Celebrity Of The Week : Rihanna Hairstyles & Hair Extensions

by SHOPIFY API / MAY 7, 2013



    Rihanna is the queen of reinvention – one minute she’s looking ladylike and demure and the next she shocks everyone with a wacky and wild new style.
    Rihanna makes a great celebrity to look to for hair inspiration, as she’s tried so many looks to date! The stunning singer is lucky that with her beautiful features she can pull off such a range of styles – and still look fabulous. Here we take a look at a few of her best ones…


    The Fringe


    Rihanna's Fringe Hairstyle

    We think Rihanna looks so edgy and striking with this full, geometric fringe. With her hair it’s natural shade, this eyebrow skimming fringe does all the talking and makes Rihanna look sophisticated yet still maintain her unique style. A fringe isn’t for everyone, and getting one cut is a big commitment to make! This is why we recommend Cliphair’s clip on fringes. These are simple hair pieces which blend seamlessly into your natural hair. They’re made of 100% Remy human hair which can be straightened so that your fringe looks super sleek like Rihanna’s. Whether you like to change your look frequently, or you just want to try out something different – our clip on fringes are a great option.



    Tight Ringlets


    Rihanna Red Curly Hair Extensions

    Rihanna looks so stunning and sultry with these tight corkscrew curls. The look is very eye catching and looks fabulous contrasting with an elegant dress, as seen on Rihanna. To achieve this look, plenty of back combing is required to get really BIG hair! Use a small barrelled curler and work through your hair section by section, creating tight curls. Don’t forget to finish with plenty of hairspray, so that your curls stay in looking gorgeous all night!



    Long and Sleek


    Rihanna Long Hair Extensions

    This look makes Rihanna look super stylish and feminine. Here Rihanna has made use of hair extensions to get these really long and straight locks. Cliphair stocks clip in hair extensions up to 26 inches long, which will allow you to recreate this look.
    A centre parting brings the style up to date, and don’t forget to finish with shine serum to get Rihanna’s mirror finish.



    Loose Curls


    Rihanna Loose Curls - Wavy Hairstyle

    Here Rihanna shows a more soft and gentle look. The lightly tousled waves look pretty and natural, along with the subtle ombré effect, which makes Rihanna’s hair look sun kissed and stylish.
    These loose waves can be achieved by using a larger barrelled curling tong, and brushing through the curls to cause them to drop slightly. If you have dip dyed hair, you can still find hair extensions to match by using two packs of different colours. You should place the lighter shade lower down your head, and then the darker ones at the top. Styling your extensions into loose waves helps them look really natural.



    Mermaid Style


    Rihanna Mermaid Hairstyle

    How stunning is this braided style? Along with these bright red locks, this look is a real head turner. To recreate it, use some of our super long 26inch clip in hair extensions. Apply them as usual, avoiding the upper front sections of your head. French plait either side of the front sections of your head, before plaiting the rest of your extensions to one side. Pin any loose strands with grips that match your hair colour – this look is extremely polished! After a few hours when you remove the plaits you’ll have beautiful waves – two looks in one!

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