Collection: Clip in hair extensions Supreme Quad Weft 1-Piece Extensions

Introducing the New supreme Quad Weft One-piece clip-in, giving you more hair, fewer clips, and just as discreet and undetectable as our single and double weft sets, our Supreme Quad Weft hair extensions are an instant solution for the ultimate volume and maximum comfort. Read More



What Are The Thickest One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions?

Our Supreme Quad Weft is one of the thickest one piece hair extensions on the market today. Weighing a whopping 120g its enough to add more length and volume in under 3 minutes! As this is a heavy clip-in piece we would only advise for it to be used on medium to thick hair.

How To Clip In One Piece Hair Extensions?

Our Supreme Quad Weft is 10” wide which is the perfect fit from ear to ear on most head shapes. Simply section half or the top quarter of your hair up and out of the way and clip the one piece into your hair. For extra hold we advise backcombing the roots before attaching the extension to help the clips grip onto the hair.

What Is The Quickest Hair Extension Method?

Clip-Ins are definitely the quickest hair extension method that can create big transformations in a matter of minutes. One piece clip ins are even faster as they only consist of one part, this is less hair to apply and less hair to hide making them super easy to use.

Why Shouldn’t The Supreme Quad Weft Be Used On Thin Hair?

A standard full head of extensions for thin hair is 100-150 grams, this is totally safe when the weight is evenly distributed allover the head in separate pieces or strands. As the Supreme quad concentrates 120 grams onto one single strip it is not evenly spread throughout the hair, on thin hair this would be too much weight in one place. As the seam is bigger to hold the extra hair it would also be quite tricky to hide the attachment in finer hair types. For this reason the Supreme Quad is best for medium to thick hair types.