How To Layer Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / JAN 4, 2024


    Achieving the perfect hair extensions look doesn’t have to be a daunting task – and if you’ve ever wondered how to layer hair extensions, you’ve come to the right guide. Want to achieve that perfect, natural-looking finish with added volume, length, and thickness? Don’t worry – in today’s blog, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about layering hair extensions, how to achieve a natural finish, and how to fit them in correctly so that you can stun your audience with a flawless hair makeover.

    The Essentials of Layering

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    Knowing how to layer your hair extensions is an essential skill to have in order to achieve natural-looking hair makeovers with any hair extensions. In the case of permanent hair extensions, usually your hair stylist will take care of this. All you’ll need to do is discuss the final results you’re after, find the right product, and attend your appointment. However, when it comes to products such as clip in hair extensions, you might need to bring them to a stylist after purchase and have a consultation. Clip ins are great to add temporary volume, thickness, and length to your hair without having any particular hair styling skills – but without the proper layering, the added tresses may result quite obvious.

    Length Matters

    First things first, choosing the right length. When shopping for Remy hair extensions, one might be tempted to go extra and purchase 26” hair extensions to get instant vertiginous length. However, if their hair is too short, this might not be an ideal choice – making the jump from natural hair to added tresses too evident. To achieve the best results, set realistic expectations and tailor the length of your chosen extensions based on your hair type and current length. If your hair is just around shoulder length, for example, 18” hair extensions should do the job. Choosing the right type is also a crucial step: for example, shorter and blunter haircuts will benefit from thicker, more voluminous hair extensions such as Ultra Volume hair extensions – with three wefts into one, the blend will be flawless.

    Blending Secrets

    To avoid the dreaded "clip-in look," blending your hair extensions is a must. You can do this by choosing specific hairstyles for example, such as curling – soft curls, waves, and textured hair in general help hiding the difference between natural hair and hair extensions. I have talked more in detail about this topic in our dedicated blog: Cliphair Guides: How To Blend Hair Extensions.

    Layering for Every Hair Type

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    Layering techniques can vary depending on hair type. For example, naturally curly hair won’t have the same layering as poker-straight tresses. When it comes to hair, we all know that there is no “one size fits all” remedy, therefore it’s important that you get to know your hair and haircut, see how it sits on your head and responds to/holds styling, and how hair extensions look on you. 

    For Thick Hair

    Thick hair will benefit from textured layers to add movement and bounce in your tresses without bumping into frizz and pesky halo hair. Adding hair extensions to hair that is already quite thick can produce an undesired “bulky” effect, and unless you’re after a voluptuous and ultra-glamorous hairstyle, you can easily avoid this by getting your hair extensions cut to slightly thin out the outer layers of your tresses, so that you avoid the mushroom top finish. 

    For Thin Hair

    On the opposite side, we have fine hair – a type of hair that can benefit greatly from adding human hair extensions to the ensemble. To get the best results, request layering that blend in the added tresses with your natural hair, creating more volume and movement around the sides of your hair and gradually descending into more natural-looking ends.

    For Curly Hair

    Curly hair deserves special attention when layering either natural hair or hair extensions. For this reason, you should always trust a hair stylist that is specialised in or has lots of experience working with curly hair. Curly hair extensions can be added to your natural ringlets to enhance the volume around your hair, for a trendy “big hair” finish that is rich in texture, density, length, and movement. 

    For Wavy Hair

    Layering wavy hair can be tricky, and if you’re wearing professional hair extensions you’ll need to be able to style your added hair accordingly to match your natural hair’s pattern. Adding the right layers in your hair extensions will make this job much easier, blending in the difference in structure between added hair and natural hair. Subtle layers can add a touch of bounce and make it easier for you to curl your hair and achieve flawless blending.

    Pro Tips & Tricks: Level Up Your Layers

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    Once you’ve got the layers figured out, why not play around with your hair and experiment a little? Here’s some expert pro tips and tricks! 

    Volume Hacks

    If you’d like to go for a bigger and more voluminous hairstyle, you can always maximise the volume at the crown with products such as volumising powder – also great to get more grip on clip in hair extensions! – or backcombing (another stylist trick to prolong the grip of clip ins). Styling your hair a certain way, with the help of a blow-dryer, can help you give your hair that extra pizazz you’ve been looking for.

    Style Inspiration

    Layered haircuts are all the rage! Hairstyles such as The Rachel, modern shags a la Zendaya, and layered soft curls and waves are seen on celebrities and fashionistas every day. If you’re looking to get a specific haircut, you could also enrich it by adding balayage hair extensions to create even more movement and depth in your tresses with a game of sun-kissed highlights in your mane!.


    If you came out of your hairstylist with layers that don’t match your idea, you can always find a solution. For example, aggressive layering could cause issues with blending thicker types of hair extensions. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up! Other products, such as nano bond hair extensions or seamless hair extensions, are specifically designed with discreteness in mind – even in finer hair. 

    Conclusion: Embrace Your Layered Look!

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    To summarise things, layering your hair extensions will make it incredibly easy for you to blend them in seamlessly – not to mention the fun of a hairstyle that adds movement and a little bit of action in your tresses! Combining it with highlights, lowlights, and hair extensions can be a creative way to supercharge your hairdo with depth, making it interesting, fashionable, and looking incredibly expensive..

    Ready to transform your hairstyle? Get ready to experiment and unlock your hair’s potential by adding and layering our premium human hair extensions. What are you waiting for? Explore our collection of clip in hair extensions or show our professional hair extensions to your hairstylist for your next best hair transformation!

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