How to do Milkmaid Braids

by BRENDA L. / 28. DEZ 2023

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    Looking to create the perfect milkmaid braid? I know, the allure is quite strong – after all, there is something quite mystical, elegant, and tremendously boho-chic about this hairstyle that uniquely puts together different outfits whilst keeping your hair away from your face.

    And there are many different ways to style a milkmaid braid (also known as the crown braid), so if you’re interested in making this hairstyle yours, keep on reading and find out how to do a milkmaid braid like a pro!

    The Basics Of The Milkmaid Braid

    What is a milkmaid braid? Also known as the crown braid, this hairstyle features a simple three-ways plait that instead of flowing down the nape of your neck or on the side of your head, actually wraps around the crown (hence the name). Its history is long, as this whimsical hairdo has been around for centuries, often seen in the Middle Age as a feminine hairstyle to keep women’s hair in place whilst they attended to their chores.

    Prep & Tools:

    If you want to recreate this beautiful hairstyle, you will need to arm yourself with the following tools:

    • Bobby pins
    • A pintail comb
    • Clear, elastic hairbands
    • Stronghold hairspray
    • Remy hair extensions (in case your want to add some thickness to your natural hair to make the most of your milkmaid braid!)

    Depending on your hair type and texture, you may also want to use products such as the Braid Milk Hair Styling Cream or even a gel or hair pomade.

    Braiding Breakdown:

    Now that you’ve ticked all the necessary tools off the checklist, it’s time to start braiding.


    Divide your hair into two equal sections, parting in the middle. Then plait both sides, securing the end of each plait with a clear hairband.

    Step 2:

    Place one of the plaits over the top of your head, around the crown. Hold it in place using a bobby pin (or more, in case you’re wearing permanent hair extensions and have more thickness!).

    Step 3:

    Repeat step two for the other braid, as well, bringing it up on the opposite side. Now, you should have two plaits adjacent to each other, sitting at the top of your head and tightly held into place by bobby pins and elastic hairbands.

    Step 4:

    Use the stronghold hairspray to finish and ensure a long-lasting fix that will keep flyaways at bay.

    Step 5:

    If you prefer a laid-back, boho finish, try loosening the plaits or pulling out a few strands for a relaxed appearance. You can also gently curl these tendrils for a romantic, curated look.

    Pro tip: unwashed hair are the perfect canvas for a milkmaid braid! Try this as a trendy hairstyle when your hair is feeling not-so-clean.


    If you’d like to pump your braid up with the use of clip in hair extensions, make sure you apply the necessary strands horizontally, following the pattern that your plaits would – so that you can easily avoid visible attachments and seams.

    Products such as seamless hair extensions are the perfect tool to boost the thickness and volume in your hairstyle whilst staying discreet at the roots, laying flat against the scalp thanks to their thin, yet sturdy silicone seam.

    Explore our collection of clip in human hair extensions and find your perfect match to create the perfect milkmaid braid and many other hairstyles!

    Milkmaid Variations

    Did you know that there are many different ways you can style the milkmaid braid to match your vibe and personal aesthetic? Let’s see the different variations you can try to give your classic plait a twist.

    Half-Up Milkmaid:

    This simpler, half-up version of the classic crown braid uses less hair, keeping the length going at the back of your head for an elegant, accessorised finish. The milkmaid braid acts like a headband, keeping your hair away from your face only in the frontal section, and maintaining the luscious length and volume in the back instead – for you to curl or style however you prefer.

    You could also look into products such as Ultra Volume hair extensions or Double Weft hair extensions to enhance said volume and thickness at the back without missing out on the cool, braided look at the front.

    Dutch Milkmaid:

    This technique merges the trendy Dutch braid hairstyle and the Milkmaid braid ‘do together, for a look that naturally stands out with texture and thickness. Definitely a glamorous way to boost your classic crown braid look in style!

    Double Milkmaid:

    If you’re more on the expert side, you can now double up on your milkmaid braid and achieve a more editorial, sophisticated look. Carefully divide your hair into four sections instead, creating two plaits on each side of your head – and obtain two smaller milkmaid braids wrapped around your head, adjacent to each other!

    Pro Tips & Tricks For Flawless Finish

    Want to know all the secrets to the perfect milkmaid braid? Here’s how to do it.

    Taming The Flyaways:

    Pesky flyaways and crinkly hairs can really ruin the generic feel of a milkmaid braid, even if well-crafted. To avoid the “halo hair” effect, make sure that your hair is well moisturised. You can look into spritzing some Cliphair Moisture Lock spray onto your tresses to quench their thirst and keep them hydrated prior to braiding and styling, for example.

    Another useful tip is using products such as braid styling creams and hair gels, to ensure maximum hold.

    If your hair isn’t particularly healthy, you may want to book a hair dusting appointment to get rid of flyaways and split ends before trying any new hairstyles. If you don’t know about this technique and its benefits, you can read more about it in our dedicated blog: Goodbye, Split Ends! What Is Hair Dusting?.

    Accessory Inspiration:

    Ribbons, flowers, hair jewels: there are so many ways to personalise your milkmaid braid! Whether it’s charms dangling from the plaits like on a fishtail braid for a whimsical, mermaid-like finish, or a ribbon braided with your hair for a daring, dazzling, dash of colour, choosing the right hair accessories can elevate the look of your milkmaid hairstyle in no time – making it truly perfect for any occasion.

    Extension Expertise:

    Find the perfect hair extensions to create your stunning milkmaid braid and more; our team experts are always available to discuss our glamorous Remy hair extensions collection and helping you find the right type for your hair and goals. Try our hair quiz and explore our selection of professional hair extensions and clip in hair extensions to achieve your hair dreams!

    From stunning nano bond hair extensions that stay hidden even in the finest of hair, to bodylicious clip ins that will add just the right amount of bounce in your tresses, the Cliphair range is the place to be when it comes to stepping up your hair game.

    Troubleshooting Braiding Issues

    Plaiting your hair doesn’t have to be a daunting task, however sometimes your hair just won’t cooperate. In these cases, it’s important to assess what’s happening and find an appropriate solution.

    Uneven Braids

    This can happen because of an uneven parting in the middle. If that’s the case, you can easily fix this by starting over and ensuring a precise parting, helping yourself with a nifty pintail comb.

    In some cases, uneven braiding can occur when there are hair density differences in one or more parts of your head. This can be solved by using human hair extensions to replenish your mane where it needs some extra boost. If you’re noticing an area that is thinning out or balding, please refer to your doctor immediately.

    Loose Sections

    It’s extremely important to maintain consistency when braiding your hair, especially if you’re not a skilled and seasoned hair stylist. Try to focus and use your hands to keep the same tightness on each section when braiding down your hair!

    Difficulty Securing The Ends

    If you’re finding that, for example, one bobby pin isn’t quite cutting it when it comes to securing your braids, it may be a thickness issue. Too much hair in one bobby pin will make it bend, snap, or simply slip off prematurely – ruining your hard work.

    If your hair is too thick to be held by one single bobby pin, you may just want to use multiple ones to hold different bits of your ends into place.

    Master The Milkmaid Braid

    So, to recap, how to do a milkmaid braid? If you’re keen on recreating this classy hairstyle, all you will need for flawless results is: the right tools, the right products, and some patience.

    Using a pintail comb for sectioning, clear elastic bands to secure the ends, and bobby pins to hold the plaits in place will be essential for shaping the hairstyle; whilst hair cream, gel, and hairspray will help you polish your hair and hair extensions, keeping flyaways at bay.


    Find your perfect accessories to realise the perfect milkmaid braid in our collection! Explore our selection of clip in hair extensions and create all the braids you’ve been longing for – Dutch braids, French plaits, milkmaid braids with short hair, and more.

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