festival!

    Space Buns

    Space buns are an all-time favorite for festival hair. They’re quite easy to create, and work nicely on both medium and long hair, not to mention they can be combined with other hairstyles and hair colors.

    A must-have to unleash your festive spirit this spring! With the aid of clip-in hair extensions, you can also achieve a half up half down space bun hairstyle without missing out on volume. Try it!


    Whoever said that pigtails are only for kids and teenagers is now probably that boring adult we feared we would become when we were younger. Pigtails are a fun, fresh and sometimes even fierce hairstyle that works perfectly in warmer seasons.

    Braid ‘em, twist ‘em, curl ‘em; the choice is yours! When talking festival hair ideas, why not combine your pigtails with a dash of color? With funky-colored clip-in hair extensions, you can spice up your pigtails without committing to hair dye.

    Glitter Roots

    This hair trend broke the internet around 2015 and became a festival hair go-to hairstyle the year later - without really leaving the scene. This solution provides you with a glittery, colorful look and turns your missed appointment at the salon into a glamorous fashion statement.

    Dutch Braids

    I cannot stress this enough: Dutch braids are amazing, one of the most beautiful and fairly easy hairstyles in which you can also seamlessly blend hair extensions in to add a touch of color or a dash of light with blonde shades. This protective hairstyle never fails in being a showstopper and its versatility guarantees a certified baddie look with any outfit.

    High Pony

    The high ponytail is a classy and evergreen hairstyle that works really well in practically any environment: from a business lunch to a night out with your girlfriends, a romantic date and last but not least even a family dinner.

    If your hair is missing that je ne sais quoi when tied up in a hairband, opt for a clip-in ponytail or even better: a wrap-around ponytail extension that will add a touch of class to your look in a matter of seconds.

    Bubble Tendrils

    The bubble ponytail was already made big by stars like Fergie in the past decade (and even earlier than that), but we probably owe the rise in popularity of bubble tendrils to Cassie’s hair in Euphoria, the HBO show featuring Zendaya, Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney that everyone is talking about. Either way, I couldn’t agree more: this hairstyle is giving festival hair vibes, and I’m here for it!

    Fishtail Braid

    The fishtail braid keeps on coming back and forth from the depth of the Internet, especially during this season. I personally love it, and a lot of other people must agree with me since it seems like the fishtail plait isn’t going anywhere. When paired with hair rings, rest assured this hairstyle won’t go unnoticed.

    Hair Tinsel

    If glitter hair is not for you but you’d like to add some shine and sparkle to your mane, you should consider hair tinsel as a valid option. This type of hair extension can be styled just like your own hair, and it adds a subtle (or bold, depending on how many strands you wear) touch of light and color to your mane.

    Directly from the 90s, hair tinsel made its comeback thanks to the one and only Beyonce.

    French Braid

    The French braid is one of the most popular braids ever, and there’s a reason behind that. Classy, fierce and elegant, this hairstyle works best with long hair. A popular choice for bridal hairstyles too, if you’re looking for easy festival hair ideas look no further than this timeless classic.

    Big Bouncy Blowout

    Traditionally speaking, this is not what you’d expect to see at a festival. Where are the crazy colors, the hair accessories, and where are the braids? I know, I know. But with the recent revival of retro-inspired hairstyles, the big bouncy blowout crawled back all the way from the naughty 90s and it’s predicted to go BIG (quite literally) this season.

    If you’re feeling experimental and would like to achieve this hairstyle, go for ultra volume hair extensions to put those Twin Peaks blowouts to shame.

    Mermaid Tresses

    If you're looking for a stunning look that is equally gorgeous and simple to realize, then look no further than mermaid tresses. If you don't have the right amount of volume and length, you can always add clip-in real human hair extensions to channel your inner Ariel vibes. You can play around with highlights for a sunkissed effect, or add a few funky colored strands for a more magical finish.

    Mini Ponytails

    Y2K mini hair ties and mini ponytails, together with baby braids, have become a popular option for many an occasion. From festival hair to summer beach parties, back to school, and even the world of fashion and red carpets - this simple yet effective, youthful hairstyle has already been seen on countless celebrities. 

    Claw Clip Updo

    Another Y2K-inspired hairstyle, the claw clip updo is a popular, simple, and cute hairstyle that will keep you glamorous whilst making sure your hair doesn't fall on your face. Claw clips have been all the rage during the late 90s together with butterfly clips. If you'd like to know more or need some inspiration, check out our blog on how to put your hair up in a claw clip.

    Hair Gems

    Another cute, perfect hairstyle for a summer beachy vibe - or a music festival, of course. Truth is, this type of hair accessory goes really well with a lot of events: a night out with your friends, a birthday party, a romantic date... A few gems in your hair will add just the right amount of glitz and glamour to your look. Just be mindful - it should be a touch of light, without making your mane look like a disco ball! 



    There are no official rules for festival hairstyles, if anything just one: have fun and be confident! As long as you feel good with your hair and are ready to have fun and dance the day away to the rhythm of summer, you can do whatever you want with your mane. From easy beach waves to a cozy, messy bun or adorned by accessories such as hair rings and flower crowns - the world’s your oyster. Bring festival season on, baby!

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