How To Protect Your Scalp From The Sun?

by BRENDA L. / MAY 31, 2022

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    Summer is approaching! I’m already daydreaming of the beach, the sand, the sweet smell of sunscreen… But when it comes to your hair and scalp, how can you protect them from the sunlight and its UV rays?

    When going on a nice vacation, more often than not people tend to pack shorts and swimwear, dash in a nice bottle of sunscreen to slather on their bodies on the first day, and forget about their scalp. But of course, your scalp is just as vulnerable to sunburns and skin cancer as the rest of your body!

    Out of all the body parts that we expose to the sun, our scalp is the one that faces the sky most of the time - and even if it’s covered in hair, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to harmful UV rays. Don’t worry: here’s how to protect your scalp from the sun, all year round!

    Wear A Hat

    I know, I know, this one is kind of a given. Covering your scalp with a hat, a headscarf or a cool bandana is the best way to shelter your head from the sun. If you’re looking for cool hair accessories to wear this summer, think of a trendy, glamorous straw hat like an old Hollywood diva!

    Use Sunscreen Powder

    Powder sunscreens are extremely underrated, so much that majority of the people don’t even know about their existence at all, but they make the perfect ally for those that are looking to avoid chemical sunscreens. Why? Powder sunscreen is mineral-based, won’t make you sweat like crazy when you apply it on your face, and it’s great for sensitive skins. What else?

    Use Sunscreen Mist

    I already praised Coola’s sunscreen mist in my top 10 best haircare products for summer post - but it’s worth repeating myself. Here’s why: it’s organic, it’s lightweight, it’s packed with antioxidants, and it’s suitable for greasy scalps.

    Aftersun Hair Mask

    Even if you’ve been taking care of your hair and scalp under the scorching sun, your skin will most likely be parched at the end of the day. Drinking water, avoiding alcohol and applying moisturiser/SPF throughout your tanning sessions might not always be enough - especially for sensitive skins. A nourishing after sun hair mask will cool down and balance your scalp, helping you soothe your skin after the heat, UV rays and sweat. If you want to find out more read our complete guide on DIY Hair Masks Recipes

    Use Aloe Vera

    If you missed out on the previous steps and are now left with a nasty burn on your scalp, wait before applying any products on your head. Resort to Mother Nature’s natural remedies instead: a fresh aloe vera gel treatment will go a long way. Read more about Aloe Vera for haircare

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