Collection: Jet Black Hair Extensions (#1)

Black is one of the most beautiful hair colours, deep, rich and seductive, and at Cliphair, our black hair extensions allow you to lengthen your hair, add volume, or add black highlights. Read More

Our Black Extensions are for Different Hair Textures

Our black extensions are suitable for all sorts of hair textures, so can be worn by women of all ethnicities. Whether you have natural black hair that has a thick texture, or dyed hair that is slightly thinner, our black Remy hair extensions should work with your hair. Our extensions are thick and full, so they add plenty of volume to all sorts of hair.

If you have very thin hair and are considering buying some black extensions, it’s worth having a consultation with a hair extension technician to help you choose the best method to give you a natural result.

Have Jet Black Hair Extensions for the Night or a Few Weeks

The great thing about buying jet black hair extensions from Cliphair is that you get lots of different options for how to attach them, so you can choose temporary or longer lasting extensions.

Some of the options available in our range of black real hair extensions include:

  • Black hair extensions that clip in – these are among the most popular in our range as you can attach them at home whenever you like. Our clip in range also includes black fringes and ponytails
  • Tape in hair extensions – these are attached at a salon and last about six to eight weeks
  • Bonded jet black hair extensions – these should also be done at a salon to avoid damage to your hair. They’re an excellent alternative to the older style glue-in extensions
  • Micro ring extensions – these attach to your natural hair using a tiny loop, which sits under your hairline. They will need to be attached at a salon, with a full head taking from 1-3 hours, but will last up to 12 weeks if you have a maintenance appointment halfway through

It’s worth considering how long you want the extensions for, as well as whether you have the time to visit a salon. Some women prefer the convenience of clip ins, while others are happy to go to a salon for the attachment and maintenance.

Clip-in Black Human Hair Extensions Can Add Black Highlights to Your Hair

Another way to use our black human hair extensions is to attach a few and have black highlights. Dyeing your hair jet black can damage it, and if it’s naturally light, it may be discoloured until you grow it out. So, if you want to add some edge to your style with black streaks, our black hair extensions that clip in are the perfect choice. We offer sets especially made for highlights, with a number of smaller wefts that you simply clip in and go.
If you’re looking for clip in hair extensions for black hair as you want highlights, then consider looking at our pages for chestnut brown extensions or darkest brown extensions. These colours are ideal for adding subtle tones to black hair.

Choose Natural Black Hair Extensions that are Straight or Curly

Our natural black hair extensions come in sleek straight, wavy or curly, so you can pick the look that best matches your own hair. Buying black human hair extensions that are pre-straightened or curled can save you a lot of time and allow you to get the style you like.

Because all our natural black hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, they can also be styled how you like. We use Remy hair for all our products, from our black clip in hair extensions to our weaves. Real Remy is removed in a way that keeps each strand as intact as possible, so it behaves just like your natural hair. This means if you want to get your GHDs out, or use any curling iron, you can do so. You can also use whatever products you like to finish off your look.

Jet Black is the Perfect Shade for Hair Extensions for Black Hair

If you’re looking for hair extensions for black hair and need the darkest shade, then jet black is what you need. These extensions have a rich, sleek black tone, which look amazing when attached to your natural hair. Whether you are lucky enough to have naturally dark hair, or you’ve dyed it in the darkest black tones, our jet black clip in human hair extensions will blend in with your own hair.

Not sure whether our jet black clip in hair extensions are right for you? Cliphair offers a colour matching service. You simply send us some photos of your hair, and we’ll help you choose the right shade, whether it’s jet black, natural black or one of our darker brown shades.

Cliphair Sell a Range of Black Hair Extensions in the US

When you are searching for black hair extensions in the US, Cliphair are the best choice for all sorts of real hair pieces. Whether you’re looking for black clip in hair extensions in the US or want pieces for micro loop extensions or a weave, you can find some of the best quality extensions on the market on our website. Best of all, it’s easy to order, simply browse the range above and choose your extensions, or contact us if you need further help and advice.


Are hair extensions good for black hair?

If properly fitted and maintained, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use hair extensions for black hair. If you have Afro Caribbean or similar hair, it can sometimes grow a little slower than Caucasian hair, which means you may be able to wear your extensions for slightly longer.

Do clip in hair extensions damage black hair?

Black clip in hair extensions shouldn’t damage your hair, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Ideally, you should avoid wearing them everyday to give you hair a break, and also because this can wear out the extensions quickly.

How long can you leave in black clip in hair extensions?

The more you wear clip in hair extensions for black hair, the quicker they will wear out, so it’s best to wear them only when you need the extra length or volume. Black clip-in hair extensions can be attached whenever you like but need to be removed before you go to sleep.

How can I make my hair black without dying it?

If you want a full head of black hair, you’ll need to dye it. But if you’re trying to add black streaks, an ombre or an under dye look, you can simply use jet black human hair extensions, which either clip in or can be attached at a salon.