European Summer: 10 Effortless Hairstyles Inspired By Euro Holidays

by BRENDA L. / JUN 29, 2023

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    If you, like me, have been scrolling down Instagram trapped in a loophole of wonderful holiday pictures all day, then you have probably noticed the amazing hairstyles too! These effortlessly chic, lived-in hairstyles reflect the wholesome vibe of a European holiday! Whether you’re longing for Greek beaches, a stroll in the historical center of a cultural city or a hike on the Alps, this collection of hairstyles inspired by Euro-summer will keep you stylish and fabulous throughout the hottest season of the year!

    The Parisian Chic Bun:

    Ahhhh the French capital! This romantic destination inspired millions of people with its unique European beauty, and what other hairstyle could possibly channel all this historical, cultural, and loving energy better than a bun? Chic and sleek or effortless and messy, you decide. Feel free to pair it with a few loose tendrils to frame your face for a soft, romantic touch. If you’re going for a high-shine finish in pure clean girl style, don’t forget to spritz a good dose of Moisture Lock Spray on your tresses and hair extensions! This timeless hairstyle is perfect for exploring the streets of the City of Love.

    The Mediterranean Goddess Waves:

    Is your heart longing for a stunning Mediterranean coastline as background for your next holiday? Lived-in tresses and casual beach waves are the perfect way to get that “just came back from the beach” energy! Applying texturising spray on the length of your clip in hair extensions can help you achieve this effortlessly glamorous look in no time – alternatively, you could use a waver (without forgetting to care for your tresses with some heat protectant spray first). Tousled hairstyles like these are ideal for a day of tanning whilst sipping cocktails by the sea!

    The Bohemian Braided Crown:

    What if you’re spending your holiday time exploring Central and Easter Europe instead? Well in that case, why not embrace your inner bohemian spirit with a whimsical braided crown? This delicate, romantic hairstyle is a fan favourite especially among the cottagecore girlies. Paired with a chequered outfit or a long skirt, this hairdo is guaranteed to make you look (and feel) just like that girl.

    The Roman Goddess Updo:

    Inspired by the gorgeous Roman updo’s that were so popular, erm… Maybe around two-thousand years ago, this type of hairstyle channels all the glamour of an updo combining it with the natural beauty of curly hair. Curly hair extensions can help you add volume, bounce and movement to textured tresses, and you could also look into adding a preciously embellished hair clip to finish the look off.

    The Dutch Braids:

    The idyllic countryside of the Netherlands serves as inspiration for this gorgeous hairstyle that celebrities and influencers alike love so much. Perfect to keep your hair away from your face during a hike, a day on the beach, or even at the gym: what’s not to love about a good pair of Dutch braids? You can bring this look to the next level by using Seamless hair extensions and applying them horizontally as you braid your tresses. Seamless clip in extensions lay flat against the scalp, remaining discreet in your braids!

    The Spanish Side Bun:

    This hairstyle, popular in ballroom dancing performances, is inspired by the look of Flamenco performers. The side bun can be recreated with the help of human hair extensions to make it thick and voluminous, and you can top it off with the help of flowery accessories. Leaving some tendrils out will make the look even more romantic.

    The Alpine Braided Ponytail:

    If your holiday dream has you fantasising about stunning mountain sceneries, green valleys, and sunny hikes: then this hairstyle is for you! Get into your Alpine mood with a braided ponytail – ideal for those whose idea of fun and summer activities include exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the simpler things in life. If your hair is not long and/or thick enough to achieve this killer braid, then why not give a try to ponytail hair extensions? This versatile accessory will help you achieve the best ponytail ever. You can then plait it however you please!

    The Greek Goddess Half-Updo:

    The allure of ancient Greece beauty is real – take a look at those beautifully-crafted statues for example – and the good news is that those gorgeous Aphrodite-like hairstyles are still very much trendy. If modern, edgy looks are not exactly your cup of tea, this romantic, goddess-inspired half-up ‘do is exactly what you need! Using products such as Ultra Volume hair extensions will make sure that even with half of your hair tied up, the rest of your mane doesn’t miss out on thickness and volume. You can then wave your hair, curl it, or add a themed accessory such as a hair vine.

    The Italian Riviera Headscarf:

    As seen on many high-end fashion shows, the headscarf hairstyle is one of the most popular and glamorous hairdos for those willing to experience their very own Dolce Vita aesthetic. Inspired by the Italian divas of the past such as Sofia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, this simple yet incredibly sophisticated hair accessory has become a staple piece for those who simply cannot get over the beauty of high-end Italian coast living. A must have!

    The Scandinavian Sleek Ponytail:

    The sleek ponytail isn’t just one of Kim K’s hair obsessions, but a highly-valued, world-renowned, minimalistic ‘do. Its elegance resides in its simplicity, and guess what? Even if your hair isn’t quite there yet you can easily make it yours with the help of the wrap-around ponytail extension. This amazing hair accessory allows you to recreate stunning ponytails, plaits, buns and chignons in the blink of an eye!


    Obsessing over the European summer? Yes, me too. And now, with your new Remy hair extensions and these gorgeous looks, you can easily nail that gorgeous aesthetic you’ve been longing for! 

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