10 Easy Hairstyles For Work To Slay Your Shift

by BRENDA L. / 5. SEP 2022

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    Whether you’re working a double shift in a restaurant to cover up for that coworker that called in sick again, or you’re being asked to man the desk on your 9 to 5, one thing is sure: you’re going to need the perfect hairstyle to start the day right.

    If you’re waking up at stupid o’clock to get things done, you probably don’t have the time to curl a full set of human hair extensions all the time, or to build the perfectly designed updo - so why not give a try to these 10 cute and easy hairstyles for work?

    1. The Criss-Cross Mini Ponytails

    We’ve seen this look going viral on Instagram feeds, TikTok and whatnot. Youthful and playful, this Y2K-inspired hairstyle has also been upvoted by Kylie Jenner (you can check out more Kylie Jenner hairstyles here). It’s a quick and easy look to achieve in a few minutes, and why it might not be the best option for extremely formal and corporate environments, if your workplace is kind of laid back and/or creative, you’ll be the trendiest person in the office. Guaranteed.

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    2. The Loop Ponytail

    This hairstyle works well for those that work in an office but also those who need to keep their hair tied up for hygiene reasons at work. The look sees your regular ponytail being covered by a “knot” - a glamorous take on the wrap-around ponytail. If your hair is lacking the right amount of length and volume to achieve this hairstyle, you can always work it with your natural strands looped around a clip-in ponytail hair extension.


    New hairstyle!!

    ♬ Riptide - Vance Joy

    3. The Claw Clip Updo

    Claw clips are back, and it’s official. After being the hottest summer trend of 2022, it looks like they’re here to stay! Trendy and practical, this hair accessory is going strong on TikTok, where thousands of hair enthusiasts and influencers are showing off their glam updos. Claw clips have also been spotted on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez. You can read more about claw clip hairstyles and how to achieve them here.

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    4. The Twisted Ponytail

    Two ponytails, one above, one below: twist one, and then incorporate the second one. The result? An absolutely amazing, bouncy, and peppy, natural ponytail! This hairstyle is an interesting twist (pun intended) to your regular ponytail, which can sometimes lack that “flippy” element. The technique has gone viral on social media, and it’s easy to see why!

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    5. The Low Bun

    If you thought low buns are only for elegant events and weddings, think again! This super-easy, quick low bun technique can be rocked literally anywhere. Not only work but also a day out brunching with your friends, the beach, a date night, school, and yes - with the right accessories, even a wedding or a formal event. A must-try!

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    6. The Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

    This is also the perfect look for those who are trying to grow their bangs out - a trendified version of the classic “bump+ponytail” combo typical of the early 00s. This hairstyle leaves the majority of the length flowing freely on your shoulders and back, with a small ponytail at the top to add a kick to your hairdo. Last but not least, the braided bit makes it glamorously boho-chic, a trend that never fails to impress.

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    7. The Curled Pineapple

    I know I said you probably don’t have the time to curl your hair and real hair extensions, but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with velcro rollers overnight. Velcro rollers will slowly create the curls of your dreams while you are literally getting some serious beauty sleep - and they are also safe to use on your permanent added hair too, such as tape-in hair extensions and nano ring hair extensions! Soft and romantic, this hairstyle is a real stunner.

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    8. The Spiky Bun

    Also labelled as the “model off-duty” hairstyle, the spiky bun has seen an increase of popularity after Bella Hadid rocked it on her instagram profile. Her active fandom immediately fell in love with this hairdo and variations, tutorials and reviews spawned everywhere on the Internet. I guess this is what happens when you combine a Y2K trend and one of the most beloved supermodels out there.

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    9. The Double-Twist Bun

    Now, this is such a versatile hairstyle: you can literally pause at any of these steps and try three different hairstyles. For example, we can see stage one: the twisted half-up, half-down (looks incredible with added clip-in hair extensions), stage two: the double-twisted ponytail, which is the perfect braidless alternative for those who’d like to rock a French plait but are not too practical yet, and stage three: the final result, a double-twist ponytail tucked in a trendy bun.

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    10. The Bubble Braid

    Also known as the bubble ponytail, this hairstyle is nothing but another Y2K trend that has made a successful, raging comeback. Fairly easy to recreate, the bubble braid has been spotted on celebrities such as Oliva Wilde (who paired the look with thick, blunt bangs) and Gigi Hadid - who chose to bubble braid only her face-framing tendrils. If you’d like to steal Olivia’s look without committing to a pair of scissors, grab your clip-in bangs here.

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    11. Conclusion:

    Going to work doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on looking glamorous and trendy, when in fact the two things can go hand in hand. Remy hair extensions, a hairbrush and a couple of hair ties can go a long way, with these 10 easy hairstyles for work!

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