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Nano hair technology, further improved. The incredible world of hair extensions is ever evolving, and we are proud to introduce the latest tech in fine hair-friendly extensions, aka: the nano bond hair extensions. Bringing a modern twist to classic extensions, this product – also known as nano bead hair extensions – offers an improved design featuring a nifty silicone tip for an incredibly discreet, seamless, and natural look.


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We've replaced the conventional metal loop with a cutting-edge silicone tip, for a brand new hair extensions strand that holds tight on natural hair with the most gentle touch. This means little to no shedding whilst staying virtually undetectable even in the trickiest of updos. Nano bead hair extensions can be fitted with the same nano rings as before: no glue or keratin are involved in the fitting process, guaranteeing you a gentle and comfortable application and removal – all with a zero-damage finish.

Why Buy Cliphair's Nano Bead Hair Extensions?

When you choose our nano bond extensions, you're not just shopping for your clientele – instead, you are choosing quality, a smaller price, and all the benefits of the unique shopping experience that Cliphair offers. Our nano bead extensions are double drawn and cuticle-aligned: meticulously chosen to achieve a fuller, healthier-looking finish, with strands that are all of the same thickness from root to tip. Not sure about the product or a particular shade? Cliphair offers free colour matching and 121 hair advice sessions to make sure you deliver results that are nothing but celebrity-worthy.

Styling Tips, Haircare & Maintenance

To keep your hair extensions in top shape for reuse, follow these essential tips:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair extensions
  • Prevent tangles, knotting, and matting with a hair extensions-friendly brush
  • Secure your hair in a loose braid or ponytail while sleeping
  • Apply a generous amount of heat protection spray before styling to shield your hair from heat damage


What are nano bond extensions?

Nano bonds are the tiniest, most discreet form of bonded hair extensions. They feature a small, see-through silicone tip that is attached to a 1g pre-bonded strand of double-drawn hair; they are fitted to the hair and secured inside a 2-2.5mm silicone-lined nano bead.

How many nano bonds are required for a full head?

For a complete head application, you'll need approximately 150-200 strands of nano bond hair extensions, while 80-100 strands are sufficient for a half head.

How are nano bond hair extensions applied?

The application of nano bonds involves threading a small section of natural hair into a small bead, along with the nano bond hair. Then, the bead is securely clamped shut to hold both the extension and your natural hair together. This process is very gentle and doesn’t aggravate natural hair.

What is the lifespan of nano bond extensions?

Nano bead hair extensions can typically remain in the hair for around 8 weeks before you’ll need a maintenance appointment. After 3-4 months, a complete removal and repositioning are recommended. Repositioning appointments should always feature new nano beads/rings for hygiene purposes; the hair, as long as it remains in good condition, can be repurposed. Our Remy Royale range’s lifespan can go up to 12 months with the necessary TLC!

Do nano bond extensions cause damage to your hair?

Nano bonds are among the least damaging extension options available. Their minuscule size and gentle application make them a suitable choice even for individuals with very fine hair. Additionally, their ultra-discreet nature allows them to be applied closer to the hairline than any other type of permanent extensions.

How are nano bond extensions removed?

To remove nano bead hair extensions, the beads are unclamped and gently removed, along with the hair. The section is then gently combed through to eliminate any knots.

Can nano bond extensions be reinstalled?

Yes, our nano bond hair extensions can be reapplied indeed, as long as it’s in good condition.