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Our versatile range of Weave and Weft hair extensions are designed to be fitted quickly and easily with multiple application methods to suit your needs. Whether you or your client are looking for long-lasting sewn in hair extensions like a LA Weave or a more temporary choice such as custom-made clip-in wefts, our hair wefts provide the perfect foundation. Read more

Both the Flat Track Weft and Remy Royale Hair weft are made from AAAAA grade, 100% Remy, Human, Double Drawn hair available in over 20 stunning shades including blondes, brunettes or vibrant reds. Read less


How to Choose the Right Weft or Weave

Our Remy Hair Weaves are fast to install, lusciously thick from top to bottom and can be reused for 6 to 12 months when looked after correctly. After being applied professionally, weaves are simple to look after and give you 6 to 8 weeks of wear before needing to be refitted. Read more

The Remy Royale Hair Weft and Flat Track Weft are both suitable for average to thick hair types thanks to their volume and density. Fitted with a comfortable lace seam, the Remy Royale Weave is one of our top selling hair extensions available in over 30 colours. The new Flat Track Weave is made from the same gorgeous human hair with a thinner, flatter seam that’s more durable and discreet.Read less

Why Choose Cliphair?

Longer hair isn’t the only advantage of using a human hair extensions Weave, a Weave can also add thickness, volume or even colour to naturally limp or lifeless hair to get the bouncy look you’ve been dreaming of!

Choosing Remy hair wefts from Cliphair means you get a product that’s made from real hair, with no artificial materials to be found. We only use Remy human hair, which is collected in a way that keeps the cuticles intact, which is why they are considered the best human hair wefts in the UK. If you buy cheaper extensions from a non-reputable source, you may not get Remy human hair as advertised. But when you buy through Cliphair, you can feel confident you’ll get 100% Remy which equals long lasting, manageable, healthy hair extensions. Read more

At Cliphair we offer the widest range of colour options, from blacks and browns to blondes and reds, as well as a range of mixed shades and balayage’s to match highlighted hair. In addition to our signature shades, we have a ombre and funky colour collection for those who like to make a bold statement! Try our free colour matching service to find your perfect shade today.

You can also find Clip In Extensions in our range for every hair concern which include multi piece sets, one piece volumizers, Ponytail hair extensions and a Clip In Fringe. Unlike human hair weaves that need to be sewn in, these human hair weft extensions are ready to wear with clips attached, so you just clip them in and style as usual. Clip-In hair extensions are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, nights out or even the races! Read less

How to Apply Human Hair Wefts

There are many different application methods that can be used to apply our human hair wefts, the most popular being the LA Weave where the hair is sewn into a neat row of small rings or beads. Read more

Our human hair wefts can also be:

  • Sewn in – sew in hair extensions in the UK are popular with those who want extensions for 6-8 weeks and are applied by a hairdresser. They are either sewn into a braid or into a row of micro rings.
  • Glued in – another option is to get your extensions glued in. While this method can last for around 3-4 weeks, it can damage your hair if not done properly, and you also need to ensure they are carefully removed. Glued in extensions aren’t as popular as they used to be, as they can be a difficult option to deal with and many hairdressers now prefer to offer ring or sew in weave hair extensions instead.
  • Clipped in – want extensions you can do at home? A hair weft can be used to create your own bespoke clip in hair extensions by simply sewing snap clips onto the seam. Remember Clip-Ins should always be removed before sleeping and swimming!
  • Clamped in - a micro ring weft involves zero braiding or sewing which makes for a fast and easy application. The downfall is the extensions are not quite as discreet as sewn in options and will need refitting sooner.

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Cliphair sell a range of weft hair extensions in the UK that allow you to get the hair of your dreams..


How long do hair weave extensions last for?

Weave in hair extensions last around 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed and re-fitted. When cared for correctly our Remy Royale Weaves should last from 6 months to a year.

What is a hair extension weft?

Weft hair extensions are made from a collection of strands of human hair, which are then woven onto a fine strip, ready to be applied to your hair in a variety of methods. Weaves or Wefts are the fastest permanent hair extension method on the market for a full head transformation.

How much do weave weft extensions cost?

The cost of hair weft extensions can vary depending on quality and colour. It’s better to invest in real human hair wefts, as they are easier to style and maintain, and blend in with your natural hair. Wefts can cost from $115-$270, plus the cost of having your weave sewn in by a hairdresser.