Goodbye, Flatness: 10 Ways To Prevent Hat Hair

by BRENDA L. / DEC 14, 2023

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    The villainous counterpart of good hair days has to be hat hair. We’ve all been there, am I right? You put on your favourite hat or beanie to look stylish and protect your head from the sun (or the cold!), and yeah – you do look effortlessly cool, but when it comes to taking your hat off… Well, you’re not exactly presented with the most flattering hair situation. In fact, it’s quite common to have a hat line on your tresses (especially when you wear a hat for extended periods of time), not to mention those pesky flat roots that leave your mane look lifeless and dull. But fear not! In today’s blog, I’ll spill the beans on hair care and hat season, presenting you with not one – but 10 tips to avoid hat hair and keep your tresses looking gorgeous and luscious even under your favourite beanie or sun hat. 

    The Tousle Technique:

    Giving your hair a good tousle before wearing your hat in the morning can be a great prepping technique to avoid the flattening effect. Bend forward, shake your hair out, and massage your scalp with your fingertips to give your roots a bit of a boost, reviving the volume. Texturizing sprays and volumizers can be used to give a kick that will help your hair maintain its pzazz throughout the day, even when wearing a hat! If you’re looking for a good texturizing spray, you can always count on OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray, with its volcanic mineral-enriched formula that is capable of also absorbing some excess of oil in your tresses – for undisputed hold and texture that will last all day long. 

    Choose the Right Hat:

    Choosing the right hat is the starting point to avoid unpleasant results. Try to stick to hats that are made of natural fibres such as cotton or wool, in order to avoid static. Static is another enemy to good hair days (you can read more about this phenomenon here: How To Stop Static Hair In Winter: A Comprehensive Guide By Cliphair), and is mostly caused by synthetic materials. You can easily check the labels of the items you’re thinking of buying to avoid shopping for a hair accessory that might contribute to your tresses looking dull and lifeless! Nowadays, there are also nifty options such as silk or satin-lined hats that help minimise friction and are gentle to hair cuticles, protecting your hair and hair extensions. 

    Loose Braid Magic:

    Gather your hair on one side, split it into three sections, and arrange it in a loose plait before wearing your hat. This is especially useful if you need to revive your hair after a long day in which you know you’ll be wearing a hat or beanie majority of the time. A braid will help you add some texture to your hair, helping you achieve a natural wave by evening time – avoiding the flattening effect of a hat, and making it easy to simply run your fingers through your tresses to revive them. If your hair doesn't have the necessary length and thickness to achieve the braid of your dreams, you could alternatively look into adding human hair extensions to your tresses.

    Dry Shampoo Delight:

    How to prevent flat hair? The remedy might be in your vanity shelf... Dry shampoo can be used as a volumizing product in certain cases. Its oil-absorbing properties will help raise the root and give you a bombshell hair lift! Spray some of your favourite dry shampoo at the roots after you take your hat off, wait for a minute or so, and then brush it away. Voila – you got yourself a volumized hairdo in no time. Bye-bye, flat hat hair! If you’re unsure of what dry shampoo to try for this nifty trick, check out our blog: Top 10 Best Dry Shampoos And Why We Love Them.

    Silk Scarf Savior:

    Silk scarves and bandanas are another optimal solution to protect your hair cuticles from rough materials in some hair accessories, such as straw hats or synthetic fabrics. Before placing your hat on, wrap your head in a silk or satin scarf to reduce friction, static, and flatness. On top of being particularly useful, this trick will give your overall style a touch of vintage class – and can be an optimal excuse to wear an extra layer that matches the rest of your outfit. What’s not to love? 

    Curl Power:

    If you have curly hair, you’ll want to hat-proof your mane more than ever. You can either boost the roots with a quick run through your curling wand, or add curly hair extensions for maximised thickness and texture. You could also use a volumizing powder on your roots, or a spritz of texturizing spray for a stronger hold and more bounce in your curls.

    Strategic Hat Placement:

    Some hats, such as French berets, can be adjusted so that they look stylish without all the fuss of flattened roots and compressed hair around your crown. Wearing your hat slightly askew can be just the trick you’ve been waiting for to save your hair look from pesky flatness! 

    Volume Boost with Clip-In Extensions:

    Want to amp up the volume in an effortless way? Do it with clip in hair extensions! There are many different options in the Cliphair roster – from seamless hair extensions, the perfect double-drawn clip in option for those looking for luxury, glamorous finish with blunt ends and undefeated shine, to double weft hair extensions – the best-seller that brings average thickness tresses to a brand new level of fullness, length, and movement. Made of 100% Remy human hair, Cliphair hair extensions are the gift that keeps on giving – and can be curled, cut, washed, styled, and braided to your liking, helping you achieve your dream hairstyle in just a few minutes. Come and explore our collection of clip in hair extensions to find your perfect match!

    Hat-Free Zones:

    Another option is, make sure that there are times in your day when you can finally take your hat off and give your hair a bit of a breather. Whether it’s lunch break or the time you spend indoors (this might also be for etiquette reasons!), take your hat off and revive your hair with a little bit of dry shampoo, or perhaps even a spritz of texturizing spray. Finger-comb it to give a kick to your scalp and bring back your hair’s natural lift.

    Post-Hat Styling:

    If you’ve been wearing a hat throughout the day and are looking for a post-hat reviving sesh, give your hair a little TLC with a gentle scalp massage, add a touch of volumizing product – it can be a powder, a spray, or a mousse – flip your tresses upside down, give them a good shake, and voila – your hair’s natural bounce should be restored. If you’re still looking to add some more oomph factor to it, you could always apply a one piece hair extension volumizer such as the Supreme Quad Weft hair extensions


    No matter what your hat style is, avoiding pesky flatness and dull hat hair is easy as 1,2,3 – by following these easy tips. By using the right products, adding clip in hair extensions, and reviving your tresses at the roots with the right techniques, you can easily achieve an extra boost of volume and revitalise your hair’s natural lift after wearing a hat for a long period of time! When shopping for hats, make sure you embrace the right materials and fabrics, keeping in mind their kindness to your natural hair’s cuticles. Happy styling!

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