Collection: Bright Red Clip In Hair Extensions & Bonded Extensions

The ravishing red shade that made celebrities go wild! Whether you’re trying to recreate Rihanna’s 2010 iconic look or simply going through a funky colour phase, Bright Red hair extensions will not disappoint you. Read More

Bright Red Human Hair Extensions Fit Right In With Your Natural Hair

Styling your hair can be an effort at times, so the last thing you need is another set of hair to worry about. Bright red human hair extensions are made with real Remy hair, so curl them, straighten them, even perm them along with your own hair. To keep them in good condition just wash and condition them as you normally would, and you can keep them silky and smooth.

  • Long lasting luscious locks: Treat them well and your bright red clip in human hair extensions could last up to a year!
  • Two hairs, one care package: Treat these extensions the same as you would your real hair, and you might even forget which one is which!

Bright red real hair extensions will blend into your natural hair so no one would know the difference!

Bright Red Hair Extensions Clip in for Full Volume, or just for Stunning Highlights

If you love your bright red coloured hair but just want more of it, Cliphair has bright red hair extensions full head to get you that extra bit of volume. Your traffic-stopping head will definitely not go unnoticed! If you like red but aren’t sure about going for the full head, you don’t need to worry. Without dying your natural hair to match your bright red extensions, Clip in bright red hair extensions can be bought in small amounts to give you those stunning streaks that catch the eye.

  • Temporary or permanent: Bright red hair extensions clip in for a quick and drastic change of style, or get tape-in applications to show off your locks for longer.
  • Fringes, ponytails or streaks: Bright red extensions make a great two-tone look, from single streaks to bright red clip in fringes. If you just want the highlights, Cliphair has you covered.

Bright red hair extensions can be bought for the full high-impact head, or just for a touch of highlights.

Quality Bright Red Hair Extensions can still be Cheap Bright Red Hair Extension

High quality human hair doesn’t mean expensive, and just because we have cheap bright red hair extensions does not mean that the product is in any way inferior to something costing significantly more. All the bright red human hair hair extensions are real Remy hair, widely considered the best quality and grade available. It is 100% human hair, coming straight from the scalp of donors. The term means ‘cuticle correct’, and all hair is untreated and not previously coloured when collected.

  • Intact cuticles are extra shiny: All bright red Remy hair extensions keep the outermost layer of the hair strands in one piece, giving you that extra shiny and smooth look.
  • No broken strands, less knots: With all the hair collected at the same time, it stays flowing in the same direction, making it less likely to knot and tangle.
  • Double weft, double volume, half the number of clips: Our bright red double wefted clip ins have twice the number of hair strands to give you the maximum volume without overloading your head with clips.

Don’t believe us? Try Cliphair’s bright red human hair extensions today and see the quality for yourself!

A full range from Bright Red Clip In Hair Extensions to Micro Link Hair Extensions as Bright Red

Not everyone wants bright red clip in hair extensions, and not everyone wants the same style!

  • Different strands for different folks: Cliphair stocks bright red extensions as clip-ins, tape-ins or bright red weft/weave applications
  • Change it up as often as you want: Since bright red Remy hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair, you can always wear it differently for those special occasions

Whatever your hair looks like normally, Cliphair has something to complement it.

Do You Need Bright Red Human Hair Extensions Quickly? We Can Ship it to You Right Away!

Cliphair sends your bright red human hair extensions by Royal Mail within the US. We offer free delivery on all orders over $30, and can also arrange next day delivery – even on a Saturday! Just make sure you order before 4PM on a working day, and select your preferred option at check-out. Live overseas? No problem! Our free delivery is worldwide, so we can ship cheap bright red hair extensions abroad so wherever you are you can get the best bright red human hair extensions!

  • Free Worldwide Delivery: It doesn’t matter where you are, your order can be delivered
  • Get your new hair immediately: From Saturday guaranteed delivery to worldwide DHL Express Tracked post, we have an option to get you bright red extensions as quickly as possible
  • Free returns: If you decide to change something, returning an item in the US is free!

Don’t worry if the options seem overwhelming, you can always call Cliphair to make sure you choose the right option for delivery.


Can I pull off bright red hair?

In our experience – absolutely! If Kristen Stewart, Hayley Williams and Rhianna can pull off bright red hair, you can too! Of course, only you can decide the answer for you, but why not clip in bright red hair extensions and try it out? It could be your new style.

Can I wash my purple hair extensions?

With our purple hair extensions, real hair is used so you can wash them just as you would wash your own hair. To help keep the softness intact, be sure to only wash your purple extensions about two times a week. Use a sulphate and alcohol free shampoo and conditioner.

What colours go with bright red hair?

Really anything can go with bright red coloured hair, but most stylists will recommend contrasting your outfit. Blues, Greens, Whites and purples are our favourites.

How much do bright red hair extensions cost from Cliphair?

Cliphair has cheap bright red hair extensions starting from just $29 for a set of striking streaks, all the way up to a full head, double weft bright red extensions for £95. Use a filter button to select by length, or shade, or sort by price to find the right choice for you.