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Cliphair Heat Protection Spray

Cliphair Heat Protection Spray

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Heat Protection Hair Spray

  • An invisible barrier against heat damage for strong and shiny hair
  • Helps rebuild hair from within by reconnecting damaged disulphide sulfur bonds
  • Protects hair up to 230°C for worry-free styling
  • Replaces frizz with a silky sheen for compliment-worthy hair
  • Adds texture, boosts volume and improves hold for longer-lasting styles
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Get the look you want without the worry of damaged extensions. Protect your stunning locks with Cliphair’s Heat Protection Spray. An even application onto damp hair is all you need for an invisible barrier against heat damage up to 230°C. Incredibly, it reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair to repair from within.

The result? Stronger, more elastic hair that’s protected against future breakage. Get the style you want and know you ’re best protecting your extensions against the heat of hairdryers, straightening irons and tongs. 


 Ethical buying

 No animal testing

Directions for Use

Three steps for guilt-free heat styling:

1.    Spray evenly through damp hair.

2.    Use a brush to pull hair straight and blow-dry from roots to ends.

3.    Style your hair with your favourite heat tools

AVOID CONTACT WITH YOUR EYES. In case of contact flush thoroughly with water.



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