Cliphair Wedding Inspirations – half up half down

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    With springtime upon, us wedding season and new styles appear too. Whether it’s your wedding day or you are just part of the big day your hair is a key factor and often almost looked upon as much as your dress. With that in mind, you want your hairstyle perfect and able to see you through the whole day.

    Not all of us are blessed with long hair and hair extensions can be a great way to achieve not just length, but volume too. A style you may have not been able to use before can often be viable with some clip in hair extensions and will give you the style you long for on your big day.

    The Double Wefted extensions from Cliphair are an idea additional for wedding hair and can transform your style quickly! I have put together a tutorial to show you a great half up, half down style that will see you from day to night. I call it my Greek Goddess as the sides and back look very intricate, but are fairly easy to do even on yourself with a little practice.

    This style actually looks a lot harder than it is and is perfect if you want a complex looking style with minimal effort

     Step 1. Firstly take your extensions and clip them in your hair, I recommend a little backcombing and hair spray when you clip them in so they stay put all day. You may find if you use the 2 clip wefts at the sides you may have to clip them slightly lower (But these can be adjusted later if need be) and straighten your hair and the extensions to blend. You can either curl the hair at the end or leave it straight, but by straightening the hair before you start any style will give you a smoother, sleeker finish.



    Step 2. If you have a fringe, section this out as we are creating volume at the crown and pushing it forward. If your hair is long enough take it all back. You can always leave some out to frame your face. Now taking the crown sections backcomb these to create volume (You do not want any extensions here at all, these need to be clipped lower on the sides). Once you have backcombed your crown, pull the hair back and push it forward, smooth it lightly with a brush and spray fly-aways in place. Now pin this with 2 bobby pins at the back in a criss-cross fashion (We’ll be hiding these pins so don’t worry).


    Step 3.Working with the sides now, take a small piece of the hair from one of the 2 clip extensions and plait this. You only need to go about 2 thirds down and secure it with any band.

    Step 4. Now splitting the side section into 2 horizontal sections, clip the underneath section out the way. We are going to French braid the top section going over the clip in hair extensions. You are also going to take the plait you made and use this in the French braid (Remove the band). This creates a little more texture and an interesting twist. Only take the sections to just past the top of your ear and then finish braiding the end.




    Step 5. Slip your fingers down to the end of the plait and create a loop with the hair wrapped around your index and middle finger. We are going to create some pin curls and pin them over the criss-cross pins. There will be 2 pin curls made from each side. So wind the hair around the fingers till you get to the root and position it over the crossed bobby pins. Secure this with a bobby pin and hide the pins under the hair (You could also use hair pins for this).

    Step 6.  Now braid the other piece of hair under that French plait and again take this to level with the other braid, make a pin curl and pin in place over the pins. Repeat for other side. You now have the top and sides in place. You can also create some additional pin curls below the ones you have created to give more texture. Hide the bobby pins as best you can. Its best using hair-pins as they are easily concealed, you can also get some really beautiful jewelled ones that look amazing.




    Step 7.  Now all that’s left is finishing touches, firstly make sure you have hidden all your pins as best you can. You can leave the hair sleek and straight or curl it. I have curled the hair using the Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver, but you could do this with any conical wand or tong. The curls will drop throughout the day so I recommend doing them tighter and minimally brushing them out so they stay in place better.







    You can now add a tiara, flower crown, fresh flowers placed in the hair or just some fancy pins. For my wedding I had a comb with fresh flowers sewn on it. Its all about the finishing touches with wedding hair, this is where you get to make the look your own, be creative!

    I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have an amazing day, whether its your wedding, you are a bridesmaid or this is for a special event!

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