9 Hairstyles For Goths To Become The Next Wednesday Addams

by BRENDA L. / JAN 18, 2023

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    Following the release of the eagerly awaited Netflix series, Wednesday Addams has conquered the love of thousands of followers – not only by being an iconic character herself, but surely thanks to Jenna Ortega’s outstanding performance too. And after seeing how cool she is, many more girlies have decided to give a shot at the goth lifestyle – often overlooked, but now oh, so trendy. If you’re exploring the dark side of things, including fashion and hairstyles, let’s have a look at five cool goth hairstyles to adopt this year and start 2023 in style!

    1. Hairstyles For Goths: How To Be A Goth?

    Well, let’s explore different options: first of all, you have to understand if and how you’d like to cut your hair. Goth hairstyles offer a huge variety of hairdos and haircuts that suit the needs of a vast audience: from long, sleek tresses to sky-high mohawks, ending in edgy buzzcuts, blunt bobs, trendy mullets and structured midi-length.

    Last but not least, let’s consider hair colours: jet black hair extensions play a huge role in goth hairstyles that play on length, and the return of ombre hair has brought back the popular black and silver combo too. Pastel colours and light blonde shades are also often seen, especially in the pastel goth aesthetic and modernised versions of goth hairstyles. So, again, there’s lots of freedom when it comes to how to choose a new hair colour.

    2. Gothic Hairstyles For Long Hair

    One of the top choices for long-haired individuals is to pick hair extensions to add volume or even daring flashes of colour to jet black tresses. Popular colour combinations in the goth world are black and silver, black and red, black and blue, and black and purple.

    In order to achieve the ultimate goth look, you could also play around with ombre hair extensions, to spare your tresses from bleach damage. What about styling? Let’s find out together.

    Wednesday Addams Braids

    The first look to make it to this list had to be Wednesday’s iconic braids. Dark, long and accompanied by full, wispy bangs, this hairstyle brings together the best of both worlds: think of it as the coquette gone bad, usually paired with black frills and platform shoes. Whilst we’ve seen a revived interest in go go boots, this could be your occasion to go for a pair of edgy mary-janes to wear on your feet; makeup choices favour nude lipstick and an abundance of grey and black for deep smokey eyes.

    The Grunge Bun

    Remember Janis Ian from Mean Girls? In my books, she is by far one of the most iconic alternative girls in cinema. Her famous hairdo inspired a generation of hairstyles still worn nowadays, better known as the “Grunge Bun”. Think of it as the goth sister of the artsy and classy messy bun: featuring lots of layers, a side part and 90s hair clips, this hairstyle is a real stunner – and fairly easy to recreate too! If you’re lacking the necessary volume and thickness to arrange your hair in a grunge bun, you can always add a few clip in hair extensions to boost it up and achieve the ultimate goth updo.

    Long And Sleek

    A popular option for long haired goths is to simply keep their tresses long and flowy, usually poker straight. This is an optimal starting point to try the glass hair trend! Made famous by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton and one of his most popular clients, aka Kim Kardashian herself, the glass hair trend works sublimely on dark-coloured tresses – and it’s a blessing for hair and remy hair extensions too, as it focuses on sealing hair cuticles and achieve ultimate shine! You can read more about this trend on our dedicated blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

    3. Medium Goth Hairstyles

    If your hair hasn’t reached the optimal witchy length, don’t worry: you can still find a great goth hairstyle for medium length hair that will nicely frame your features. On top of that, you could play around with ultra volume hair extensions to switch things up when you feel like it, going from shoulder length to goth princess hair in a matter of minutes. When it comes to goth haircuts, midi lengths are fairly popular: let’s find out together which options you have.

    Baby Bangs

    Midi lengths featuring layers and structure can easily join the dark side of the Force by adding baby bangs. Edgy and cool, this trendy hairstyle has seen its own ups and downs – recently coming back thanks to the 90s resurgence we’re currently experiencing. If you’re still unsure about cutting your own hair – after all, growing out bangs can be a pain, trust me I know what I’m talking about! – You can always opt for clip in bangs so that you can freely hop from one hairstyle to another whenever you’d like.

    The Classic Lob

    The lob, also known as the long bob, is a trendy option for those willing to experiment with a blunt haircut. Usually polished and sleek, this hairstyle can be worn with a middle part for an edgier finish or adding micro bangs for the ultimate pin up hairstyle idea. Again, the most popular hair colour when it comes to this type of hairdo is jet black, but you could also explore options such as a blue fade, or adding funky coloured hair extensions underneath for an avant-garde hairstyle that will spare you from getting a bleach job.

    The Wolfcut

    Made popular by idol Billie Eilish, the wolfcut has been recreated by thousands of fans and fashionistas online, going viral on social media platforms such as TikTok.

    The wolfcut features lots of layers and an irregular length, focusing on messy face-framing wisps and a fringe or curtain bangs, keeping the longer part of your hair in the back. Often referred to as a modernised version of the infamous 80s mullet, this hairstyle works really well on jet-black hair as it adds volume and movement with its structure.

    4. Short Goth Hairstyles

    Adamant to get the big chop? Short goth hairstyles will give a kick to your look whilst keeping you incredibly trendy and comfortable – the advantage of having short hair is that you won’t spend ages drying it, and your precious hair products will last longer. If you’re exploring goth hairstyles as an option, these cute short goth haircuts will 100% inspire you.

    The Bob

    The classic bob is a staple in goth aesthetic, often associated with vampires – I guess we have to thank cinema and video games for this – and ultimately one of the trendiest looks we’ve seen in the past couple of years. The 90s bob traditionally keep things pretty short – not growing longer than your jawline, at least – and with a middle part; the classic bob features a blunt fringe; the side-parted bob is a romantic and cute hairstyle for those who’d like to experiment with goth fashion and keep something whimsical about their look. The choice is yours!

    Mermaid Hair

    Shorter lengths such as shoulder-length hair can easily be arranged in a goth ‘do with the aid of a waver and by picking the right hair colour. When it comes to mermaid waves, forget the sunkissed, beachy shades that you usually see with this hairstyle and opt for forest green or deep blue. If you’ve recently bleached your hair to go full crazy-coloured, you could also look into getting gorgeous mermaid curls without using any heat: find out more about it on our dedicated blog – How to Get Heatless Curls in 12 Easy Ways.

    High-Contrast Money Piece Hair

    One of the best options for a classic shoulder-length hairstyle (or a bob!) that you’re perhaps planning on growing longer, is to arrange for a high-contrast money piece hairstyle on your tresses. Only the frontal bits of your hair will in fact come in contact with bleach, allowing the rest of your mane to stay fully damage-free and promoting a healthy growth. You can play around with different colour-combinations such as black and silver, black and red or black and blue, to name a few.

    5. How To Create Cute Goth Outfits To Complete The Look

    You’ve dyed your hair, you’ve got your fresh new haircut: now, what does a cute goth outfit consist of? Well, first of all you can explore a plethora of various aesthetics that you can turn into your little goth paradise: remember to favour a dark palette (if that wasn’t your vibe, you wouldn’t be reading this I guess!), but don’t worry: you don’t necessarily need to transform yourself into the ultimate Victorian vampire queen, if that’s not your thing. Goth fashion can be minimalistic, or Y2K inspired, or even cutesy and light-coloured, such as in the case of pastel goth. Also, if you’re into neon flashing lights and tech-inspired accessories, feel free to explore cyber goth fashion and create your own futuristic vibe to look like a video game character or a sci-fi movie survivor.

    The essentials are usually focused on rich makeup, platform shoes (not necessarily heels), and yes – hardcore accessories such as skulls and crosses are usually associated with goth fashion, but again, you are the master of your own world. Let yourself be as creative as you want!

    6. Where Do Goths Buy Their Clothes?

    Finding good gothic clothing can be surprisingly easy these days. From vintage markets to second-hand goods from the 90s, charity shops and (obviously) online shopping, you’ll be able to create your ideal goth closet in a short amount of time. Websites such as Dolls Kill have an amazingly wide range of clothes and makeup products, such as their iconic Galactica glitter lip kit. Vampire Freaks started in 1999 as a goth forum/message board (back then they used to be a thing!), becoming extremely popular – so much so that they launched their very own online shop shortly after: it’s a family-owned business that vows to be as vegan and cruelty free as they can to provide trendy clothing and shoes to their customers. Last but not least, Killstar is another very popular brand – they have a very well structured website to get you inspired and yes, they also have a line designed in collaboration with icon Avril Lavigne!

    7. Conclusion:

    The beauty of goth fashion resides in its dark and mysterious appearance, and ultimately the freedom to express yourself and reject the labels commonly pushed on us by mainstream media and trends. Although the classic goth look was quite specific and often associated with a cultural, musical and art movement, things evolved over time opening the goth world’s doors to a wider audience. If you’d like to experiment with your goth side, feel free to explore the world of online aesthetic fashions such as the e-girl aesthetic, the Japanese gothic lolita trend from the 90s, and the post-punk new wave looks that rose to fame in London around the 80s.

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