Do Hair Vitamins Work? Here's My Experience With Hair Growth Supplements

by BRENDA L. / JUL 7, 2023

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    Besides Remy hair extensions, there’s no overnight miracle trick for instant hair growth – and by now, you should know. Whilst I did break this down numerous times in my previous blog posts, one thing I’ve never really talked about is hair growth supplements. Usually coming in adorably aesthetic packaging and jam packed with vitamins and other do-gooders, are these supplements keeping their promises? Do hair vitamins work? And most importantly: what are the best brands to purchase? Let’s find out together.

    First Things First: What Are Hair Supplements?

    Hair growth supplements are typically considered safe to ingest and consist of little pills, gummies or capsules jam-packed with all the good stuff for your tresses and scalp. Usually the main ingredients include biotin, vitamins C and E, collagen, folic acid, zinc, and omega-3s.

    But… Do Hair Supplements Work?

    The short answer for me is yes, but it’s not that simple. As I said, if you take hair supplements expecting abnormally exaggerated growth, you’ll end up being disappointed. Hair supplements are supposed to help your scalp stay healthy and your hair grow stronger, which will eventually lead to less breakage, thus improving the growth of your new hair – but clinical studies are still sceptical about significant improvement in the actual hair structure.

    Please be mindful, overdoing things by taking a higher dose than recommended won’t speed up the process, and could actually cause more harm than good – therefore only stick to the dosage indicated in the instructions leaflet. And, just to reinstate the obvious, before taking any supplements – even if just vitamins – always consult your GP.

    Do Biotin Supplements Work For Hair Growth

    The supplements per se do work, in the sense that of course you are assimilating an extra dose of what actually has a positive impact on your hair’s health – however, that said, people that have actual deficiencies are the ones who will see a more effectively positive impact in the way their hair grows and feels.

    Do Hair Supplements Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

    No. Supplements will help ensure healthier growth in your new hair. If you are wishing to get longer hair quickly for an event, an occasion hairstyle, or simply to try something new for your next night out, you should opt for another type of solution, such as hair extensions.

    If you’re looking for something more temporary, clip in hair extensions can help you achieve the look of your dreams in just a few minutes. Depending on the type of hairstyle you’re wishing to recreate, options such as seamless hair extensions or ultra volume hair extensions can give you the necessary length, thickness and bounce.

    For those that would love to achieve a longer-lasting makeover, permanent options such as nano ring hair extensions et similia would work best. Needing professional application, this type of hair extensions moves naturally with your own hair and stays imperceptible even in tricky updo’s. Oh, and did I tell you that they are also zero-damage?

    Another long-term solution, lasting around 10 weeks, is tape in hair extensions. Tapes are applied by a hair professional on your hair like an adhesive, and work best on hairstyles that stay down, long and flowy.

    What Are The Best Hair Supplements?

    During my hair journey I have been seduced by the power of hair supplements quite a few times. Here’s which ones I have tried and how they worked for me, with their pros and cons… Remember, everyone’s experience with any brand or type of supplement is different and what works for me may not quite cut it with you (and viceversa).

    SugarBearHair Vitamins

    This has been the very first hair supplement I’ve ever taken. There’s been a time where these gummies were sponsored everywhere, and I mean everywhere on my Social Media. Everyone was taking them, celebrities were posting about it, even the ads on my feed were SugarBearHair themed. At some point, I gave in and tried them.

    Pros: tasty, and I mean tasty. They almost make you want to exceed the daily dosage as they have an amazing flavour. Also, the results were noticeable in just around 30 days, which is quite impressive in hair terms. Gluten-free. Chewable.

    Cons: quite expensive, fruity sugary taste (which might not be for everyone).

    Perfectil Vitabiotics Plus Hair

    I used other Perfectil products before, such as their “Skin, Hair, Nails”. This one was okay – didn’t notice a significant difference between Perfectil Plus Hair and its predecessor. However, hair quality was better – some people also claim their natural colour has improved, however my hair has been permanently dyed since ages, therefore I can’t really vouch for that.

    Pros: improved hair quality and strength, also does a good job on nails.

    Cons: can be a bit hard to swallow for some people, as they are not chewable tablets. Not-so-great smell.

    OUAI Thick & Full Food Supplement

    Well I’m a total sucker for anything that is branded OUAI, and since I love their shampoos, conditioner, hair mask etc. I had high expectations for these cute capsules. Truth be told, they do work – however you’ll need to be patient, I reckon. I started seeing significant improvement way after 30 days as promised by other products, for example.

    Pros: improved quality in hair and nails, also noticed better skin (but this could be due to other factors). Easy to swallow capsules. Aesthetic packaging, does it count?

    Cons: high-end brand, expensive product.


    Whilst they aren’t an instant solution, there’s no harm in trying hair supplements to magnify your tresses’ health and beauty. As previously stated, always consult your GP before trying these products. If you are struggling with significant hair loss, this could be related to underlying conditions or hormonal issues, and you’ll need to speak to a doctor about it! Hair supplements can contribute to maintain your hair’s optimal state but they won’t be able to promote significant hair growth in a short amount of time.

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