10 Spring Nail Designs Too Cool Not To Try

by BRENDA L. / MAR 10, 2022

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    If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you know I love me some nail design blogs. I mean, technically nails are that one thing that completes your look together with your hair, am I right? And with spring behind the corner, I obviously had to dedicate some space to the latest trends in spring nail colors and designs.

    Whether you prefer natural looks or long tips, get inspired by these designs to try at home or to show to your nail technician!

    Spring Nail Designs: The Easter Egg

    What’s more spring-esque than this deliciously crafted, Easter egg inspired manicure?

    This simple design merges colorful French tips to a spotty pattern like the one found on eggshells.

    Spring Nail Designs: Half & Half

    This lovely nail design combines pastel colours and negative space, playing with a half-natural, half colored effect on both nail bed and tip. Given the empty half left on each nail, this design is a versatile style to combine with graphic designs, stickers or gems!

    Spring Nail Designs: The Swirl

    We’ve seen swirly nail designs breaking the internet last year, thanks to the popular 60s and 70s revival. This wavy pattern made a comeback in fashion, pop art and - obviously - nail art. This design keeps it simple with a combination of white and lilac on two fingers, with matching French tips on the rest of the hand.

    Spring Nail Designs: Flower Power

    White and yellow are the colors of daisies, one of the most delicate and typical flowers of springtime. Recreating this design is a fresh and sweet way to celebrate spring with a touch of fashionably retro style on your claws!

    Spring Nail Designs: Minimal

    If you are that person - the one that likes minimalistic designs in everything you live and breathe, then you will probably find colorful and explosive nail designs a little overwhelming. For people like you, this lovely pastel colored design keeps it nice and simple, with little dots adorning your nails on a nude base, and nothing else. No bold French tips, no complicated designs.

    Spring Nail Designs: The Hippie Shake

    On the other hand, if you like bolder designs and vivid colors, you may want to look at 70s inspired nail designs. After all, the 1970s is the decade made famous by batik tie-dye, eclectic patterns and trippy designs.

    Spring Nail Designs: Life Imitates Art?

    This design combines pastel colors and French tips, yes, and you may think: how is this any different from what I’ve seen literally anywhere? Well, perhaps it’s my recent trip to Amsterdam, or my love for art in general. But I cannot unsee that one of the nails is heavily inspired by Piet Mondrian’s compositions. An intellectual way to spice up your nail game for sure!

    Spring Nail Designs: Negative Space

    Using this creamy, mellow yellow shade, this nail art uses negative space to create an asymmetric, fluid French tip design alternated to full-colored nails. A simple yet effective design to brighten up your nails with a delicate shade inspired by lazy, sunny spring days and blossoming daffodils.

    Spring Nail Designs: Pastel Marbles

    Marble-style acrylic nails have been around for quite a long time - you probably saw them in our Valentine’s day nails blog too. This style took over social media popularity around 2016, and has been a fan favorite since. If you’re looking for spring nail ideas but won’t ditch this style, combine the marble pattern with spring nail colors for a trendy, lively finish.

    Spring Nail Designs: The Firestarter

    If you feel like your taste in things keeps on swinging between being extremely extra and wanting that cute, delicate aesthetic to flex on social medias then this might be the perfect combo you’ve been looking for. Edgy flames to channel your inner Insta-baddie painted in pastel colours on your nails are an original and funky way to celebrate spring with a trendy nails look.


    To keep it simple for you, my dear reader, I had to carefully select ten nail designs for this post but let me tell you - there’s plenty more available on social medias. Hop on our Instagram feed for more spring nail ideas - and, of course, plenty of hair and styling content to match gorgeous hair to your gorgeous, gorgeous nails.

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