10 Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyles To Make Yours This Spring

by BRENDA L. / MAR 21, 2022

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    If you live on planet Earth and have access to social media, then at some point you probably have heard of Taylor Swift. The “Love Story” singer has been an influence for a lot of the emerging musicians we see walking on stage now, and her narrative, intimate, personal song writing has touched the hearts of millions of fans across the world. In 2022, a decade after the release of her iconic album, “RED”, the singer is still on top of her career. Let’s go through ten of her most memorable looks!

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: Iconic Bangs

    Side-swept, curly, full and straight, wispy: during her life (and career), Taylor wore a lot of different bangs. One of the most iconics, perhaps, is the fuller look that enhances her eyes.

    You can easily recreate this look without committing to your scissors (and the annoying process of growing your locks back again) with a simple one piece clip in hair extensions

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: The French Braid

    I know, I know. What can I say? I’m a sucker for braids, and the French ones are no exception. The way this protective hairstyle brings blonde hair to life is incredible: fierce but at the same time delicate, messy but elegant, sophisticated and never, ever boring. Well done, Tay!

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: Pink Streaks

    Adding a touch of color is always a great choice! Taylor knows that as a blonde, you can’t go wrong with a pink streak in your hair. Want to know how to prevent your hair from getting damaged? If you would like to play with some funky-colored shades for a summer holiday or festival, put your bleach and hairdye away - you can easily achieve this peppy and fun look with colored hair extensions.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: The Shag

    The hair shag is back, and Taylor has been one of the ambassadors of this iconic hairstyle’s comeback - together with Billie Eilish and Zendaya. Her shag is layered and paired with choppy bangs, for a polished rock’n’roll finish.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: The Double Dutch Braid

    What’s better than a Dutch braid? Well, two Dutch braids for example. And who better than Taylor to rock this romantic hair favorite? Add the iconic Rolling Stones logo to this iconic hairstyle and you know you’re looking at one of those photoshoots that made history.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: The Bob

    Remember when the 90’s bob aggressively came back and everyone started chopping their hair off at home? If you don’t, don’t worry: your hairdresser certainly does, as they probably had to fix so many choppy amateur haircuts. Taylor Swift’s bob is far from being homemade: soft, silky, neat and polished - this hairstyle keeps all the peppy energy of a 90s bob with the flair of a flapper girl cut.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: Finger Waves

    Speaking of flapper girls, this Taylor Swift impressive look is inspired by the 1920s popular hairstyle, too. One of Taylor’s most glamorous photoshoots, it sees her posing on the cover of Vogue magazine with two shiny maxi finger waves on the sides of her head. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: The Ponytail

    Even a simple hairstyle like a ponytail can look gorgeous and glamorous with the right styling. Taylor’s ponytail, together with her full bangs slightly swept on a side, has a romantic, delicately retro finish. If your hair isn’t long or thick enough to achieve a full ponytail like hers, you can always resort to a clip-in wrap-around ponytail - the best way to tie your hair up and look elegant whilst doing so.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: Curls For Days

    Taylor’s hair is naturally curly, but she changes her curling style quite often. One of the styles that we see more often on her is this medium/loose curl, focusing on face-framing volume rather than developing in a halo shape. If you’re afraid of damaging your hair with a curling wand and certainly don’t want to opt for a long-lasting perm, you could consider heatless styling techniques to curl your hair.

    Taylor Swift Hairstyles: The Pinup Updo

    Romantic and retro, this vintage inspired updo curls up on one side of Tay’s head. Paired with a deep side part and soft waves, this hairstyles has all the flavor and class of an old Hollywood updo - and even in the 21st century, it’s a solid choice for many celebrities and their gala soirees.


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