23 Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Every Color

by BRENDA L. / OCT 26, 2023


    Down for a Halloween bash? No matter what your hair color is, let’s find you the perfect costume to pair with your hair extensions for a Samhain night to remember. Ready? Read on to find your next character inspiration and get ready to leave everyone absolutely bewitched by your Halloween hairstyle!

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Red Hair:

    Got red hair? These characters will be able to channel all of your red hair energy whilst looking scary cool.

    Wanda Maximoff

    The Scarlet Witch has become a tremendously popular Halloween costume option for redheads, especially since the debut of her own TV show (Wandavision, Dinsey+, 2021). What makes a great Wanda costume? Well, whether you decide to go classic Marvel style or to adopt one of the many looks seen on the modern series, hair is a big part of Wanda’s character. You can achieve her gorgeous curls with the help of double weft hair extensions!


    Cheryl Blossom

    Everytime a redhead asks me what should they go as for Halloween, one of my first thoughts goes to the amazing Madeleine Petsch and her portrayal of Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale’s very own it girl. Comic book or CW’s Riverdale, it doesn’t matter: you can either recreate one of her super-stylish outfits (and beg your friends to go as Betty and Veronica with you) or buy yourself a Riverdale Vixen uniform and go all the way. You can recreate Cheryl’s bombastic blowouts by adding Ultra Volume hair extensions to the mix.

    Max Mayfield

    Where’s my Stranger Things fans at? After the heartbreak that season 4 was, what better way to anticipate the fifth (and last) season of our favourite show if not by honouring Max Mayfield? If you have a curly-haired friend willing to take on Billy’s role in a double-denim outfit by your side, even better. Max sports many looks during the show – one of the most iconic ever has to be the double braids, which you can easily recreate by using clip in hair extensions.

    Carrie White

    If you’re into classics, 1976’s Carrie (or its remake) is the costume idea you’ve been waiting for. And if you fancy recreating her terrific prom look, be ready to pour a significant amount of fake blood on your dress! Carrie’s gorgeous shade can be matched to our stunning light auburn hair extensions, that you can purchase to complete your costume.

    Daphne Blake

    If you’re the redhead of the gang, make it a scooby gang! Daphne makes a great Halloween costume for redheads – with her bright-colored outfit and maximised volume in her look, she is able to give that vibrant, peppy, yet mystery-themed vibe that is perfect for an All Hallows’ Eve party. If you don’t feel like committing to a haircut to get her look, why not try clip in bangs for a change?

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Brunettes

    Hey there, brown-haired girl! Looking for Halloween hairstyle/costume ideas? Find your Halloween costume ideas among these famous brunettes.

    Jennifer (Jennifer’s Body)

    Ask anyone, which Y2K horror movie had the biggest cultural impact? Okay, maybe not everyone will agree on Jennifer’s Body, but the recent craze for the noughties brought this iconic flick a lot of well-deserved attention. Seamless hair extensions and the appropriate cheerleading uniform, together with a decent amount of fake blood, will make the perfect Jennifer outfit for a Halloween party to remember.

    Wonder Woman

    Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, is a timeless classic when it comes to fancy costumes. Being the toughest girl in the world and having a flawless blowout all the time isn’t an easy job, but hey… She’s Wonder Woman after all. You can steal her style with brunette hair extensions to add all the fierce volume, bounce, and dimension for that glamorous amazon finish!

    Belle (Beauty & The Beast)

    Whether you’re going for a full-blast costume by wearing a sumptuous yellow ball gown, or getting that bucolic look from the beginning of the movie, Disney’s very own Belle has been a costume option for brunettes since the very start. She’s the beauty and the brain, and she’s got that perfect mini ponytail that you can purchase today for the perfect Halloween costume. Get your wrap around mini ponytail hair extensions here!

    Emily Cooper

    To be fair, the scariest thing about Emily In Paris was Lily Collins’ character’s attitude towards French culture and the stereotypical representation of the latter on screen. But besides that, you gotta love the flamboyant outfits and Lily’s gorgeous gorgeous tresses, so… Add human hair extensions to the look for a flawless finish.

    Katniss Everdeen

    Any volunteers for this iconic Halloween costume? Whilst the outfit might be a little hard to put together, an iconic side plait and a bow and arrows set will make sure everyone recognises who you’re dressed up as. Oh, and don’t forget the mockingjay pin! Directly from District 12, Katniss Evergreen’s famous hairstyle can be recreated with the help of a wrap around ponytail hair extensions set.

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Black Hair

    Those that have been blessed with black tresses (or dyed them for that deep and sultry finish) can slay their Halloween looks with lots of trendy costumes. Here’s some ideas…

    Wednesday Addams

    Tim Burton himself proposed using clip in bangs on Jenna Ortega for the ultimate Wednesday Addams look, the one that has gone viral last year thanks to the hyped-up Netflix show. You can now purchase this product and pair it to your natural hair or a set of seamless hair extensions for a flawlessly spooky finish – something that the Addams family would certainly admire.

    Veronica Lodge

    If you have a friend going as Cheryl Blossom, you might as well wanna pair with them and go as Veronica Lodge, the iconic black-haired beauty of Riverdale. Posh, preppy attire – or the classic Riverdale Vixens cheer uniform – are the perfect combo. Add Ultra Volume hair extensions to the mix for the perfect blowout in pure Lodge style!

    Maddie Perez

    How much of an Instagram baddie are you? The popular gen Z character in Euphoria, Maddie Perez, offers a plethora of iconic outfits and sleek hairstyles that you can play around to find the perfect costume for your local Halloween bash. Whether it’s a clip in ponytail or luscious Remy hair extensions, Maddie’s looks are a constant serve.

    Samara (The Ring)

    Spooky girl vibes: ON – with Samara, the long-haired creepy girl from The Ring (2022). Not everyone has the long tresses that Samara grew whilst chilling at the bottom of a well, and that’s where 26” hair extensions can come in quite handy. The rest of her outfit is pretty easy to put together, making this an easy last-minute choice for black-haired beauties.

    Morticia Addams

    If Wednesday isn’t exactly your vibe, Morticia and her flowing tresses are a great option if you’d still like to dip into the Addams vibe. Parted in the middle and styled silky smooth, Tish’s hair can easily be achieved with black hair extensions for added length and fullness. Grab yours today and recreate her iconic, classy look!

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Blondes:

    Lighter shades such as bleach blondes, platinum blondes and other color in the category can explore lots of options.

    Bee (The Babysitter)

    I love me a cheesy slasher every now and then, and despite being quite hard to watch at times, the Babysitter is that one slasher flick that made me want to dye my hair blonde. I mean, look at those gorgeous curls, come on… That perfect blowout is the real killer! Whilst the rest of Bee’s outfit is fairly easy to achieve, her hairstyle deserves all the bounce and thickness that you can give it: try it with Ultra Volume hair extensions, and thank me later.


    2023 has been the year of Barbie, and Halloween is the perfect occasion to pull out your cinema premiere pink outfit and give it new life. Margot Robbie’s Barbie was nothing short of perfection – and it’s only natural that so many people want to recreate one of her iconic looks from the movie. Grab your blonde hair extensions today to make sure your tresses are up to the task!

    Regina George

    Regina doesn’t look scary – if anything, according to her peers, she’s the epitome of perfection, so much so that she also had her hair insured. However, her attitude is one of the most terrifying things that someone could experience in high school. Steal her style with your best pink skirt and get creative to craft your very own “A Little Bit Dramatic” top to finish the costume.

    Harley Quinn

    Dr. Harleen Quinzel has seen it all. From working in an asylum to falling in love with the most dangerous criminal of Gotham city, to becoming a supervillain herself only to fall for the city’s hero, the Batman – aka Bruce Wayne. If you thought you had love drama going on, step aside… Harley Quinn’s drama is unmatched. But hey, her outfits – paired with iconic pigtails – are just as extra. No wonder she’s been one of the most popular Halloween costumes since the debut of Suicide Squad (2016)!

    Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

    I love Cher’s yellow tweed co-ord. Had I had such an outfit when I was going to high school, guaranteed I would’ve felt much, much better about that experience… That said, Cher’s hair is just as gorgeous. Those 90s midi-lengths with blunt ends just hit different… For a full finish like that, double-drawn hair extensions will do the trick. Come and explore our collection and find the perfect product for your hair transformation!

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Blue Hair

    The Corpse Bride

    Tim Burton’s classic, The Corpse Bride, has quickly become a staple Halloween costume for blue-haired beauties, Incorporating blue hair extensions in your tresses can help you achieve sweet Emily’s look. 

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Silver Hair

    Storm (X-Men)

    Originally portrayed by Halle Berry, Storm is one helluva underrated X-Men superhero. I mean, she can control the weather, cause natural disasters, or bring a beautifully sunny day whenever she’d like… If you pair that to having gorgeous silver tresses, you’ll easily find out that it’s quite hard to top that! Need to boost up your hair? Shop silver hair extensions to complete the look!

    Halloween Hairstyle Ideas For Pink Hair

    Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

    This Halloween costume is quite easy to recreate, and old-time Adventure Time fans will be so, so pleased to see a real-life Princess Bubblegum turn up for the party! Adding pink hair extensions to your tresses will make the job easier – then, you’ll need to dip into your arts and crafts skills to create the crown.

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