10 Romantic Hairstyles To Match Your Outfits For Valentine’s Day

by BRENDA L. / FEB 8, 2022

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    It’s 2022 – the Year Of The Tiger – and Valentine’s Day is approaching! Whether it’s for a romantic date, a day of self-love or a Galentine’s day, you may want to look extra fab next weekend. And you know me – any excuse to talk about how to step-up your hair game is good enough.

    Did you know that the origins of Valentine’s Day date back to the Romans? It was in fact the Christianisation of the Roman pagan festival known as Lupercalia, where men and women would celebrate fertility with rites, feasts, and last but not least random matchmaking (that often resulted in long-lasting relationships until the following year’s Lupercalia, and sometimes even marriage!).

    Although throughout the centuries this celebration focused on love and romanticism has changed a lot (thankfully), its main focus stays on celebrating one’s heart beating for someone else – more often than not a love interest – and since many lovebirds didn’t get a chance to have a proper Valentine’s Day date last year, I know many of you already booked a cute little venue to spend a romantic, candle-lit evening with your SO – or alternatively, a hotel suite to treat yourself. So what now? Now you need to pick the right outfit – and I’m here to help you!

    Outfits For Valentine’s Day

    Let’s have a look at the outfit first; payday was last week and this is the perfect occasion to get something new and reward yourself for all the hard work.

    What’s going on in fashion nowadays? Let’s see what the hottest outfits look like this year.

    First of all, Valentine’s Day’s aesthetic has two dominant colours: red and pink. Nobody said that you have to wear them of course, but just so you know you’re going to see a lot of these shades around this time of the year!

    1. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Midi Dress

    Ahhh, yes, the midi dress. A timeless classic. Its length is classy and elegant, its tightness keeps it sexy. Probably the most popular options for a dinner & drinks type of date.

    (Women's Off the Shoulder Wrap Midi Dress | Boohoo UK)

    2. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Jumpsuit

    If skirts and dresses are not your thing, hold on a second before resorting to your collection of tops and jeans and hear me out: get a jumpsuit. Cut-out, long-sleeved, flared, there are a lot of different options out there and guaranteed – they will make you look effortlessly fabulous.

    (Olympia Red Cross Back Jumpsuit – Club L London - UK)

    3. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Satin Dress

    Back to dresses, if you’re not a fan of the classic midi shape why not spice it up with this drape cut? Satin makes everything look more sophisticated, and with light accessories and a small handbag to carry your essentials this dress will make you look like you just left Milan’s Fashion Week.

    (ASOS DESIGN satin one shoulder drape midi dress in red | ASOS)

    4. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Bodycon Dress

    If you want to accentuate those curves, then bodycon dresses were designed for you. Tight and flattering, this dress – paired with a Bardot cut – is guaranteed to make a lot of heads turn around when you enter the room.

    (Flatter Me Red Twist Front Bardot Midi Dress – Club L London - UK)

    5. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: A-Line Dress

    The A-line dress keeps things flirty and casual. It’s a shorter model (usually above the knee), tight on your waist and then softly opening on the skirt. This velvety model in particular looks absolutely stunning in a baby pink shade to look romantic without missing out on being mysterious.

    (SHEIN SXY Surplice Neck Velvet A-line Dress | SHEIN UK)

    6. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Knit Dress

    Want to change the rules? Go for a knitted dress (possibly extra-long). This chocolate model is absolutely stunning and most importantly, it breaks the usual colour coding of the season. Ideal for those rebel souls that won’t conform to the norms and will break the rules whilst looking fabulous.

    (Chocolate Ribbed Knitted Midaxi Dress With Collar And Split Hem | Knitwear | Knitted dress | I SAW IT FIRST)

    7. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Sporty Co-Ord

    In 2022 people wear gym clothes for the sake of fashion, deal with it. I guess Kim K is to blame for this (or should I say “to thank”? I love going anywhere in leggings!) and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Ever thought it could be a modern and sleek date night look too?

    (Red Bust Detail Knitted Long Sleeve Legging Set | PrettyLittleThing)

    8. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Maxi Dress

    Maxi dresses are always mistaken for a summer-only look, or labelled as “too formal”. If you’re one of those people that think that way, take a look at this fabulous, long-sleeved maxi dress and be amazed – changed your mind yet?

    (Unforgotten Berry Wrap Front Maxi With Side Split – Club L London - UK)

    9. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Wide Leg Co-Ord

    Wide leg co-ords are everywhere, as in the past year the world of fashion has dug out some pretty iconic pieces from the past decades – including maxi-flared jeans. Caught between a jumpsuit and a sporty co-ord this look is the perfect combination of spicy and smart.

    (Scarlet Red Crepe High Waisted Wide Leg Trouser | PrettyLittleThing)

    10. Outfits For Valentine’s Day: Little Black Dress

    The Little Black Dress, LBD, Petite Robe Noir. If there’s three ways to call a piece of clothing, you know it’s serious. Often associated with the iconic Coco Chanel and considered by fashion experts “an essential part of a complete wardrobe”, the LBD can be dressed up or down for a daytime hangout, a formal event, or a night out.

    (Ground Rules Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress in Black | Oh Polly)

    Fantastic, your outfit is sorted, you’re looking at your shoes collection to find the right match, you got your nails done the other day (or perhaps you still have to… in that case check out our nails blog to get inspired!) and now you’re looking in the mirror and realise… You need a new hairstyle. Been there, done that. Want to spice up your hair game for this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a list of romantic hairstyles you’ll totally swoon over!

    1. Romantic Hairstyles: Half-Up Half-Down

    The half-up half-down is a classic, as its versatility plays with tying your hair up in the back to reveal your face without missing out on lengths, that can be styled however you want them. For a fuller look, I recommend adding some volume with hair extensions and play with some loose curls.

    2. Romantic Hairstyles: The Wrap-Around Ponytail

    If your idea of romance is to look like you just finished modelling for Ariana Grande’s latest album cover then look no further than a sleek wrap-around ponytail.

    3. Romantic Hairstyles: Bangs

    A simple fringe can change your hair game for good. If you don’t feel like chopping your locks off for good, then try a clip-in hair piece – to pair with curly, flirty lengths or silky straight for a Cleopatra effect.

    4. Romantic Hairstyles: Retro Pony

    Inspired by the 90s aesthetic and brought back to life by model and activist Bella Hadid, this hairstyle has been copied by many different stars and it’s one of my favourites as it’s an easy and peppy Valentine’s day hairstyle idea that anyone can recreate at home.

    5. Romantic Hairstyles: Bubble Braids

    This hairstyle isn’t there to just sit pretty; extravagant and sophisticated, it’s the go-to spicy look for the bold type. If your hair isn’t long enough or thick enough to make this braid look as long and full as you’d like it to be, you can also easily incorporate some hair extensions and hide them with the braiding. Genius, no?

    6. Romantic Hairstyles: Beach Waves

    Although their origin is to find within those accidentally fabulous summer moments gone viral, beach waves have quickly taken over the world of beauty and have been recreated on different occasions from thousands of people, including celebrities. Missing the beach already? Then this might be the hairstyle for you.

    7. Romantic Hairstyles: Plait

    Sometimes beautiful doesn’t need to be complicated. A slicked back braided ponytail can go a long way with the right outfit and accessories. And if you have been blessed with baby hair, feel free to go a little quirky on your edge control!

    8. Romantic Hairstyles: 90s Blowout

    Big hair don’t care! Haven’t you heard? All those iconic Alicia Silverstone’s 90s look and the Twin Peaks blowout are back. Add some extra volume to your hair with Ultra Volume clip-ins and don’t be afraid of jumbo Velcro rollers. Just like a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, the same principle applies to your hair… The bigger the better!

    9. Romantic Hairstyles: Low Bun

    The low bun is lowkey and elegant. Paired with tendrils to frame your face and – why not? – a sparkling barrette to top it off it’s an undeniably sweet hairstyle.

    10. Romantic Hairstyles: Take A Bow

    What’s sweeter than looking like a literal present? Hold on, we’re not talking about wrapping yourself up in shiny wrapping paper! Adding a bow to your hairstyle can be the little, final touch you needed to finish off the outfit you put together for date night. You can go oversized or keep it minimal – the choice is yours!

    Ready to go out and look fabulous as ever? Which outfit idea was your favourite, and what hairstyle did you go for in the end? Tag us on your photos on Instagram to let us see your results. Wishing you all a lovely Valentine’s Day in advance!

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