Everything You Need To Know About The Brazilian Blow Dry

by ABBEY WILSON / NOV 23, 2022

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    If you struggle with excessive frizz, unwanted thickness or unruliness in your hair, a Brazilian Blow Dry might just be the solution to all of your troubles! Read on to find out all there is to know about this life-changing hair treatment including how long it lasts, how long it takes and who it's best suited for.

    1. What Is A Brazilian Blow Dry?

    A Brazilian Blow Dry is a hair treatment done in salons that semi-permanently removes frizz and unruliness from the hair for a number of months. Not to be confused with permanent straightening, this technique differs from the Japanese straightening systems and relaxing methods that remove all curls and movement from the hair. The Brazilian Blow Dry - also known as Keratin Treatment - is designed to tame frizz and reduce extreme puff in the hair to make it easier to style and far more manageable. It does smooth the hair, but it does not leave it poker straight which means you still have the freedom to add curls and waves if you wish to.

    2. Who Is A Brazillian Blow Dry For?

    This treatment works best on frizzy, unruly, thick or curly hair. Although it will not permanently straighten the hair, it will remove frizz and some of the tightness in curls to make it far easier to manage and quicker to style. It also leaves the hair feeling sleeker and smoother, so if you battle with unwanted amounts of volume or extremely thick hair, it will make your life a lot easier when drying.

    Many people choose to have their Brazillian Blow Dry done just before the summer, as it’s in the hot, humid weather that frizzy hair strikes the hardest. This treatment can give you the freedom to air dry your hair whilst on holiday instead of having to style it, as you’ve already removed the frizz! This not only saves you bundles of time, but it's far better for your hair - allowing your tresses to take a break from the damage of heat-based styling tools.

    Another great reason to get a Brazillian Blow Dry could be to make using permanent hair extensions easier to manage. If you have extremely frizzy or very wavy hair it can be a job to match your own hair texture to that of a sleeker hair extension. Having a Keratin Treatment like this done before having Tapes or Nanos applied will ensure more of a natural blend and faster styling.

    3. How Long Does A Brazilian Blow Dry Last?

    They can last anywhere between 2-6 months, this really will depend on the chosen treatment, your hair type and how you care for it. The aftercare is very similar to that of hair extensions or vibrant hair colors, the less you wash the longer they will last. Just like with extensions you should avoid any products with sulphates and alcohol, as they can strip the product away from the hair, affecting the treatment's longevity. 

    4. How Does A Brazilian Blow Dry Work?

    A Brazilian Blow Dry or any keratin treatment should only be done by a professional stylist after a full consultation and patch test. A chemical product is applied to the hair and left to develop; if applied incorrectly, it could cause irritation and damage to the hair, so stick to the salon experts instead of resorting to DIY home remedies.

    The standard process is shown below, however, this can vary depending on the product that’s used and the desired effect.

    Step 1: The hair is washed twice with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up and impurities in the hair. This is a crucial step as any residue or grease left on the hair could create a barrier to the product. Conditioner is avoided at this stage for the same reason.

    Step 2: The product of choice is then applied to the hair in thin sections, avoiding direct contact with the scalp but thoroughly covering the rest. Before application, the hair is usually rough dried however some systems do allow for it to be applied on damp hair.

    Step 3: The treatment is then left on the hair for anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the product guidelines and the hair thickness.

    Step 4: Next the product is blow-dried into the hair in sections, once the hair is completely dry, a hair straightener is used to seal the product in further. As you are directly heating a chemical onto the hair, the process can produce some steam - especially if the hair is colored. Many stylists and clients choose to wear a mask and goggles when drying to reduce the irritation from the fumes.

    Step 5: Older methods need the hair to be left for 1-3 days before washing and styling again as normal. Newer systems require the hair to be lightly washed and conditioned 30 minutes after the straightening process to remove the product. The hair is then either left to air dry with its new frizz-free silkiness, or softly styled.

    5. How Long Does A Brazilian Blow Dry Take?

    Usually, the whole process can take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the hair length and thickness. It's best to book out a whole morning or afternoon when planning your salon visit.

    6. Is Brazilian Blow Dry Same As Keratin Treatment?

    They both follow the same idea of smoothing and defrizzing the hair as opposed to permanently straightening it, but technically they are not the same. The Brazilian Blow-dry was originally a brand name however over time it’s become more recognised as the service name. Keratin Blow-dry, Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blow dry are used interchangeably, so it’s best to have a detailed consultation with your stylist before booking your treatment to ensure it’s the correct one for you as different stylists may use different names.

    7. FAQS

    Does Brazilian Blow Dry Damage Hair?

    If correctly done, a Brazilian Blow dry should not damage the hair or skin. Older products used to produce harmful fumes when heated however newer, safe alternatives have been created to combat this issue. A Brazilian Blow dry aims to smooth the cuticles and reduce the dry texture leaving the hair feeling silky and healthy. Stick to a qualified professional with experience in the product and service to avoid any damage to your hair.

    How Do I Maintain My Hair After A Brazilian Blowout?

    Similar to the aftercare of hair extensions and vibrantly colored hair, you will need to avoid sulphates and alcohol in your hair products. These ingredients are strong cleansing agents that remove natural oils and product build-up from the hair, which will reduce the effectiveness of the blow dry treatment. Using a conditioning mask once a week will also help to lock the treatment in for longer.

    Does Your Hair Stay Straight After Brazilian Blowout?

    No. The aim of this treatment is not to permanently straighten the hair and remove all movement, if this is what you’re after you would be better suited to a relaxer or Japanese straightening system. The purpose of the Brazilian Blow Dry is to smooth, de-frizz and reduce the volume in the hair to make it more manageable and healthier looking.

    Can You Use A Keratin Blow Dry On Hair Extensions?

    Remy human hair extensions have already been cuticle aligned to remove frizz and ensure a smoother finish so there’s no need to add another treatment to the hair. Most hair extensions are also coated during the manufacturing process to prolong their life span, so a Keratin Treatment may not work at all. I would advise against using this treatment on any hair extensions.

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