Tape In Hair Extensions: Pros And Cons

by BRENDA L. / DEC 13, 2023


    Are you considering a luscious tape hair extensions makeover? Of course, you may have lots of questions – and you have probably been comparing tape in hair extensions to other types of permanent solutions to find the best option for your hair. And although this type of extensions might be your express ticket to a stunning hair change, what are the pros and cons of this miracle tape ins? In today’s blog, we’ll explore the advantages and strengths of this product vs its downsides, identifying who can get the most benefit from wearing tapes, plus some alternatives to them. Put your seatbelts on – this Tape Hair Extensions: Pros And Cons! 

    Understanding Tape in Hair Extensions

    Tape in hair extensions are a modern invention to achieve fuller, longer hair in less time. Products such as classic tape hair extensions come in packs of 100g, comprehending 40 hair wefts topped by a thin adhesive tab – whilst luxury products such as double drawn tape hair extensions or Invisible tape hair extensions come in packs of 50g, for a total of 20 adhesive wefts. These tape in wefts are used to “sandwich” around a small section of natural hair, without using any heat or keratin. Tape in hair extensions can also be used to achieve a subtle highlighted effect, by using balayage hair extensions, or daring streaks of colour for a trendy colour-block finish or bold festival look.

    The average application for a full head of tape hair extensions is around an hour and a half. Depending on your product of choice, they can cater to a vast audience including fine-haired individuals.

    Pros of Tape in Hair Extensions

    Here’s all the reasons to love tape hair extensions. Why would you pick this as your go-to product to enhance your tresses? Here’s a list of reasons:

    Tape Hair Extensions: The Good Stuff

    1. Natural Look and Feel: Cliphair tape in hair extensions are all made of 100% Remy Human Hair, for a final result that looks and feels all natural – after all, it’s human hair that we’re talking about! 

    1. Quick Application: since a full head of tape on hair extensions can be achieved in under two hours at the salon, this product is a fan favourite of those who don’t want to spend too much time on an application.

    1. Versatility: tape hair extensions can be used to create lots of different looks – such as highlights, lowlights, big and voluminous blowouts, and colour-block hairstyles. The classic tape ins work better for hair-down hairdos, whilst options such as Invisible tape hair extensions work wonders even in ponytails and fancy updos.

    1. Comfortable and Lightweight: zero fuss, these hair extensions can be easily removed by using Cliphair tape hair extensions remover. A few spritzes of this miracle citrus oil-based formula, and the tabs will slip off in no time! With every pack containing 100g of hair extensions (or 50, for the premium version), you are the master of your own world – and can get the makeover you need without overloading the weight on your scalp.

    1. Easy Maintenance: tape ins don’t require much maintenance – just make sure that you keep up with the refitting appointments. With the proper TLC, these hair extensions are reusable (arm yourself with a pack of spare adhesive tabs perhaps) and make your hair makeover a money-savvy expense. These hair extensions usually need to be refit every 8 to 10 weeks max.

    Cons of Tape in Hair Extensions

    Sure this is the right type of hair extensions for you? Here’s a list of things you should definitely know before buying!

    Considerations Before Committing

    1. Professional Installation Required: unlike clip in hair extensions, this product needs professional installation. Unless you’re a skilled, qualified hair professional, any DIY fitting is highly discouraged!

    1. Limited Reusability: classic tape hair extensions have a shorter lifespan when compared to 50g tape hair extensions or Invisible tapes.

    1. Potential for Slippage: just like every other type of permanent hair extensions, improper fitting may cause premature slippage. This is also more common in those that have particularly greasy hair and scalps, or can be caused by improper TLC – i.e., using conditioner and hair oils on the scalp/adhesive tabs.

    1. Not Ideal for Certain Hair Types: those who have finer hair will want to choose a product such as Invisible tape hair extensions. In case you are prone to greasy hair, I’d recommend other products such as flat tip hair extensions: these luscious, double drawn strands are applied to natural hair using a heat connector and keratin bonds, for a hair makeover that lasts up to three months before needing a refit. Just like tapes, flat tips hair extensions can be reused for your next appointment, giving that you’ve been properly taking care of them!

    1. Potential for Damage During Removal: improper removal and refitting mean that tape ins, just like other hair extensions, can cause damage to your natural hair – including pulling and tugging. This is why it’s essential that you always leave this job to a qualified salon professional!

    Tips for Caring for Tape in Hair Extensions

    Want to know everything you need to do to maintain your luscious tape in hair extensions looking full, healthy, and gorgeous throughout their whole lifespan? Here’s a list of tips and tricks to keep your Remy hair extensions soft, manageable, and shiny.

    Preserving the Beauty and Longevity

    1. Use Sulfate-Free Products: human hair extensions don’t get any benefits from your scalp, unlike your natural hair – making them prone to dryness and brittleness over time. Focus on hydrating products to maintain your hair extensions’ elasticity and shine, and avoid formulas containing alcohol and sulfates, as these drying agents can rapidly shorten your extensions’ lifespan.

    1. Mindful Brushing: always keep your hair extensions detangled by using a hair extensions brush. This type of brush is designed to seamlessly glide on your tresses without damaging the attachments. Make sure you brush your hair gently, starting from the ends and working your way up towards your roots as you get rid of any potential knots.

    1. Avoid Excess Moisture: avoid spending too much time in the water, especially if it’s seasalt water or swimming pools.

    1. Regular Maintenance Checks: schedule routine check-ups at your local salon to make sure you keep on top of refittings and can intervene on time if any tape in is prematurely slipping off.

    Comparing Tape in Extensions with Other Methods

    Still thinking about it? Here’s some other options you might be interested in:

    Clip In Hair Extensions

    Clip in hair extensions are perfect for those looking to achieve a specific hairstyle or add a boost to their tresses without committing for too long. This also works in case you’re planning on adding a touch of light on your hair with highlighted hair extensions for example, and would like to try it out before switching to a 10 weeks-long makeover.

    There are plenty of options in the clip in range, such as Seamless hair extensions – the double drawn tresses that are thick from root to tip and are secured onto your hair with a silicone seam that lays flat against your scalp, or even Ultra Volume hair extensions – three wefts in one lightweight lace seam, for boosted glamour and fullness. Application time: just a few minutes!

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions

    Nano ring hair extensions and nano bond hair extensions (its latest revolution) are perfect for those with finer hair looking for an even more luxurious and natural-looking makeover. This type of hair extensions moves with your own hair and stays hidden even in the trickiest of updos, guaranteeing the utmost discretion at all times. Nano hair extensions are applied to natural hair with the help of nano beads and a set of clampers, and have similar refitting times as tape ins. Because of the total absence of heat and glue, they are considered the most gentle hair extensions type. 

    Perfect for shorter hairstyles too, as they can be applied on lengths of a minimum of three inches! Average appointment for a full head is around 3 hours – depending on hair thickness, desired finish, etc.

    Flat Tip Hair Extensions

    Flat tips are perfect for those who want to achieve a hair transformation that lasts long without needing a refit. They can last up to three months before needing to be moved up, making a cost-effective investment for your beauty. Their improved design, compared to the old U-tip hair extensions, heats up quickly and is easy to mould around a section of natural hair, for an improved experience at the salon – thanks to their flatter surface.

    Weave Weft Hair Extensions

    Getting a weave means a 360 for your tresses – this method is particularly favoured among those who have shorter hair, just like nano ring hair extensions wearers. Weave weft hair extensions can be used in combo with nanos and micro ring hair extensions for a sped-up application that evenly distributes volume and thickness around your head! The most common weave installations include the sew-in method, or the LA weave (also known as the celebrity weave). Some others prefer to glue them on (depending on the type of makeover desired), whilst some stylists use them to create custom-make clip ins for a specific hairstyle. Products such as the flat weft weave hair extensions guarantee maximum discretion and less shedding and tangling, for the ultimate hair weave experience.


    Have you found the perfect tapes for your next best hairstyle yet? Come and explore our tape in hair extensions collection, or dive deep in the luxury experience of double drawn, luscious products such as Invisible tape hair extensions or 50g tape hair extensions!

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