How To Get Beach Waves: Your New Summer Style Unlocked


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    It’s that time of year again, which means beach waves are here to steal the spotlight once more in the world of summer hairstyles. Whether you’re enjoying lying on a beach in the French Riveria or sweating in a power suit in a Central London office, we want your hair to be on point no matter what. So, how do you get perfect beach waves? Scroll on to see how you can achieve effortless, Cali girl tresses.

    How To Get Beach Waves

    Since the dawn of time, beach waves have dominated popular culture. For decades, this effortless cool girl hairstyle has been splashed across beauty billboards, high fashion catwalks and your favourite summer comfort films and TV shows. The good news is, you can also look like you’ve hopped off the plane at LAX with these simple beach waves styling techniques:

    Heated Waves

    Whether you’re 15, 25 or 45, there has always been one iconic hair method that binds us all together: how to do beachy waves with a curling iron. Some opt for curling irons and straighteners, while others choose their trusty Air Wrap, but this fool-proof method using a beach waver is far easier than using a curling iron, as it’s designed specifically for achieving sultry, sun-kissed beach waves.

    Firstly, applying our heat protection spray, then section off your hair into the top and bottom and separate strands into the left and right side. Hold the beach waver upright with the clamp facing forward, before placing a one-to-two-inch section of hair into the clamp, leaving an inch or two of the ends out to create a beachy wave, then twist the iron away from your face. For the best results, make sure to stretch the curl as much as possible so it keeps hold. For each pass, hold the curl for three to four seconds, then open the clamp and pull straight down to release. Repeat on the left and right sides to ensure each side is even and equally as wavy. 

    Heatless Waves

    Velcro rollers are also a firm favourite amongst beach wave lovers, as they can hold a curl for long periods of time without applying any major heat. Although it may be wise to quickly run a blow-dryer across your locks beforehand to smooth them out, the heat is nowhere near as intense as using curling irons or straighteners.

    Overnight Waves

    No curler? No problem. If you’re all about a low maintenance hair routine, you’ll be pleased to know you can achieve a classic beach waves hair do with very little skill involved at all, so much so you can do it in your sleep! If curling irons, straighteners or heatless rollers aren’t your style, you can simply towel dry your hair after washing, gently brush it through with a detangling hairbrush and let it air dry for a little longer before braiding your hair into either one big or multiple plaits and leaving them in overnight. Undone several hours down the line, you’re guaranteed to have bouncy, post-swim beach waves by the time you wake up.

    Not knowing how to get beach waves exactly how you want them to can be tricky, especially if you’re not applying heat – but a moisturising spray or sea salt spritz can go a long way, giving your tresses that textured, lived-in surfer look while also tackling any pesky frizz or fly-aways.

    How To Do Different Beach Wave Styles

    You might be wondering; how many beach wave hairstyles can there actually be? Truthfully, far more than we’d like to admit! That’s why we’ve curated a handy list of some of the most iconic wavy hairstyles synonymous with the Hollywood hills, sandy beaches, backstage passes, and everything in between.

    Classic Beach Waves

    There’s some cross over with these wavy hairstyles, but beach waves are easily the most recognisable due to their effortless, bed-head nature. A staple through all the eras, particularly the early 2000s, the beach waves hairdo simply never misses!

    Messy, perfectly imperfect, and are often their best when seen on hair that has balayage, boasting a sun kissed look that creates the feeling of the sun’s warmth whispering across your locks. Our balayage collection comes complete with a variety of gorgeous shades that will compliment your style and skin tone. For further shade inspo, cast your eyes on our top 10 predicted blonde shades for summer blog for the must-have colours this season.

    Mermaid Waves

    Achieved with our premium clip in extensions, mermaid waves, also known as Hollywood waves, can add much-needed volume and length to your tresses, complimenting your natural hair with shiny, cascading curls that will look breathtaking at a festival or when walking down the aisle. The more dramatic, diva older sister of beach waves, this look would not be complete without our moisturising silky hair spray, an absolute staple within any hair extension wearer or hairstylist’s bathroom cabinet.

    Bohemian Waves

    Reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, retro hair has had its comeback now more than ever. With the release of Daisy Jones and The Six, we’re all rushing in our droves to try and emulate Daisy’s rockstar, Stevie Nicks inspired hair. Paired perfectly with a clip in fringe, a stylish, temporary solution that looks great no matter the occasion or aesthetic. Clip in extensions are our crowning glory when it comes to giving you the ultimate hair transformation, offering thickness and versatility for your new mane.

    Short and Sweet Waves

    Beach wave hair dos are normally associated with longer hair looks but can also be pulled off with shorter hairstyles like choppy bobs, mullets and wolf cuts, and it takes less than 10 minutes! Start off by taking a 1-inch curling iron on a low heat setting and work from the front of your head in vertical sections, alternating directions as you get toward the under most layers of your hair to keep the style from looking too coiffed. The lighter the application, the lighter the waves, and the more natural it will ultimately look, adding just the right amount of volume along your jawline.


    Now that you’re an expert on getting those easy breezy beach waves hair, you may be craving some more hidden gems to your styling repertoire. From the ultimate guide to festival hair with hair extensions to summer hacks for your hair extensions, Cliphair has you covered in all of your hair and beauty needs.

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