Celebrity Lookbook: Nicki Minaj

by BRENDA L. / AUG 12, 2022

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    After sleepless nights of overthinking and scrolling our Instagram feed, the creative team at Cliphair came to the conclusion that yes, Queen Nicki Minaj deserved to be on our weekly celebrity lookbook - and August is the perfect month to publish it! Why? Think of it: the heat, the sun, the nights out… Any of Nicki’s dramatically artsy looks is capable of making your summer absolutely unforgettable. It wasn’t easy, but we selected a few of her most iconic looks for you to get inspired and recreate them.

    1. The Bob

    Nicki Minaj’s blonde hair is truly iconic - there’s a reason if she is also nicknamed Barbie after all, no? - and this shade in particular is a fan favourite. Influencers, fans and fellow celebrities alike have been recreating this look or getting inspired by it. If you don’t feel like committing to a blunt fringe though, you can always experiment with a clip-in fringe hair extension first. Remy hair extensions look and feel just like your own hair, for a natural finish. No one will be able to tell that those bangs aren’t real!


    2. The Flower Crown

    A long, wavy ponytail and a flower crown make Nicki look like a literal goddess. This is an extremely elegant and editorial look, and although perhaps not everyone is going for an orchid headpiece on a regular night out, this wavy, sleek ponytail look can be easily recreated. First of all, if you don’t have the necessary length and volume for a killer pony, make sure you grab a long clip-in ponytail hair piece. Style it in waves, and finish with a silky shine moisturiser spray. Need to stock up? Get your shiny hair spray here.


    3. The Pink And Blonde ‘do

    Half-up, half-down. This is a celebrity favourite, also adopted by Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, and more. You can easily achieve it with a wrap-around clip-in ponytail hair piece - if you still need to get one, you can find your real hair extensions here - and then grab your hair crimper to go bananas on the Y2K vibe. If you don’t feel like bleaching your hair to achieve this bright pink shade, you can always resort to funky-coloured hair extensions.


    4. The Mermaid Hair

    Mermaid hair is the summer hairstyle, and it’s easy to see why. Softly waved, parted in the middle, and extra long - if this isn’t the ultimate beachy look, then I don’t know what else to say. In order to achieve the right length and volume, you will most likely need to add some remy hair extensions to the look. Then, when it comes to styling, you can either start curling your hair with a waver, or you can opt for a more natural, gently tousled style with the aid of a texturising sea-salt spray.

    hair extensions


    5. Deep Red

    Red isn’t just a hair colour, it’s a lifestyle. For people like Nicki, red is a fashion and art statement, and there’s only a handful of superstars that can rock this colour in such a fierce yet elegant way. Nicki Minaj’s red is bright, sanguine and lively - just like herself. It’s a colour that communicates a lot, and it’s definitely not there to just look pretty. Notice how her baby hairs are perfectly laid too? If you’d like to know more, you can always read our blog about how to do your edges here.


    6. The Lioness Hair

    The big fluffy hairdo is back, but Nicki gave her own twist to this hairstyle - focusing mostly on the hairline, where the hair doesn’t seem to be parting and is instead slicked back without missing out on volume.

    For this look, the rapper went for light, golden, sleek tresses that she kept silky and flowy after the aggressive styling on the root. The perfect hairstyle to look both badass and classy.


    7. The Barbie Hairstyle

    Have you ever noticed how Barbie’s hairstyle is oddly specific? For some reason, the world’s most famous doll never quite ditched the Y2K aesthetic when it comes to her hair - not even when Gen Z banned the side-part, only to quickly change their mind about it. Nicki Minaj has been nicknamed Barbie for a reason - besides “Barbie” being her Instagram name obviously - and for this all-pink Barbie-inspired shooting she went for bright pink tresses styled in the classic side-parted, sleek look. Nicki Minaj's pink hair is a legend.


    8. The Fluffy Pastel Blowout

    Big, soft, fluffy curls and all the possible pastel shades that you can think of. Platinum blonde? Check. Baby pink? Check. Pastel green? Check. Canary yellow? Uh… Check.

    Nicki Minaj is an all-round artist that has switched many many looks throughout her fruitful career, and she isn’t afraid of experimenting with new hair colours and styles. Her neutral undertone and versatile features allow her to look gracious in literally anything she tries on, and we are here for it! If you’d like to try a big bouncy blowout on yourself, you can read more about it on our blog: How To Do A Retro Blowout With Hair Extensions.


    9. Jet Black

    Black is a supreme hair colour, but not everyone can rock it in style. It’s a sultry, luxury hair colour that also screams commitment. Yep, you read that right: if you change your mind about having deep black tresses then know that getting rid of this hardcore pigment isn’t going to be easy at all. But if you decide to go for black hair, you will also always look elegant, fierce and put together. Ah, two sides of the coin… Get inspired by Nicki Minaj's black hair and get the flowy, long tresses of your dreams by adding black Remy human hair extensions.


    10. Conclusion:

    Nicki’s hairstyles are more often than not a brave choice, so she’s a perfect inspiration if you’d like to try something a little more “out there” rather than the usual balayage or highlights. With a look that stands out like the ones we talked about in this blog, rest assured you’ll have a lot of eyes on you!

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