10 Glam Christmas Hairstyles To Make Them Go Ho Ho Ho

by ABBEY WILSON / NOV 24, 2022

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    Ahhh, Christmas! I love Christmas - there’s nothing better than exchanging presents, hearty food, gathering with your favourite people and enjoying a warm cup of mulled wine to take a break from ice rink shenanigans. Christmas season also means that you’re likely to get invited to a fancy office party, a glamorous dinner and other events of the sort. You may have your dress and shoes sorted, but what about your hair? Read on to find inspiration among these 10 trendy Christmas hairstyle ideas!

    1. Hollywood Waves

    Hollywood waves are a true classic! Inspired by the divas of the silver screen, this hairdo is the prime choice for those who’d like to wear their hair down whilst keeping things classy and composed, crimped in perfectly shaped, symmetrical waves. Hollywood curls are usually glossy and shiny, so you’ll need to stock up on your Cliphair shine spray in order to get the most out of this hairstyle. What if your hair is quite fine? If you’re wondering: “Will it be possible to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle on my hair if it’s naturally thin?”, then don’t fret - you can always use real hair extensions to get the right amount of volume and thickness.

    2. Rope Braid

    What if you’d like to put your hair up instead? The rope braid is a modern take on the classic plait, giving it a twist (quite in the literal sense) and making it a little edgier than it would be in its original state. Nonetheless, this hairstyle is incredibly elegant and sophisticated, and has already been seen on a few celebrities and A-listers already. If your Christmas outfit needs an extra kick, the rope braid makes the perfect hairstyle to take it to the next level. Is your hair long and thick enough to bring to life this delicious braid? If not, you can always resort to clip-in ponytail hair extensions. Super discreet and 100% made of Remy human hair, it will be impossible to tell from your natural tresses. Unlike other braids such as the fishtail braid, this hairdo doesn’t need any added sparkly accessories, as it naturally draws attention to itself thanks to its simple yet effective craft.

    3. The 90s Blowout

    The big puffy blowout that we’ve seen on celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Alicia Silverstone, Denise Richards and Jennifer Connelly in the 90s has never truly gone anywhere. I know, I know - it may look like the funky hair accessories and sleek hairstyles of the early 00s replaced it, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead, the 90s blowout remained with a few selected celebrities and exploded stronger than ever in recent times, probably thanks to social media influencers such as Matilda Djerf. People are still crazy about big hair and how effortlessly flattering it looks. If you have fine to medium hair and want to go a little extra, you might want to add Ultra Volume hair extensions to get that 90s superstar look. Want to go full retro for your Christmas party? Pair the look with full eyebrows and darker red lipstick.

    4. Glass Hair

    Sleek and silky is trendy and glamorous - ask Kim Kardashian, Lourdes Leon, Mila Kunis and Sandra Bullock! The “glass hair” trend went viral on TikTok not too long ago, and since then celebrities and people like you and I alike went on and tried it. It’s an extremely Y2K look, but those trying it today are making it extra by adding hair extensions for inches and inches of dramatic length. Human hair extensions are a great method to add jaw-dropping length to your natural tresses. If you’re looking to sport glass hair for this winter's events, you may want to look into a double-trouble combo: Brazilian blow dry and nano ring hair extensions fitted (alternatively, you may want to use tape-in hair extensions).

    5. Half-Up, Half-Down

    Ah yes, the half-up, half-down universe of hairstyles! This versatile option can be worn and styled however you want! Bejewelled hair clips and sparkly accessories are only a few of the options that are presented to you when you decide to go for a half-up hairstyle! Gorgeous curls, waves, and micro braids are there too. Seamless hair extensions are the top option for those looking to add volume and length to a half-up hairstyle, as sectioning your hair in half makes it quite difficult for those with fine and medium hair to show off plump tresses. A twisted half-up, half-down hairstyle is a popular choice for formal events and even weddings; a wrap-around ponytail half-up is a celebrity-inspired idea for a glamorous hairstyle (looking at you, Ariana Grande)!

    6. Crown Braid

    The crown braid, also known as the milkmaid braid, is a popular hairstyle among boho-chic lovers. Perhaps due to its effortless elegance, this hairdo has remained a constant throughout the centuries; nowadays, it’s the favourite hairdo for those who’d like to channel an artsy vibe. Remy hair extensions users know old hair extensions can be repurposed in a glamorous milkmaid braid: if your hair isn’t long and thick enough to make this hairstyle yours, you can always add a few seamless hair extensions wefts to take your natural tresses to the next level and achieve the ultimate bohémienne hairstyle.

    7. Curly Blowout

    The classic curly blowout is an underrated look nowadays, with all these fancy trends and retro hair accessories having their own raging comeback. Curls are a timeless classic and have a beauty of their own. There are many ways you can achieve your perfect curly blowout, and not all of these methods involve a curling wand! Instead, you can always try a heatless curly blowout that is kind to your hair and will leave you looking flawless anyways. If you’re shopping for new hair accessories, get yourself a curling ribbon. A good curling ribbon is made of 100% silk, for a frizz-free, zero-damage finish. In other words: this is the protective hairstyle that leaves your hair shiny and healthy, and makes you look effortlessly expensive!

    8. Braided Bun

    There’s a reason if even superstar Jennifer Lopez has made this her go-to hairstyle! We’ve seen braided hairstyles explode through summer, and this sophisticated hairdo was a fan favourite. But mind you, this hairstyle is not exclusive to summer days at all - matter of fact it’s an all-year round, very classy option - and a wedding events superstar! As length doesn’t always equal volume, you can make this big, braided bun as dramatic as you want by adding single clip-in hair extensions as you braid your way in. Due to its elaborate nature, this hairstyle also welcomes sparkly hair accessories and Christmassy hair clips for the ultimate seasonal hairdo.

    9. Hair Tinsel

    Also known as “unicorn hair”, hair tinsel is an accessory to wear on your head like a hair extension to make your mane sparkle. Hair tinsel is available in a range of colours to suit everyone’s needs, and you can even go as far as making it match your Christmas decoration or stick to colour-coordinated options such as gold for blondes and copper for redheads. Kasey Musgraves and Queen Bey have both revamped this 90s/early 00s trend and made it big again. Hair tinsel can be found both in singular strands to be attached to your hair with a knot and in hair clips to attach like you would with Remy hair extensions.

    10. Spiky Bun

    When it comes to trend-setting, Bella Hadid is the most cutting-edge celeb that could literally bring back anything you can think of and make it trendy in the blink of an eye. Once she set her eyes on the 90s and the Y2K fashion, thousands of people hopped on the same train and here we are - flooded with butterfly clips, razor-thin eyebrows and zig-zag hair parts. It’s safe to say that both Bella and other fellow celebrities have taken over the nostalgic feeling with their outfits and hairstyles. The latest? Dusting off the spiky bun, an easy and casual hairdo that has now become a red carpet look. If you’re a fan of sleek hairstyles, this hairdo (also known as the feathered bun or model-off-duty bun) is the perfect choice for you. With its minimalistic approach, the spiky bun makes the ideal hairstyle for those preparing to show off a statement piece such as a big pair of Christmas earrings.

    11. Conclusion:

    No matter how you’re going to celebrate this Christmas, with the right hairstyle you’ll be able to look absolutely flawless and top off the outfit that you so carefully put together. If you’re missing the right accessories and are considering getting hair extensions, get in touch with our experts.

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