The Top Hair Hacks For Your Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / FEB 22, 2023

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    I love hair extensions for so many reasons, and styling them is so much easier than working on my actual hair. On top of that, they are the perfect accessory to switch things up whenever I feel like it: I use them to boost the volume in my mane for big hair days, sleek ponytails, and even adding flashes of colour. So if there are so many hair hacks out there to make the most out of your natural tresses, does the same apply to hair extensions? The answer is yes, and I’m here to share all my secrets with you.

    Mastering the art of styling hair extensions is easier than you would think, but like with many other things there isn’t much beginner’s luck: you’ll need to practise your favourite hairstyles and get used to the feeling of added hair in your mane. A lot of people are worried that, because they can feel the seams in their hair, they might be visible; other people are scared of the difference between their natural hair and hair extensions becoming too obvious. But with these hair extensions hacks, you can leave all of your worries behind – and achieve the glamorous hairstyles of a celebrity in no time.

    1. Use The Right Tools

    Styling hair and hair extensions requires a few tools, depending on the hairstyles you’re trying to achieve. When I bought my first set (Cliphair’s Seamless Hair Extensions), I found out soon enough that I needed a few other things to achieve the hairstyles I was dreaming of. Let’s see them together:

    Rat Tail Comb

    The rat tail comb is the perfect tool for sectioning your hair. Different sectioning techniques allow you to create more volume in certain areas, symmetry in your middle part, and – most importantly – it is an essential skill to acquire in order to fit your clip in hair extensions correctly. The rat tail comb also comes in extremely handy when I need to separate my bangs from the rest of my hair, for example when I tie it up in a half-up, half-down hairdo or when I style a ponytail – the same applies to tendrils and such. 

    Moisturising Spray

    Human hair extensions are made of real hair, but unlike your natural mane, they don’t receive any nutrition from your scalp. This means that you’ll need to take extra care of them to prevent them from drying out. Cliphair’s Silky Shine Spray is specifically designed for this task, and let me tell you – it does work wonders, sealing the cuticles and giving my clip ins natural shine and softness, which doesn’t only make my hair extensions look fabulous – it also makes them more manageable during my brushing sessions.

    Detangling Hair Brush

    Speaking of brushing, my hair extensions would be nowhere without a detangling brush. If you already use one for your natural hair under the shower, good on you – you’re an expert! – but if you’re not, then grab Cliphair’s Detangling Hairbrush. This tool is specifically designed to be kind to your hair extensions’ seams whilst gently working through knots and such – and you can also use it on your natural hair to detangle it before washing.

    2. Style Them Properly

    Styling hair extensions is quite easy, but there are a few things you’ll need to pay attention to, or you’ll risk ruining a long-term investment and a gorgeous-quality product. Let’s start with the basics.

    Keep The Temperature Low

    Heat-based styling tools such as blow-dryers, flat irons and curling wands need to be kept on a low setting when used on human hair extensions. To help with this and further dissipate the heat, make sure you use a good heat protectant spray. In case you are new to this, you are missing out! Heat protectant sprays are a lifesaver for your tresses, sheltering them from the damage of styling tools that use heat to ensure long-lasting hold on your hairstyle. Cliphair’s Heat Protectant Spray makes sure both your hair and hair extensions are safe from heat damage! 

    Use Sulphate-Free Styling Products

    As I mentioned earlier, Remy hair extensions tend to dry out easily as they don’t receive moisture from your scalp’s natural oils. This means that to make sure they last as long as possible and keep their softness and manageability, you’ll need to focus on hair products that are jam-packed with hydrating properties without sulphates and alcohol. If you’re unsure, you can learn how to read your product labels on our dedicated blog: How To Read Hair Labels Like A True Pro.

    Don’t Pull Them

    Even when trying to recreate the tightest of ponytails, pulling and tugging on your hair extensions is a BIG no-no. Even with seamless hair extensions, that use a silicone-lined seam to prevent shedding, pulling on your hair extensions is one of the worst things you can think of. When brushing them and washing them, make sure you are being gentle and holding the seams in place to prevent unnecessary shedding!

    3. Use Balayage & Coloured Hair Extensions Cleverly

    You may have bumped in one of my blogs about recreating gorgeous highlights and lowlights with the aid of hair extensions, thus preventing bleach damage and unnecessary hair colouring; whilst this can sound a little far-fetched, it’s indeed true. But how can you do it? Well, the secret to a beautiful blend of tones and shades in your mane is in choosing your hair extensions correctly and placing them strategically.

    Adding Highlights To Dark Hair

    @cliphairextensions Achieve full bouncy locks using our ultra-volume extensions 🔥 #bigcurls #fyp #haiextensions #extensions #hairtok #waves #glam #hairextensionsuk ♬ I like your style - ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀɴᴀᴜᴅɪᴏᴢᴢ 🦋

    If your hair is dark, such as jet black or a natural black shade, then you can use hair extensions such as Cliphair’s Silver Shadow balayage range or its more subtle cousin, Ash Black balayage hair extensions. If you’d prefer a more natural finish that ends in a dark brown shade instead, then look no further than Cliphair’s Espresso Melt balayage hair extensions, a glorious balayage shade that delicately fades in an intense brown blend.

    Adding A Natural Glow To Blonde Hair

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    Blondes that easily play around with balayage shades that blend in perfectly with their naturally multi-toned colour. Biscuit Blondey balayage hair extensions are perfect for those who’d like to achieve a naturally sun-kissed, dazzling effect that focuses all the brightness on their ends. Explore our set of blonde mixed shades hair extensions and find your match!

    Adding Flashes Of Crazy Colours To Your Hair

    If you’d like to get a makeover that features crazy colours – such as for a party, a festival, or simply to express yourself and get an artsy and creative hairdo – you can count on Cliphair’s Funky Coloured hair extensions. If your hair is already naturally long, adding one piece hair extensions to your mane will boost the volume in your tresses whilst giving you a daring, flashy new colour.

    4. Choose The Right Type Of Hair Extensions

    One thing I didn’t tell you about my beloved seamless hair extensions is… That they were the wrong type of extensions for me. I underestimated my hair’s thickness, and my blunt lob was a nightmare to blend in. The result? A poorly-crafted, unintentional jellyfish haircut. And unless you actually want a jellyfish haircut (you can read more about it on our post: What Is A Jellyfish Haircut?), your purchase could turn into a living nightmare. Yes, you can tuck in the lower bit of your hair with the aid of bobby pins, but picking the right type of hair extensions is essential to a flawless makeover. After a while, I decided to purchase Ultra Volume Clip In hair extensions – and it was the best thing I could do for my hairstyle!

    Tape In Hair Extensions

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    Tapes are perfect for medium-haired individuals that are looking for a fairly long-lasting makeover. Much faster than nano-rings to fit in, tape in hair extensions are the ideal solution for people who are used to wearing their hair down. Unfortunately, if your hair tends to be on the greasy side of things, this type of hair extensions might not be the right match for you. Read more about this crafty invention in our blog: What are Tape In Hair Extensions? Everything You Need to Know.

    Clip In Hair Extensions

    @cliphairextensions Learn how to apply clip-in hair extensions ✨ #hairextensions #extensions #clipinextensions #hairtutorial #grwm #fyp #clipinhairextensions #tutorial ♬ original sound - Cliphair Extensions

    Clip ins can be divided in different categories, the main ones being: seamless hair extensions, double weft hair extensions, classic full-head hair extensions, and ultra volume hair extensions. They all have different characteristics and fit different budgets: find out which one would meet your needs best in our blog: Clip In Hair Extensions Explained: Know The Difference Between Your Clip In Hair Pieces

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions

    @cliphairextensions Nano ring refit ☁️💫 #nanoringhairextensions #hairextensions #permanenthairextensions #extensions #nanoringrefit #refit #nanorings #nanoring ♬ original sound - Sickickmusic

    This type of hair extensions classifies as permanent, meaning that they will last longer than any other (with the proper care, of course). They can be re-used and need to be moved up when your natural hair grows out, usually around every 8 to 10 weeks. Unlike clip ins (and, in some cases, tape ins) you’ll need to get them fitted at the salon. This type of hair extensions is the most discreet, as they move with your natural hair and can even be concealed in an updo – but they also are the most expensive type and will take the longest to be fitted the first time. Read more about nano bond hair extensions in our post: Nano Ring Hair Extensions 101 Guide.

    5. Clip In Hair Extensions Tricks

    When you’re fitting your hair extensions in to recreate a specific hairstyle, you may need to install them in an unconventional way to achieve the best results whilst concealing them in your natural hair.

    Applying Clip In Hair Extensions Horizontally For Braids

    @cliphairextensions How to French braid using hair extensions? ✨ #WearCliphair #clipinextensions #redhairextensions #auburnhair #hairextensions #embracethered #redheadswearcliphair #clipins #auburn #clipinhairextensions ♬ U RIGHT X LUXURIOUS - Baby Q💖

    If you’d like, for example, to achieve a pair of long plaits, such as Dutch braids, French braids, or a pair of gorgeous bubble braids, try applying your clip ins horizontally, following the flow of your natural tresses as you braid your way through.

    Applying Clip In Hair Extensions Upside-Down

    @cliphairextensions 2 quick & easy gym Hairstyles ✨ #WearCliphair #clipinponytail #clipinhair #ponytailextensions #ponytailhairstyle #gym #gymhairstyles #gymhairstyle #gyminspo #extensions #humanhair ♬ original sound - Sickickmusic

    No, this isn’t the latest fashion in Stranger Things – but a clever way to achieve the perfect pair of high pigtails or a ponytail. Let’s say that you don’t have a wrap around ponytail hair extensions set, you can still use your clip ins to recreate a great updo (including an artsy messy bun!) by fitting them upside down.

    Stepping Up Your Ponytail Game

    @cliphairextensions Sleek long pony in minutes ✨ #clipinponytail #hairextensions #clipinhair #ponytailtutorial #humanhair #ponytail #hairtutorial #clipinpony #clipins #blonde ♬ Collide (more sped up) - Justine Skye

    If you don’t want to use clip ins to recreate a ponytail and would like a sleeker, more uniform look, then look no further than Cliphair’s ponytail hair extensions – the easiest way to conceal your natural hair within a simple yet elegant hairstyle. You can style the ponytail however you’d like: curl it, crimp it, flip it out, braid it.

    6. Conclusion:

    Now that you know all the tricks to get the perfect look with the aid of hair extensions, why not explore some inspirational content? Have a look at our blog section to find new hairstyles to try, new trends to experiment with and precious info on how to keep your hair as healthy as possible!

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