10 Cute Pigtails Hairstyle Ideas To Try This Year

by BRENDA L. / MAR 17, 2023

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    For far too long pigtails have been overlooked as a childish hairstyle, something that you shouldn’t be wearing after middle school. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. As we embrace freedom and take inspiration from some of the most popular looks of the past, more and more people are finally adopting liberating hairstyles and fashion choices, proving that hairstyles have no age limit and that wearing your hair however you want can be an extremely healing experience. Because of this freedom movement, more and more adults and seniors are finally expressing themselves with colourful hairstyles, clothes, and accessories. And guess who made a huge comeback? Yep, you got it – pigtails.

    Let’s find out together the best pigtails hairstyles for you to embrace with the arrival of the warmer season!

    Dutch Braided Pigtails

    This is one of the top choices for summer hairstyles, often accompanied by a scrumptious duo of contrasting shades such as sunkissed blonde and brunette roots. Although the colour choice is absolutely yours, trying this hairstyle is an absolute must. The Dutch braided bit close to your scalp will add texture and movement with a fierce yet glamorous finish, whilst your ends, hanging loose, will keep things romantic and boho-chic. If your hair isn’t thick or long enough to pull off this hairstyle on your own, adding a few clip in hair extensions applied horizontally will help you achieve this look in a matter of minutes.

    Low Pigtails

    Low pigtails and face-framing curtain bangs are a great choice for those who’d like to keep things low-key and subtle yet playful. Selena Gomez made this her look for summer, and you can too! To make the most of your pigtails and make them thick and fluffy as you want it, you can add seamless hair extensions to effortlessly hide them in the upper part of your hair and gain thick, voluminous ends.

    Braided Pigtails

    Braided or plaited pigtails are an impeccable fashion choice. Just think of people like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner: what do they have in common? Well, not much, but they have both been spotted wearing plaited pigtails. And let me tell you, it IS a look! If you’re wearing remy hair extensions, your plaits will be naturally thick and gloriously rich. What’s not to love? Braided pigtails are also a great hairstyle to experiment with colourful beads, hair accessories and even hair tinsel. Read more about this on our dedicated blog: Hair Tinsel 101: Everything You Need To Know On How To Wear Sparkly Hair.

    Half-Up Pigtails

    Half-up pigtails are a very popular thing among the younger audience, but what if I told you that this lovely hairstyle is gaining popularity among millennials too? Not so bad, huh?

    Half-up pigtails are less demanding than tight, high ponytails – and yet, they will keep you looking peppy, youthful and trendy. This hairstyle can be rocked with soft waves, curled ends and tied up with funky scrunchies that you can match to your outfit. The ideal for a day out with your friends, a date night with a special person and a festival look.

    90s Pigtails

    Think of the retro ponytail made famous by Bella Hadid, and make it double. 90s pigtails are a great addition to your nostalgia-filled outfits; to recreate this look, all you need to do it arm yourself with a flat iron, some Cliphair Heat Protectant spray, and a generous dose of hair gel or hairspray. Make sure you add a neat side part and style your hair up in two pigtails, spray your hair with the heat protectant, then flip the ends out with your straightener. Voila! You got yourself a cutesy retro hairstyle that will make you feel like Britney Spears at the peak of her career.

    Bun And Braids Combo

    Want to go a little extra? Then look no further than this bun and braids combo that will simply make you spark with joy (yes, just like in a Marie Kondo documentary). Adding clip in hair extensions to your mane will help you get the right amount of length and thickness in your plaits even after you’ve put half of your hair up in two cute buns. Adding colourful hair accessories such as beads or scrunchies on your top buns will finish the look in true spring style.

    Bubble Pigtails

    Bubble braids are all the rage right now, so why not double up? Bubble pigtails can be a great way to achieve a trendy and modern hairstyle inspired by one of the most eclectic looks of the year 2000s. Achieving bubble pigtails is fairly easy, and you could use clip in ponytail hair extensions to make this look yours. Micro hair ties will do the rest.

    Curly Pigtails

    Soft, wavy pigtails rich in volume, thickness and vertiginous length are a great choice. This look screams “Barbie”, and we’re here for it. As big hair looks are experiencing an unexpected revival, grab your Real hair extensions and make the most of them with the help of hair curlers such as Velcro rollers and curling wands. You can read more about how to use Velcro rollers to get big, fluffy hair in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

    Pigtails With Bangs

    Remember Pippi Longstockings and her iconic red pigtails? Whilst you don’t need to go as crazy as her with hair structure and shape (although if you’d like to, I am no one to stop you), adopting her bangs hairstyle might be a great addition to a set of scrumptious pigtails or double plaits. In order to achieve this look you don’t necessarily need to commit to a new haircut (I know that growing out a fringe after you got tired of it is an extremely long and tiring process), but you can instead grab clip in bangs and transform your hairdo in a matter of minutes, whenever and wherever you want!

    Crazy Coloured Pigtails

    Do it like Kylie Jenner – adopt crazy colours for a fun spring or summer! Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like bleaching your whole mane, you can always add daring flashes of bright new shades to your mane with the aid of hair extensions. A few, strategically placed colourful strands in your pigtails can effortlessly freshen up your look in a couple of minutes. All of this whilst adding body and thickness to your natural tresses!


    Pigtails are IN! Don’t miss out on one of the latest trends and release all of your playful, joyful energy with these cutesy hairstyles. Find your inspiration among colourful pigtails, braided ones, edgy bang hairstyles and blasts from the past!

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