10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Redheads

by BRENDA L. / OCT 25, 2022

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    If you’ve been blessed with flaming red hair (or decided to dye it to follow the recent boom of ginger tresses) then surely, you’ll want to keep things on the same theme when it comes to Halloween. Next week the streets will be filled up with kids trick-or-treating their neighbourhoods, and there’s going to be an unimaginable amount of costume parties around town. Are you still deciding on how to put an outfit together? If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for redheads, then look no further than this spicy list!

    1. Ariel, The Little Mermaid

    Everyone’s favourite childhood mermaid has been the talk of the town recently, as the official trailer for the 2023 live-action has been released. You don’t need Halle Bailey or Jodi Benson’s angelic voices to make a credible mermaid - just make sure you keep your red mane as fluffy as you can. Come and explore our inclusive range of red hair extensions - and let them be a part of your world.

    2. Poison Ivy, Batman

    There are many versions of Poison Ivy that you can experiment with - from comic book classic to Uma Thurman’s leafy rendition, as long as you arm yourself with bright red hair and green accessories you’re good to go. If you’re feeling brave (and particularly dedicated to this costume idea), why not experiment with some bodypainting too? Poison Ivy’s hair is big and long - if you don’t have enough thickness and length in your natural tresses you can always add a set of clip-in hair extensions to your mane.

    3. Anna, Frozen

    Anna’s hairstyle is quite simple: her natural ginger hair is usually plaited in two gorgeous braids - although throughout the Frozen movies you can see her in different hairstyles too. The length isn’t too extreme, so it’s easy for anyone with mid-length hair to achieve. But what about bangs? If you don’t feel like committing to your scissors, you can always grab a set of clip-in bangs to get the perfect Anna look without cutting your actual hair.

    4. Natasha Romanoff, The Avengers

    What’s not to love about Scarlett Johansson? Her performance as Black Widow - aka Natasha Romanoff - in the Avengers saga is truly remarkable. If you have a blonde bff to pose as Yelena with you, even better! Natasha’s hair changes quite frequently throughout the movies: from long, sleek and silky to curly blowouts and micro braids - there’s a few interesting hairstyles to choose from.

    5. Max, Stranger Things

    Are you and your friends putting a Stranger Things group together? Then channel your redhead power by dressing up as Max, interpreted by Sadie Sink. Sadie’s hair is naturally long, and although the show takes place in the 80s I can confirm that Max’s hair doesn’t go too crazy. Double plaits or a long ponytail and a pair of old-school headphones will do the trick. Is your hair too short for a ponytail? Then get yourself clip-in ponytail hair extensions to achieve this effortlessly trendy look.

    6. Beth, The Queen’s Gambit

    Here’s an idea for short-haired redheads: Beth, from The Queen’s Gambit. Remember how this show was everywhere a couple of years ago? Commonly known as Beth, stole everyone’s heart with her chess ability and ravishing beauty. Anya Taylor-Joy’s hair for the occasion was short and red, fashionably styled in the trendy ways of the 60s. 

    7. Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    The ultimate animation bombshell award goes to… Jessica Rabbit! Jessica is definitely in the top 5 of the most popular animation redheads of all time - and it’s easy to see why. Not only is her character design truly iconic, but she also belongs to one of the most amazing movies ever: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the film that blended 2D animation and real-life acting together.

    8. Merida, Brave

    Merida’s appearance in 2012’s Brave has officially revolutionised things for young Disney fans all over the world, making it all about girl-power by being the first single Disney Princess ever. Merida’s hair is made of wild, unruly, bright ginger curls. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you will need a good set of human hair extensions, a curling wand, and lots of patience. Find out more about how to curl hair extensions on your dedicated blog.

    9. Fiona, Shrek

    Let’s keep it rolling with badass princesses that don’t need a prince in their lives! Princess Fiona is a redhead blessed with striking beauty - and cursed to look “ugly” until she receives a kiss of true love - by a Prince, of course. Fiona breaks this rule by finding her true love in the ogre Shrek, and the two finally get to live happily ever after, fighting beauty standards with their love story. Fiona isn’t just an awesome princess, she’s always a great mother and a kick-ass fighter. What’s not to love? You can recreate her iconic braid with the aid of a clip-in ponytail, or clip-in hair extensions.

    10. Vivian, Pretty Woman

    Last but not least, shoutout to Vivian Ward - Pretty Woman’s iconic female lead. Julia Roberts’ rendition in this film made it a cult classic for the fans of the genre, and to this day Pretty Woman is one of the most famous romantic films of all time. Julia’s niece, Emma Roberts, also debuted as Vivian for a costume party - so why shouldn’t you? Vivian’s big, red, curly hair is just as iconic as the movie itself. Definitely worth a try!

    11. Conclusion:

    Make the most of your red hair with these 10 Halloween costume ideas designed for flame-haired people just like you. Need more inspiration? Check out our 20 Scary Cool Halloween Hairstyle Ideas To Slay Your Costume. Want to make sure your red hair is at the top of its game? Make sure you read our blogs: 20 Essentials To Be The Ultimate Gorgeous Ginger and How To Keep Red Hair From Fading.

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