Top 10 Trending Colors and Hairstyles to Follow in 2021

Top 10 Trending Colours and Hairstyles to Follow in 2021

We hate to say it, but, 2020 wasn't exactly the year for good hair days. For the most part, we were stuck staring at the same four walls in the same hairstyle every day. Some of us have waited patiently for salons to finally re-open, while some have explored their creativity and DIY skills (no judgements here). Either way, the time to come out of lockdown hair wilderness is here.

With Lockdown finally easing off, the questions is though: which new 2021 hairstyle trend are you breaking out of lockdown in? It’s time to let go of some of our 2020 hair trends and find out what's in for 2021.

Modern Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut

(Taylor Swift in her modern day shag haircuit)

If there was ever a hairstyle MADE to ease you out of lockdown then it’s the modern shag haircut. The return of this updated 70s style could not have come at a better time; we’ve all spent an unprecedented time at home, day after day, and getting all glammed up might actually take some getting used to. 

If you are looking for a great way to add volume and texture to your hair, then this chic but edgy hairstyle is the perfect option. This style works well with every hair texture, is easy to pull off AND can balance out your features and frame your face beautifully.

Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

(Gigi Hadid in her wispy curtain bang)

So, there are some things we just can’t leave in 2020, the face-framing curtain fringe! It’s easy to see why one of last year’s top 10 hairstyles has made it into this year. For one, the curtain fringe looks great on always anyone (and thanks to TikTok, the hashtag #curtainbangs has received nearly 500 million views).

Curtain bangs are an easy way to add volume, depth and pizzazz to a flat, boring haircut. If you would just like to experiment with your look and don’t want to cut your own hair for the fringe, simply add a clip-in fringe, add some mouse and voila! - your textured bangs should blend with your hair easily. 

Curly Side Fringe

While curtain bangs are still among the hottest hair trends this year, the curly side fringe has made a comeback for the ladies who want to channel their inner ‘casual elegance’. Taking inspiration from the 80’s perm, this style is also a great way to add movement and texture to any haircut.

This style helps soften faces shapes and draws attention to the eyes – ideal if you have a heart-shaped face. Also, if you have thin hair, then a curly side fringe can actually help create an illusion of more hair. You can always tuck the fringe behind your ears to add an extra bounce to your hair. 

French Bob

French Bob

(Hannah Kleit in her french bob)

This classic Parisian women's haircut has come to town! We like to call this classy style the bob of all bobs! Classy, chic, and elegant – this is THE post-lockdown hairstyle. 

A lot of people would’ve grown out their hair (or tried to cut it themselves), either way, this chin-length haircut is most certainly 2021’s hottest style. We’ve already started to see this style on some of our favourite A-listers; from Bella Hadid to Vanessa Hudgens. But that’s not why we love it – we love this hairstyle because its versatility. Whether you have fine hair, curly hair or white-blonde hair, this is a hairstyle that just works! Expect to see sharp asymmetrical styles, beach waves, and choppy short bangs. 

Sleek Hair Ponytail

sleek ponytail

The sleek ponytail is a classic style that’ll never go out of style. Simple yet effective, this dramatic look is for those who want to unapologetically make a statement, it’s for when you want to feel and look special.

Easy to achieve, this is a fabulous style even for the laziest girls, you can switch your look to ultra-glamours in just minutes! And if you need some help with hair extensions, add your human hair extensions upside down at the nape of your neck for length and volume. Also, putting them in upside down it will help to give your ponytail a little lift. Alternatively, you can use one of our clip-in ponytails around your real hair pony.

Centre Parting

The centre parting/ middle part hasn’t really gone out of style since it made its comeback back in 2019. All thanks to this classy, yet bold hairstyle's ability to frame your face and dramatically transform your look with little effort.

A razored style with a centre parting can help draw attention to your eyes and nose, for a glamourous and effective look that makes a statement. This is a flattering hairstyle on almost everyone; no matter your hair texture, the shape of your face or your hair color. It’s a classic go-to style that switches up your look!


Copper Tone

red hair extensions copper tone

From soft strawberry ginger to deep auburn copper, this stunning red shade is one of the most popular color hairstyles for women right now. While the population of people with naturally red hair is quite low, we can confidently say there is a copper hair extensions shade to suit every skin tone and texture.

The key to achieving this lovely spring hairstyle and color is finding the right shade that works for you. Our dark auburn/ copper red appears naturally luscious with hints of red undertones if you’re looking to intensify your look. Depending on your skin tone, this color will either have a vibrant or soft appearance. Meanwhile, our Natural Red shade offers warm, rich copper and red undertones, which become visible under direct sunlight.

Add some long hair extensions in this shade and you’ll easily be spotting one of the top 10 styles with 20-inch hair weave wefts.

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balayage hair extensions

Balayage hair has not stopped trending since its comeback last year. A sophisticated take on the ombre look, balayage uses the same colors but are blended much more subtly to gradually lighten and brighten your look for that sun-kissed romantic highlights vibe.

The best thing? Balayage styles are not limited to your hair color. If you need help on how to take on this 2020 hairstyle into this year then contact our hair experts for a free color match and you can choose from the options.

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Shadow Roots 

shadow root hair extensions

(Instagram @PaintingPretty)

We all love a balayage, but shadow roots are also in for 2021. We can expect to see balayage style at their peak in Spring and Summer but we are certain that as soon as the temperature drops, our choice of hair colors will be favouring darker roots at the top and transitioning into a different, lighter shade down the ends.

Shadow roots are also a great way to ease your look out of lockdown. After such a long time without the hairdresser, your roots are likely to be showing through and shadow roots will get rid of that harsh regrowth line and leave you with a soft highlights effect.

Face-Framing Highlights

(Georgia Rose in her face-framing highlights)

Another highlight technique making waves, the face-framing highlights. So, what are they?

Face framing highlights are used to add an instantly-brightening and framing effect. A brighter shade is usually strategically placed around the front hair at the hairline, so the end result is blonde highlights at the front, your normal hair color for the rest of the hair. It is the work of the highlights that create that face frame look.

This style is suitable for all face shapes, hair lengths, hair types and textures, so anyone can try this to dramatically change up your look.

 So, which one of these hairstyles and trends will you be rocking your way out of lockdown in? Let us know and don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok to show off your looks.