How to Fit Nano Tip Hair Extensions

by ABBEY WILSON / JUN 4, 2024


    Nano rings, sometimes known as nano tips are fast becoming the most popular hair extension method on the market today. Owing this to their tiny size, gentle application and lightweight feel, we aren’t surprised at their rising success in the hair industry. As they are so small, they are super easy to blend and conceal in even the finest of hair, all while causing virtually no damage thanks to the ZERO heat and ZERO glue used to apply!

    In today’s blog, Cliphair have covered all the FAQS relating to how to put in nano hair extensions, how many strands you’ll need to complete the perfect look, how your technician will maintain and remove them, plus the best aftercare routine to make sure your extensions stay in tip-top shape. While you’re here, you can also browse our luxury, double drawn  nano collection which includes an endless range of gorgeous shades. All of our hair extensions, including Nano Bonds and Nano Rings, are made from 100% Remy human hair. From Jet Black to Dark Auburn, or whatever colour you decide, you’ll be making the right choice with us

    FAQS: Nano Ring Fitting

    What Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Nano ring/tip hair extensions are small, keratin-bonded individual permanent hair extensions, tipped with a tiny metal wire that is clamped to the hair with a miniature metal ring. Applied without the use of any heat or glue, making them the least damaging method available.

    Are Nano Rings Suitable For Thin Hair? 

    Yes! Nano rings were quite literally made for thin and fine hair. As they are so tiny, they can be placed much closer to the hairline than other permanent hair extensions, sometimes even used to create fringes because they are so well hidden. Being so small and lightweight also means they do not add so much tension to the hair making them the least damaging extension system, perfect for thinner hair. 

    Can You Fit Nano Ring Hair Extensions Yourself?

    No! We strongly advise having any permanent extensions installed by a professional extensionist to avoid any damage to your own hair and for the best quality results.

    What Tools Do You Need To Install Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Nano rings do not need the use of heat or glue to apply or remove them, making the application gentler on the hair compared to other methods. Minimal tools are required, all you need is the Nano Tip hair itself, 2.5mm Nano Rings/Beads, a pair of pliers, a threading tool and a few sectioning clips. Be sure to explore our Nano Rings/beads which come in packs of 200 and in a selection of 3 natural root colour

    How Are Nano Ring Extensions Applied?

    Your own natural hair is threaded through a tiny metal, silicone lined ring/bead, the tip of the Nano hair extension is then placed inside and the two are clamped tightly together with pliers securing your own hair in between.

    How To Apply Nano Ring Hair Extensions

    Are you a first-time extension-wearer or hair technician in training? If so, we’re here to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to fit nano ring hair extensions so you’re up to speed with the basics. Nanos are applied without the use of any heat or glue making them one of the least damaging and easiest extension methods to have. You will need specialist hair extensions tools to apply them.

    1. First things first, section the hair neatly, 2 sections at the sides and 2 at the back. Remember to always keep an inch away from the hairline and parting to ensure the extensions do not show.
    2. Thread a bead onto the natural hair strand (just under 1cm wide). Use your extension loop tool to do this by pulling the natural hair through the loop and pushing the bead up onto the hair.
    Step 2 how to fit nano tips
    1. Now take a Nano Tip hair strand and push the metal tip into the bead with the natural hair
    Step 3 how to fit nano tips
    1. Next, tightly clamp the bead shut with your pliers or clamp tool, whichever you prefer using.
    Step 4 how to fit nano tips
    1. Repeat the above steps until you have finished the full head application.
    Step 5 how to fit nano tips

    How Many Nano Strands Do You Need For A Full Head?

    A full head application of Nanos usually requires between 150-200 strands of hair, this is for when you are adding both volume and a lot of length to the hair. Even though we do not recommend using Nanos on very thick hair as it would be extremely time consuming, if you do you will need around 250 strands for a natural finish. For a half head application when you are only adding volume to the hair 50-100 strands will be perfect. Our Nano hair extension packs contain 50, 1g strands of double drawn, AAAAA grade Nano tip hair extensions.

    Nano Bonds are also a great discreet extension method and are equally as small in size. For all of the pros and cons on fitting nano rings, our blog on Nano Bonds vs Nano Ring Hair Extensions can provide you with everything you need to know on cost and versatility, plus a more in-depth look at how to fit nano bead extensions, how to fit nano rings and much more.

    FAQS: Nano Rings Aftercare

    How Long Can Nano Rings Stay In The Hair?

    As your hair grows you will need maintenance appointments roughly every 6-8 weeks. During these appointments, loose or hanging extensions are repositioned with new rings, the hair is checked for matting and any fallen strands are added back in. After 12 weeks the Nanos should be fully removed and repositioned with new rings, this is will not only keep your hair extensions looking their best, but it will prevent any damage to your own hair as well.

    How Do You Remove Nano Hair Extensions?

    To remove the nanos, you simply unclamp the rings by squeezing them in the opposite direction to how you secured them. The Nano Tip hair is then gentle pulled out; this section of hair is then combed before reapplying. Do not be alarmed if you notice some hair coming out in during this process. We all naturally shed around 100 hairs a day however when extensions are attached these hairs will stay in the ring until they are able to fall out when the extensions are removed.

    Can Nano Ring Hair Extensions Be Re-Used?

    Yes! Nano ring hair extensions can be reused again and again if you take good care of them. You will need to use new rings/beads each time, but the tip of the hair will stay intact making this method very cost effective.

    For more maintenance inspo, say hello to our Nano Ring Hair Extensions Maintenance Guide where you can find all the answers to your questions regarding washing and conditioning effectively, avoiding tension on the scalp and what to expect when having regular check-ups with your hairdresser.


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