5 Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail…(and how to slay them)

by ABBEY WILSON / JUL 19, 2021


    The ponytail is a staple to almost every woman’s hairstyle repertoire. It’s perfect for an easy laid-back style but it’s also a perfect choice for a killer statement look. They’re incredibly versatile and adaptable whether you are going out, working, chilling and rocking it in club somewhere. Although popular, there's no reason to always keep this classic style simple.

    That’s why today we are looking at some fantastic statement clip in ponytail extension hairstyles. Making your human hair ponytail look incredible is not hard and the results are super effective. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to achieve some killer styles with a ponytail clip in. 

    You could be forgiven for thinking that the ponytail isn’t the most diverse of hairstyles. If you’ve never had the chance to play around with different forms, you’ve probably stuck to quite a simple method. However, there are all kinds of great twists and tricks that can be used to turn the classic pony into something new. Here are some creative styles you can slay with your clip in ponytail.


    1. The super high ponytail

    5 Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail…(and how to slay them)

    Dramatic yet classic, the super high ponytail is a dressed-up style with a wow factor. We're going to go through how to put together a neat and glamorous high ponytail. So, you’ll need hair pins, hair ties, hairspray, a fine-toothed comb, and a toothbrush (no, really). This method will give you a proud pony that has the stamina to stay strong all day and night, no matter where you are.

    Step One: Add some all-important texture

    The first step is preparing your tresses for styling. As with most updos, this pony is best suited to day-old hair, but you can cheat your way to perfection if you can’t bear to go without washing. When the lengths are too smooth, it’s harder for styles to stay firm, so add some hairspray or dry shampoo for a bit of roughness.

    Step Two: Pull the hair together

    The next step is just as easy. Draw your hair gently upwards and towards the crown of your head. The key is to make sure that you’re pulling up and not back. You want to get a nice height and a decent amount of swing for maximum impact. Bring your hair into a tight bun by wrapping the ponytail into a ball shape. Before you secure the ponytail clip in, hold it firm in one hand and use your comb to brush out lumps and bumps with the other. The aim should be to create a really smooth, sleek base. A rougher and more rugged pony is fine, but you’ll find that it holds a little less firm throughout the day than a smoother style.

    Step Three: Secure and finish the look

    Once you’ve got a position that feels right – centre of your head and visible from the front – secure your high ponytail with a band or tie. To elevate it from ‘just stepped off the treadmill’ to ‘off duty catwalk queen,’ wind a thin section of hair around the band to hide it. One or two bobby pins placed around the base of the ponytail clip in extension should be enough to keep everything firm and in place.

    Step Four: Get your toothbrush out

    The final step is to take an old toothbrush and spritz it liberally with hairspray. Then, use it to gentle brush the hair downwards, focusing on flyaway strands and unruly curls. It is a neat trick to remember, because using a toothbrush allows you to tame runaway hairs without brushing out all of that lovely body and volume. It will also protect your clip in hair extensions, because brushing too vigorously can damage these products.


    2. The accessory mohawk

    Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail

    This is such a chic and trendy way to dress up a low ponytail. You can pretty much sstyle your hair in annyway, the key here is how you integrate accessories. To create this chic style, create a centre parting and gather your hair into a low ponytail. Clip in your real hair ponytail. It doesn’t matter if the ends of your hair or the hair piece are messy, just make sure the rest of your hair is stray-free. You can use pearl hair pins or mini flowers or other accessories but make sure you use a mirror to line them up.

    3. The fishtail pony

    Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail

    Add a nice twist to your regular everyday ponytail by creating a captivating fishtail pony. As the weather is getting warmer, this hairstyle should be added to your summer glo’ up hairstyle arsenal. Creating a fishtail ponytail using your clip in ponytail is actually not as hard as it looks.

    Step One: Preparation

    This look is best started with second-day hair and having some extra body so put your clip in ponytail extension in. Add a little heat protecting serum then divide into inch wide sections and curl lightly to create waves. Hold your barrel horizontally and wind my hair away from my face for a natural looking wave. Using a wide tooth comb brush through your curls to create luscious waves.


    Step Two: Work with your sections

    Separate your hair into three sections. Use your eyebrow arches as a guide from your hairline to your ear and secure it. Add some texture spray at the back and roots. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie.


    Add in your human hair ponytail and divide the ponytail in half. Take a small section from the right side, cross it over to the left-hand side and join the inside thee left the section. Repeat going the other direction but taking a few strands from the left section and connecting it to the right side, this will create an x. Continue this for 5-7 rows. Then secure with a hair tie and grab a few strands from the back and wrap it around the hair tie and conceal it, pinning it in the back.


    Step Three: Complete your look

    Move down your ponytail a few inches then add another hair tie and wrap some strands around to conceal it. Pinch the section in between your two hair ties and add some hairspray. Now you are going to create another fishtail braid. Now it is time into including the three sections that you sectioned at the beginning. Weave them in and out of your first fishtail braid and you are going to use them to create your second fishtail braid. As you did before separate the section you will make into a fishtail braid in half and take a few strands and take it to the other half.

    Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect and tight, having this as a slightly undone look is perfect and will work really well with the texture spray you put in and the waves you created. You are going to continue this to almost the end of your hair. Secure with a thin hair tie then gently pinch the fishtail braid so it stays looking thick and lush. Next, you can wrap some strands around the bottom hair tie and add some hairspray to finish.


    4. The wrapped ponytail

    clip on ponytail

    It’s all about scrunchies this year, but why stop at the base? This show-stopping style takes it to a whole new level.  

    To begin, you have to get your hair sleek, shiny and dead straight. This works the best for second-day hair. Add some heat protecting spay or serum before you straighten your locks from your ears down, so you don’t get rid of the body at your roots. Then, add wax near your roots to eliminate flyaways and brush your hair so it is 100% bump and tangle free.

    Create a centre parting and gather your hair into a low ponytail securing it with a thick hair tie. Add your clip in ponytail extensions all the way around your hair tie for volume. Take your metre-long velvet ribbon and place the middle under your ponytail. Wind it round, tightly wrapping your ponytail three-quarters of the way down. Tie it behind the ponytail clip in and you are done.

    5. The Bubble pony

    5 Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail…(and how to slay them)

    It can be difficult to imagine the pony as being new and inventive, even if you’re quite the fan, because it’s such a classic and practical style. The bubble ponytail adds texture and shape to an otherwise very basic form, by incorporating curved bunches and rounded edges.  

    The bubble ponytail is one of those looks that you’ve probably seen a great deal of times. It’s like the lob or the space buns; you’ve seen it around and maybe you’re interested in giving it a go. Keep reading to find out more about how you can create your own bubble pony in a matter of minutes. No, honestly; you really can just throw this rather wonderful style together.


    Step One: Brush and attach your extensions

    The first step is to brush out all of the knots and tangles in your own hair. If you’ve washed it, you’ll need to let it dry first. Add in you clip in hair extensions weft as . It’s a great way to hide the seams and still showcase that gorgeous long, silky length. Just make sure that the clip in pieces are secured evenly, along the horizontal line that stretches across the middle of your head (use your ears as a guide).


    Step Two: Put your ponytail together

    Once your extensions are secure, spritz your dry tresses with texturizing spray. This will introduce a little hold and volume, which is important, because you’re going for the opposite of a sleek pony. Draw your hair into a low pony, with the base at the nape of your neck. Don’t secure it too tight or you’ll be uncomfortable, but you do need to feel like the hair will stay rigid and in place for a whole evening or afternoon.


    Step Three: create the bubbles

    It’s really easy to get that ‘bubbled’ look. All you have to do is secure the length of the pony with bands or ties, in equally sized sections. Obviously, the number of sections that you need will depend on how long your extensions are. Once you’ve reached the end, use your fingertips to gently tug at the sides of each section. If the bands are secure enough, the hair will push out and form a kind of rounded bubble. This is exactly what you want to happen, so repeat until you’re left with a cool and contemporary pony.


    Step Four: finish the look

    The final touch should be a liberal spritz of firm hold hairspray. You can even do that thing that you’ve seen in the movies, where they create a cloud of hairspray and flounce through it. It just goes to show that you definitely can teach an old hairstyle new tricks.


    How to attach a clip in ponytail


    What do you think of these styles? Would you try any of these real hair ponytail hairstyles? Don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your killer ponytail looks.

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