10 Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas 2023

by BRENDA L. / APR 21, 2023

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    So you said yes to the most amazing person ever, you are getting everything ready, you’re spending endless hours browsing online and looking for the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, the perfect food… And, of course, you’ve already lined up a roster of cheerful, loyal bridesmaids. But it’s time to do things in style and ask them officially. If your mind is blanking out for being too busy with… well, literally everything else, fear not: I am here with 10 cute, funny and memorable ways to ask your bestie squad to become your bridesmaids.

    Surprise Flower Bouquet

    Classy, cute, and always appreciated: flowers are a classic when it comes to gifts, even better if sent as a surprise – at home, at the office, you name it. Reading the card and finding the words “will you be my bridesmaid?” are surely enough to catch off guard your friend, but even more so if accompanied by a stunning ensemble of colourful, gorgeous flowers. This is also a great opportunity to sort of set the mood for a themed wedding, matching your bouquet of choice with the colour palette of your reception.

    Homemade Bridesmaid Proposal Box

    Presents that showcase your arts and crafts skills are personally unmatched. They are authentic, come from the heart, and show all the love, care and effort you put in them. To create a homemade bridesmaid proposal box you don’t necessarily have to go too crazy; just arm yourself with cute matching boxes, decorate the exterior however you like, and fill it with things they will love. A scented candle, a skin care set, gorgeous clip in hair extensions for them to wear at your wedding.

    Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Once again, you could get into some DIY experience and craft your very own customised bridesmaid proposal cards, or simply go shopping and get them online or from a local store. On its own, this can be a cute way to ask your friends to help you tie the knot on your special day – but it can also make a great addition to any of the other gift ideas listed here – such as a proposal box, a fancy bridesmaid bangle, or a set of freshly baked bridesmaid themed cookies.

    Bridesmaid Bangle

    Perhaps you’re looking forward to seeing your bridesmaids all dolled up and ready to celebrate your big day with you, so why not look into their jewellery since you’re at it? Getting your squad matching bridesmaid proposal bangles could be a great way to accessorise your beautiful bestie squad whilst asking for their unmatched support for such a big event. You can get personalised bangles from cute independent shops (supporting your local community and small businesses) or go all fancy and get some designer custom-made.

    Bridesmaid Puzzle

    Are your friends in for a challenge? Then you can organise a game for them – or why not? Even get a custom-made puzzle. As they put the pieces together, rest assured that the expression on their face will be more than satisfying, with surprise, love and happiness painted all over their smiles. And there’s nothing more beautiful than that, right?

    Bridesmaid T-Shirt

    Sometimes less is more, so why not go for something that they can fish out of their closet one day and enjoy a nice trip down memory lane? A printed t-shirt is perfect for a bride on a budget that still wants to do something cute for her besties, and it’s also a great addition to your future bridesmaid’s wardrobe. Also, think of your bachelorette party with all of your girlies in matching outfits!

    Scratch-Off Card For Bridesmaids

    This is an interesting take on the classic proposal card. Why not make it interesting with a scratch-off option? Keep them on their toes until the very end – the prize might not be what they were expecting, but you will leave them stunned and filled with joy for sure. You can easily get one of these scratch-off cards online, and once again: they can go on their own, or be added to any of the other ideas listed here.

    Themed Box Of Cookies

    Whether you’re a skilled baker or not, it doesn’t really matter – if your talent in the kitchen isn’t exactly up to the task you can always order some freshly baked bridesmaids proposal at your local artisanal bakery. Wanna get more inspired? Check out some of the cutest designs available on Pinterest and make a moodboard. You could also get a personalised box in different styles to match the preferences of each one of your girls!

    Bridesmaid Candle

    Scented candles, designer candles, ornamental candles… Since we discovered fire, humanity has been always enthralled by the unique beauty of fire and how it can set the mood and improve the atmosphere in any place – may it be your scented candles in the bathroom, the ones on the table at the restaurant, and so on. A beautiful personalised candle can be a great way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids – you could have the message printed on the label, or delicately carved in it. There are many possibilities!

    Kate Aspen Bridesmaid’s Kit

    Similar to the homemade bridesmaid proposal idea, this kit is designed to be a cute, fun way to ask your squad to accompany you in this new stage of your life. The box features a classic pink and gold design with matching accessories on the inside, such as a cute mug, a heart-shaped frame, a magnet, a fun pair of sunglasses and more.


    Ready to ask your #teambride in style? With these adorable, fun and affordable ideas you are sure to stun them and give them something cute they can keep for themselves to remember your special day. P.s.: how about hair now? If it's time to discuss hairstyle ideas, find your inspo in our dedicated blog: 10 Stunning Bridesmaids Hairstyles For Your Best Friends.

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