Cliphair’s Ultimate Guide to Festival Hair with Hair Extensions


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    If you’re feeling some FOMO after everyone’s Glasto insta posts, get your wellies at the ready because summer is here, and that can only mean one thing – festival season! If you've got a festival or gig booked this summer, you need a hairstyle that's just as fabulous as your outfit. So, let’s dive into the top trending festival hairstyles for the summer, plus all of the latest hair hacks guaranteed to keep you and your hair extensions looking chic and fresh throughout all of the chaos and camping.


     8 Trending Festival Hairstyles

    Space Buns

    First up, space buns are a festival staple. This fun, playful look is not only super cute but also keeps your hair out of your face while you’re having a boogie. To achieve this look, part your hair down the middle and twist each section into a bun on top of your head. Secure with bobby pins and add a sprinkle glitter for that extra sparkle.


    Where are our braided beauties? Festival hair braids are versatile and perfect for keeping your hair neat and stylish. Whether you go for a simple three-strand braid, a fishtail braid, baby braids that frame the front of your face, or a more intricate Dutch braid, they remain a go-to for flattering and easy festival hairstyles. Braids also look amazing with floral clips or clip-in hair extensions to add extra volume and length. Our model uses our 22" Double Weft Extensions in the shade Barbie Blonde for this stunning midsummer night’s dream-style look.

    If you’re a little unsure on how to keep your extensions fresh and damage-free during a jampacked trip away like a festival, here’s a guide on how to keep those extensions in top shape during your adventures: how to make your hair extensions survive a festival weekend.

    Half Up Half Down

    For hair that speaks volumes, we love a half-up, half-down look. Half up festival hairstyles are your best bet when it comes to looking effortlessly chic, feminine and practical. Try a half-up bun or a half-up braid, adorned with festival hair accessories like flower crowns, flower claw clips, mini colourful butterfly clips or ribbons. This look gives you the best of both worlds, showcasing your lovely locks while keeping some of your hair off your face. Our model @kirstyeelizabeth pumps up the volume and length in her festival half up look by using our Ultra Volume Clip-Ins in shade Light Auburn.

    Funky Colours

    Feeling adventurous? Bright and bold colours are all the rage at alt-music festivals, particularly y2k streaks. Temporary hair dyes or colourful clip-in hair extensions can transform your look without any long-term commitment. Our funky shades collection is complete with the likes of cotton candy-tinged pastel pink, an electric, mermaid-inspired turquoise and a fiery, bright red, all of which can either accentuate your dyed hair or be clipped in as edgy, 2000s style singular pieces, creating a festival hair masterpiece.

    Our redhead range is also a great option for those craving an edgy, alternative style so they can look red hot while watching their favourite band. Our model below wears our 24” Double Weft Clip In hair extensions in the shade PlumCherry Red to create this bold and beautiful Bratz Doll inspired look.



    It may not always be possible to achieve your typical, slicked back ‘clean girl’ aesthetic when you’re pitched up in the middle of a field, but ponytails are a great place to start. A sleek, high wrap around ponytail is a great way of keeping your hair out of your face when you’re dancing the night away. If you’re truly feeling the festival spirit, add a ribbon or bow to your tresses for a cute, retro touch. For more inspo on how to rock this look, take a look at some of the best summer event hairstyles with hair extensions so you can recreate your favourite hair looks for barbecues, garden parties and more!

    Glitter Roots

    If you want something truly eye-catching, while also reminiscent of festivals and raves of the past, then glitter roots are a must-try. This trend is perfect for covering up greasy or dark roots while adding a dazzling touch to your festival hair. Apply a generous amount of glitter gel to your roots and watch as people become starry-eyed over your locks all night long.

    Scarves and Bandanas

    If you’re looking to bring a bohemian flair to any hairstyle, then a head scarf or bandana is the way to go! Not only do they look super cute, but they can also protect your hair from the sun and offer a sense of shade for your scalp. Heat proofing your hair during the summer time is essential, so our heat protection spray is another must-have for your festival kit. It adds a layer of protection not only when using heated styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons, but when enjoying time in the sun too! Although, with the English weather, you’re not always guaranteed sunshine in the first place. If you’re in need of more tips on how to maintain your extensions in the heat, check out this guide on heat-proofing your hair.


    Finally, bangs are making a huge comeback. Whether you have full bangs, curtain bangs, or wispy bangs, they can be styled in so many fun ways according to your aesthetic. Pair your bangs with space buns, braids, or a high top knot depending on suits you best. Remember, bangs can get oily fast, but this can give them a kind of lived-in and effortless bedhead look that the likes of Alexa Chung and Suki Waterhouse have mastered over the years. If indie sleaze isn’t quite your thing, then make sure you have a bottle of dry shampoo handy to keep them looking fresh and voluminous throughout the weekend. If you don’t happen to have bangs, then our clip-in fringe is a quick and easy way to switch up your look as the day goes on, making festival hair with bangs a no-brainer!

    Festival Hair Prep: Everything You Need

    Now, let’s talk maintenance! Festivals can be tough on your hair, but a little preparation can give you that head-start that you need. First off, dry shampoo is your best friend. It absorbs oil and adds volume, perfect for reviving your style after a day of watching your favourite acts or dancing around a silent disco at 2AM. Braids and buns are great options for minimising tangles and keeping your hair manageable. Above all, don’t forget to pack a few essential festival hair accessories like bobby pins, hair ties, and our very own detangling hair brush to keep your natural hair or hair extensions smooth and matt-free.  


    With these easy festival hairstyles and tips, you're ready to slay all summer long. For more festival hair trends and ideas, make sure to explore our other festival guides linked. Want to browse some more hair looks? We have an extended list for your eyes only in our top 30 festival hairstyles guide. Happy festival season, lovelies!

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