Color Guide: Funky Colored Hair Extensions

by ABBEY WILSON / 8. JUL 2022

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    The Punk Rock era starting in 1975 inspired many to push the boundaries of style, this turning point in fashion eventually led us to the more open minded, experimental society that we know and love today! Now more than ever we search for bold, unique ways to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd. At Cliphair we have 7 funky colored hair extensions to do just that, including Blues, Pinks, Reds, Purples and even more in multiple hair extension styles. Read todays blog for a full tour of these shades and how to make your own bespoke coloured hair extensions at home.

    1. Silver Hair Extensions

    Silver Hair Extension

    The Grey and Silver hair trend burst back onto the social scene around 2017 and has held its popularity ever since. Our Silver or Grey hair extensions are a pure ash, cool, light silver shade that can be used to match silver hair or added to other colors for a funky ombre effect. We find they work particularly well with black hair for a steely galactic look! You can find our Silver Extensions in many of our hair extensions including Full Head Clip-Ins, Tape-Ins and Hair Wefts. We also have a Ombre that uses our #Silver/Grey shade called #T1B/SG that is a root of black melting into Silver.

    2. Pink Hair Extensions

    Pink Hair Extension

    A soft and pretty pink to bring out your feminine side. This pastel hair color is also known as “Baby Pink” and can be found in Multi-Piece Clip-Ins, One Piece Clip-Ins and Fringes. It can be used to match baby pink hair or added to other colors to create flashes of color. We love this shade when its mixed with Blonde Hair Extensions to give a cute but fun balayage effect.

    3. Blue Hair Extensions

    Blue hair Extension

    Vibrant and bright, this stunning Royal Blue shade brings a whole new meaning to “feeling blue”. Celebrities from Katy Perry to Demi Lovato have rocked this look on the red carpet usually teaming with grunge, glam accessories. This vibrant shade can be used to match blue hair or added in flashes to create ombres, it works best with Blonde or Black hair. You can find this color in our Double Weft Hair Extensions, Streaks or Hair Weft.

    4. Turquoise Hair Extensions

    Turquoise Hair Extensions

    Dream of Mermaid hair? Then this shade is for you! Our Turquoise Clip In Hair Extensions are our one of our most popular funky shades and usually sell out during festival season and summer months. Made famous by the likes of Billie Eilish and Kylie Jenner, this shade is beautiful by itself to match already turquoise tresses however we LOVE seeing it mixed with other blues, purples and pinks to give serious unicorn vibes. You can find this color in our Classic Full Head Clip-Ins, One Piece Top Up or Professional Hair Weft.

    5. Purple Hair Extensions

    Purple Hair Extensions

    A bright and vivid Purple, this bold and beautiful shade is sure to turn a lot of heads. It works well to match to hair of the same purple shade or even added to Blonde or Black hair for flashes of color underneath. You can find this shade in our Double Weft Clip-In, Hair Weft and Fringe Pieces.

    6. Bright Red Hair Extensions

    Bright Red Hair Extensions

    This Scarlett Red is the brightest of all the reds in our collection. You want traffic stopping hair? Bright Red is what you need. Sometimes compared to pillar box red this shade is super vibrant and colourful. Most customers use this shade to match to their own red hair for a full head colour look but it can also be added to other hair colours for fun flashes of Scarlett underneath the hair. We have this shade available in Tapes, Clip-Ins and Hair Wefts.

    7. How to get Rainbow Hair at home?

    Rainbow Hair

    The Rainbow hair trend is still as popular as ever, it’s also surprisingly easy to achieve as long as you use the right products! As all of our hair extensions are made from 100% Remy, Human hair they are safe to dye with semi-permanent colour if you wish to make your own colour creation! Bear in mind, any chemical service applied to hair extensions will affect the quality just like with your own hair. If you plan to dye your extensions we advise regularly treating them with a deep conditioning mask to retain the moisture in the hair.

    Blonde Hair Extension

    Step 1 – To achieve bright, funky or pastel shades on the hair you will need a very light base to work on. We advise using our shade #60 LIGHTEST BLONDE as this is a super light, clean blonde and will provide the exact amount of lift needed to achieve any vibrant colour. Never attempt to bleach or lighten your extensions, this could ruin them and seriously effect the quality.

    Crazy Colour

    Step 2 - To achieve multiple colours on the hair you will need to purchase a few different semi dyes. At Cliphair we recommend using “Crazy Colour” which is a trusted, semi-permanent hair dye brand that specialise in colourful hair colours. Its super simple to use and ready straight from the bottle, no need for any mixing or measuring!

    Dying Hair Extension

    Step 3 – Once you have your selection of colours, simply separate your hair extensions into the chosen width of sections you would like. Using gloves, apply the dye directly onto the hair making sure to completely saturate every piece to avoid any patchiness. If using multiple colours, you can use a divider like hair foil or cling film to prevent the colours mixing with each other.

    Step 4 – Now leave the dye on the hair for the advised time on the product instructions, usually this is between 20-40 minutes. As mentioned earlier, any dying service even something as gentle as a Semi will still have an effect on hair extensions as they are not attached to the natural root. Please make sure to condition well after colouring to return natural oils to the hair, this will help to keep your extensions healthy and hydrated.

    8. Crazy Colour Hair Dye

    “Crazy Colour” as recommended in the step by step will lose its vibrancy with each wash, normally fading completely off the hair within 10-12 washes. There are many different shades you can experiment with including pastel hair colours and neon hues. To find out how to stop your colour fading check out our blog.

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