Hair Extensions For Older Women

by BRENDA L. / SEP 8, 2023

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    As we age, our hair, just like our skin, goes through changes – and whilst some of them can be quite flattering, such as gorgeous silver transformation, some others can become a source of concern. Among them: thinning hair, loss of volume, and sudden changes in texture are common concerns for older women. And whilst they are often seen as an object of vanity, hair extensions can become a solution to make up for some of these issues, such as loss of volume and hair thinning. In today’s guide, we'll explore the hair extensions options for older women, covering the various types of hair extensions to tackle different issues, tips for choosing the right shade, application methods, maintenance, styling tips, and ultimately how they can boost your confidence as you embrace the change.

    Benefits of Hair Extensions for Older Women

    Remy hair extensions can be used to breathe new life in your tresses, but not only: they can also add a dash of color and add length, on top of restoring thickness and volume in your tresses. If you’re struggling with thinning hair, you can use either clip in hair extensions or permanent ones to plump up your mane with newly found thickness, making your hair look more youthful restoring its body and dimension. 

    Best Types of Hair Extensions for Older Women

    Depending on your hair type and the desired results, there are different options to explore.

    Clip-Ins: clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who’d like to try out a new look instead of committing to something more long-lasting. A Classic Full-Head hair extensions set is perfect for those who have finer hair, whilst Double Weft hair extensions, for example, work better for those looking to add some extra “oomph” to their mane with added thickness. If you’re looking for a clip in makeover that still has the luxury feel of superior quality hair, Seamless hair extensions are the perfect solution – laying flat against the scalp with their silicone seam for a discreet blend and a look that is full and thick from root to tip.

    Tape-Ins: tape in hair extensions work wonders for those who love to wear their hair down. Although they need professional application unlike clip ins, they can be fitted quite quickly and last about 8 to 10 weeks. They are not particularly indicated for those whose hair tends to be more on the greasy side of things, as excess oil can make the wefts slip off prematurely. Tape ins are a great deal if you’d also like to add some color in your hair, such as a trendy balayage or a half head of highlights or lowlights.

    Weaves: a weave weft is a professional product that can be used for multiple purposes. Stylists use them to create custom-made clip ins, and on their clients as a sew-in method or even better: the ever-popular LA weave. A weave will provide you with a full makeover, and can be used to completely renovate your mane with a fresh new ‘do.

    Nano Rings: a permanent solution, nano ring hair extensions offer the most luxurious, long-lasting and natural makeover. Nano rings move in harmony with your natural hair, giving your mane a complete transformation. And as Cliphair nano ring extensions are part of the Remy Royale collection, made of premium-quality strands, the hair – as long as its carefully looked after – can be reused on multiple appointments, ultimately becoming a cost-effective choice for your next best hair makeover.

    Choosing the Right Shade and Texture

    When selecting a new set of hair extensions, choosing the right texture and hair color are the most important factors to consider. Find your perfect match with either classic, wavy, or curly hair extensions – and style it however you’d like. Unsure about the color? Cliphair’s complimentary color matching service is available to help you find the right shade for a seamless blend and a glamorous finish.

    Application Methods and Maintenance

    Depending on the chosen hair extensions type, you may be able to wear the extensions in the comfort of your own home in just a few minutes, or you might need to book a salon appointment. If you are wearing clip ins, make sure you check out our blog: How To Put In Clip In Hair Extensions.

    If you’re going for permanent hair extensions instead, go and visit your local salon for a consultation first. Make sure your chosen stylist has experience with hair extensions, and if possible ask to see their previous works/portfolio. You’ll need to refer to them for every re-fitting appointment every two months or so, so choose carefully!

    Styling Tips for Older Women with Hair Extensions

    You can style human  extensions just like your natural hair. Use a generous amount of heat-protectant spray before you let them any close to heat-based styling tool such as blow-dryers, hair straighteners, curling wands, and heated hair rollers. Experiment with different hairstyles to enhance your look, whether it's a casual updo or elegant curls for special occasions. Hair extensions allow you to try on looks such as Hollywood curls, elegant and full ponytails, trendy mermaid waves, and classic blowouts to look glamorous every day.

    Boosting Confidence and Embracing Change

    Again, hair extensions have the reputation of being a vanity accessory – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! One of the most amazing thing about our extensions – not only according to us, but coming from our beloved customers! – is that they are capable of boost your confidence and empower you whilst enhancing your natural appearance. Or, why not? They can also be used to get creative and experiment with colors and looks that you thought only celebrities could achieve.. until today! Visit Cliphair's collection now, and take the next step towards your next best hair transformation whilst embracing your natural change!

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