Amazing hair Jewellery Looks

by SHOPIFY API / JUL 24, 2014


    If there’s anything us ladies love, it’s dressing up to the nines and looking our best! When it comes to looking fabulous, there’s no compromising on your hair – it makes or breaks your look. So what better way to glam yourself up than mixing luscious locks with to-die-for jewels? We show you some of our favourite hair jewellery looks to inspire you.


    intertwined look

    accentuate your hair
    you can view these images here and here
    Not just reserved for brides and prom queens, this look is simple to achieve and works well in any formal situation. The thing that appeals to us about the intertwined look is that the jewels accentuate your gorgeous hairstyle – they don’t overshadow it. This is the perfect way to add a hint of glamour and style without going OTT. Wear yours with low-slung plaits and a pinned-back ‘do for simple sophistication.
    Pretty Ponytails
    striking gold chain
    leather and silver
    you can view these images here and here
    Whether you’re glitzing up a high pony or a low pony, there’s a way to work this look. Kim K rocks the more glamorous way to do this trend with a striking gold chain against her dark hair, but we also love this second example – a relaxed, boho look with leather and silver. It just goes to show that hair jewellery can be extremely versatile, and even made yourself at home!
    Gypsy Queen
     gypsy head chain
    gorgeous chain
    you can view these images here and here
    This is a look we’ve seen worked to perfection over festival season, by big names and non-celebs alike. All hail the gypsy head chain – slightly Bollywood, slightly Roma, whole heaps of fun. There are so many variations of these gorgeous chains in shops everywhere, so whether you’re looking for something with bundles of sparkle, something slight and simple, or a bold and bright colourway to set you apart, you’re certain to find it! Wear yours with confidence, and team with super-sexy waves.
    Grecian Goddess
     leafed headpiece
     leafed headpiece2
    you can view these images here and here
    Channel those Grecian vibes with a gorgeous leafed headpiece! These fabulous accessories come in a cool and stylish gold, or as a glamorous bejewelled number, and we like both just the same! Here at ClipHair we can’t get enough of rich and warm gold against dark hair, so we suggest something plain if you’re a brunette. Blondes – you can pull off anything, but a glitzy version with jewels in soft, natural tones will sparkle in your hair. We love this look with long locks, and the sides pulled back.
    Let Your Spangle Dangle
    delicate chains
    delicate chains2
    you can view this images here and here
    There’s something chic, understated, feminine and fun about these amazing headpieces, which use simple, delicate chains to create an unusual head decoration. We love that the interest comes from the way these jewellery items hang and move with your hair, and they look stunning mixing with long, loose locks. We advise that you team yours with a few plaits running down the back, and maybe a feather or two for extra pizazz – talk about Boho chic!
    Jewellery Explosion!
    Dolce and Gabbana look
    Dolce and Gabbana look2
    you can view these images here and here
    Well, if you’re going to adorn your tresses with diamonds and crystals, then you may as well go the whole hog and make it something really spectacular! We absolutely adore this Dolce and Gabbana look with its rich colours, varying tones and textures, and it works a treat with a low, traditional bun.
    Try experimenting with hair jewellery at home, and whether you’re using it to make a statement or to work in harmony with your beautiful hairstyle, we’re sure you’ll make a look that turns heads slightly less ornate than your own. Have fun!
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