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    Looking to achieve one of those famously stunning Jennifer Lopez hairstyles? Glamorous JLo is the mother of young twins and an international best-selling superstar, and she always manages to look sensationally stunning on the red carpet. Jennifer isn’t afraid to try something new, both with her outfit choices and her hair extensions and hairstyles. Here we take a sneak peek at her best looks…

    High Ponytail

    The high ponytail is a trademark of Jennifer’s, ever since her well-known single ‘Jenny From The Block’ exploded onto the music scene. The look represents a gritty glamour and looks elegant whilst still providing a sense of edginess. Getting this look couldn’t be easier – simply sweep all of your hair back into a tight ponytail, using a water-based gel to ensure a smooth and slick look. Smooth down any flyaway hairs with hair spray. Next take a Cliphair clip in ponytail hair extensions. As the hair in our hairpieces is the finest quality 100% Remy human hair, it can be curled and straightened. Using a curling tong, curl the ends of the ponytail and secure with hairspray. Fix the ponytail on top of your own and voila – JLo’s look in minutes. 

    The Sleek Bun

    Even when she goes for a slick and tidy look, Jennifer Lopez also uses hair extensions. She often goes for very slicked-back looks, which look smart and striking – also providing the perfect canvas for a daring makeup look and outfit choice. This Jlo hair look can also be achieved very easily and quickly – a good choice for a sophisticated night out or a more dramatic day look. Placing your hair extensions lower down your head will help you to achieve a really smooth upper look. Comb your hair into a centre parting before fixing it in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. This ponytail should be tight and smooth, so it’s a good idea to use
    A fine-toothed comb. Take a hair doughnut, the bigger the better in this case, and pull your ponytail through it, using the lengths to hide the doughnut. Finish the look with a shine spray to add a glisten to your look.

    Long And Straight

    Here Jennifer oozes glamour and sex appeal, thanks to the simplicity of her look. This style can be achieved by anyone, no matter the regular length of your hair, as Cliphair stock hair extensions in up to 26 inches long. To get Jennifer Lopez's long hair extensions look, go for a double weft clip in hair extensions set in 24 inches and thoroughly straighten them before finishing with an anti-humidity serum to avoid any frizz. A centre parting looks glamorous, and is currently bang on trend.

    Beautiful Bangs

    Jennifer looks stunning with an eyebrow-skimming fringe, which frames her face and looks sultry and seductive. Cutting a fringe can be a risky move – if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit you growing it out can be a nightmare. These days that needn’t be a problem – celebrities and us mere mortals alike can try out a fringe thanks to clip in fringes – hair pieces made from the same excellent quality hair as our regular hair extensions. These are really easy to attach, and undetectable. To get that Jennifer Lopez hair, cut into your fringe upwards to thin it slightly and leave it to skim your eyebrows. Backcomb the rest of your hair slightly to give it some height and va va voom.

    Extreme Volume

    Having big, beautiful and bouncy hair is no longer a luxury limited to the rich and famous – everyone can get this and other Jennifer Lopez hairstyles thanks to double-wefted hair extensions, and backcombing. Our double weft clip in hair extensions include double the amount of hair on one weft, meaning your hair will look thicker with the same amount. Jennifer Lopez's hair extensions are highlighted here – a great idea as we approach summertime as it can give you a sun-kissed, pretty look. Check out Cliphair’s wide range of mixed shades for a highlighted shade to suit you. For an extra voluminous look like Jennifer’s, backcomb each section of your own hair before attaching the extensions, you’re guaranteed to turn heads!

    Claw Clip Hairdo

    JLo's claw clip hairstyle went literally viral, especially since this 90's-inspired hair accessory experienced a true boom and found new popularity in recent times. And how could a trend-setter like Jennifer miss out on a gorgeous claw-clip hairdo?
    Recreating it with the help of your hair extensions is as easy as one, two, three: if you want to wear clip ins, we highly suggest seamless hair extensions for ultimate discretion. Wear them in upside down so that they stay concealed, then gather your hair up and use your claw clip on the back to hold your hair together. There are many different ways of wearing a claw clip: you can find out more about it and find new styling ideas in our dedicated blog - How To Put Your Hair In A Claw Clip.

    The Half-Up, Half-Down

    How can a celebrity like JLo not try the peppiest and trendiest look of them all? The half-up, half-down hairstyle is one of our favourite JLo hairstyles can be tried with so many variations - oh, and pro tip: using Ultra Volume hair extensions will help you keep all the thickness, bounce, and dimension in your tresses even with half of your hair tied up in a bun. Jennifer Lopez isn't new to this hairstyle at all: in fact, she pioneered it even at the beginning of her career. Ready to explore new possibilities with your hair extensions? Then look no further than this youthful and playful look that will give you the best of both worlds!

    Styling Tips And Techniques

    If you want to make one or more of these gorgeous Jlo hair looks yours, make sure you make the most of your hair extensions and arm yourself with the perfect hair tools for the job. To achieve these looks, you'll need:

    A hair extensions detangling brush: you may think that any paddle brush can do the job when it comes to hair extensions, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, you'll need a specific brush that can detangle your tresses without damaging your hair extensions seams and attachments. Our recommendation? But the Wet One by Cliphair, of course. With its flexible bristles and ergonomic handle, brushing your hair whether it's dry or wet will turn into a seamless, easy experience.

    Pro tip: use it on your wet hair after washing to create a perfectly detangle canvas for your blow-drying and styling.

    A pintail comb: the perfect tool to achieve neat sections when applying clip in hair extensions, also useful to create clean middle-parting (just like JLo's), and backcombing your roots to give your clip ins maximum grip. Get your pintail comb today, and don't miss out on flawless styling!

    Pro tip: its fine-toothed design can be used to also give a perfect finish to slicked-back hairstyles and ponytails.

    A wave comb: for those big, bouncy curls days, the wave comb is the perfect hair accessory. With its rounded and smooth-edged design, the wave comb seamlessly glides through freshly curled and waved hair. So, next time you're creating the bombshell blowout that Jennifer often showcases on the red carpet and on stage, you'll be able to soften your look and open up those gorgeous curls in no time. You can purchase your wave comb here.

    Pro tip: keep it in its luxury PU faux-croc pouch,and take it with you anywhere you go for a quick touch up!

    Moisturising hair spray: the finishing product for a party-perfect look. Have you noticed how JLo's tresses are always shiny, soft, and healthy? Of course, her hair extensions never lack in moisture - so why should yours? With a few spritzes of Moisturising Hair Spray, your natural hair and hair extensions will have enhanced shine, softness, and manageability. Everything you want in your tresses!

    Pro tip: use it on your wet hair as a detangling product too!

    Gel & hairspray: in order to keep your slicked-back ponytail where you want it, or give more hold to curls and waves, products like a hair gel or hairspray are an essential that should always be in your hair styling bag.

    Pro tip: if you have any baby hairs, use your favourite gel and a toothbrush to style them in a glamorous, face-framing way.

    Velcro rollers: want to achieve those big, bouncy curls and flawless blowouts? Velcro rollers are one of the easiest ways to achieve these looks whilst letting your hair dry. If you want quicker results, you can always use heated hair rollers, too.

    Pro tip: wear your Velcro rollers in the morning so that by the time the sun goes down, your tresses will be styled and ready for a glamorous night out.

    Heat protection spray: the essential for your hair's health. The Cliphair Heat Protection spray is what you need to shield your tresses from any heat damage - may it be from your hair dryer, heated hair rollers, or curling wands and flat irons. A true staple!

    Pro tip: make sure you wait a couple of minutes after spraying it on your hair, so that the product has all the time to work its magic on your hair. This is the perfect time to apply your moisturiser on, for example!


    With these hair extensions and styling tips, you can now experiment and steal JLo's favourite hairstyles too. What are you waiting for? Explore our clip in hair extensions collection and grab all the hair accessories you need to recreate these (and more) stunning looks!

    What’s your favourite look you’ve spotted on J-Lo? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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