Heatless Hair: Curl Ribbons & Silk Everything Are The Latest Trend

by BRENDA L. / OCT 27, 2022

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    Yes, TikTok is back at it again. Between yummy recipes, makeup tips and tricks, and reviews of Cetaphil skincare products everywhere, my TikTok homepage has recently been flooded with videos about this new technique to curl your hair. What’s so special about it? Let’s find out what all the rage for curling ribbons is about, where to buy one, how to use one, and what type of curls you can achieve with it.

    1. What Is A Curl Ribbon For Hair?

    The curling ribbon is the latest, comfortable way of curling your hair in a completely safe (and, dare I say fashionable?) way. That's right: no heat, no rollers, and no flexirods. In other words: the easiest and healthiest way to achieve gorgeous salon-style curls overnight, in the comfort of your own home. A good curling ribbon is made of 100% silk, for a frizz-free, zero-damage finish. This is the protective hairstyle that leaves your hair shiny and healthy, and makes you look effortlessly expensive!

    Usually, this styling accessory is around two or three feet long, and it can be bent to comfortably fit your head’s shape accordingly.

    2. How To Use A Curling Ribbon?

    If your next question is: “how do you use a heatless hair curling ribbon?” then keep on reading. Styling your hair with a curling ribbon is incredibly easy - but did you know there are different ways to use it?

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    The Headband Method

    This is probably the curling method that made this satin accessory go viral on TikTok, and probably the easiest and quickest way to put your curling ribbon in place.
    Start with slightly wet tresses: ideally, you want it to be 70 percent air-dried, as when your hair is wet it's at its weakest. If you’re starting with fully dry hair, you can also lightly spray it with water to get it damp.

    Part your hair either down the middle, then, place the ribbon right on top of your head and secure it on top - you can use a claw clip to get this done and make sure it will hold on securely. Now, this is where you'll need to work. Start by wrapping one of the two sections of hair around the ribbon, picking up more and more hair as you go as if you were French braiding your hair.

    In order to get the right shape in your curls, remember to wrap your hair away from your face. Once you get to the bottom of your hair, tie your ends around the ribbon with a silk scrunchie. Repeat the process on the other side, then let it sit overnight or for roughly six to eight hours, until dry; if you’re opting for overnight styling, don't worry about setting an alarm for this specifically: you can let the curling ribbon sit on your head for as long as your beauty sleep lasts.

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    The Figure Eight Method

    The "figure eight" method has the same starting point as the previous one, but different developments in the rest of the process. Let’s see how!
    Just like with the Headband Method, remember to start with damp (but not soaking wet) hair. This time, instead of letting your curl ribbon for hair sit on your head like a headband, bend it in half.

    Now, proceed to wrap your hair around it in a figure-eight pattern that will result in gorgeous, curvy S-style waves (the looser, softer version of beach waves). As by bending the curling ribbon in two you're cutting its length in half, you may need two of these accessories to achieve a complete blowout, especially if you have particularly long hair.

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    Two Or More Ribbons

    If you’ve been blessed with long, thick princess-like tresses, then chances are one single silk ribbon for hair won’t be enough for you to wrap all of your strands around it with satisfying results. For this reason, you can use multiple curling ribbons to get defined curls all over your mane. Silk curling ribbons are available in different sizes, so don’t worry about any pulling or discomfort!

    Just like with the Headband Method or the Figure Eight Method, start with damp hair. This time, divide it into smaller sections. Remember this easy rule: one section equals one curling ribbon, so divide your strands accordingly. Roll each section upward around a curling ribbon, keeping in mind to always wrap your hair away from your face; bend the ribbon, then secure it into place with a claw clip.

    Think of this as a giant, silky smooth flexirod: same concept! Now, this is where things get interesting: link each new ribbon into the one that came before — sort of making a chain of ribbons — so that the sections will remain in place. Last but not least, don't forget to tie your ends with a silk scrunchie, and you’re all set!


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    3. Where Can I Buy Curling Ribbons?

    You can find a decent set of hair silk ribbons on Amazon, and many online hair care stores are now specializing in curling ribbons too. Kitsch offers this incredibly cute set with two smaller curling ribbons.

    Alternatively, Heatless Hair has a selection of standard-size curling ribbons, with a jaw clip included. What’s not to love?

    4. What Type Of Curls Can I Do With A Curling Ribbon?

    Depending on the method you use (see above) and the size of your heatless hair ribbon you can achieve different types of curls. From loose waves to salon-style curls to tighter ringlets, this versatile and gentle styling tool is a true wonder.

    5. Can You Use A Curling Ribbon With Hair Extensions?

    Yes and no. If you’re wearing permanent hair extensions such as nano ring hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions, you can use your curling ribbon - as it requires your hair to only be slightly damp. However, the indication here is to use it during the day, without sleeping on your hair. Overnight drying is a huge no-no for permanent human hair extensions users! You can however leave your clip-ins in your curling ribbon overnight to dry as long as they are not attached to your hair. 

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    6. Do Heatless Curls Work On Hair Extensions?

    Yes! For clip-ins this is a great alternative to using heated tools to curl your extensions which is far less damaging. You can leave your clip-ins in the curling ribbon overnight as long as they are not attached to your own hair. If you use permanent extensions such as tapes or nanos, you can still use it but the air-drying process needs to happen under your control - not overnight. You should never sleep with wet or damp hair extensions and we do not recommend sleeping with the hair all wrapped around the ribbon as it could cause knotting. 

    7. Does a Heatless Hair Ribbon Work?

    I honestly was a little skeptical: my hair is somewhere in between straight and wavy, and of medium thickness. I usually like to think that I like my hair and I’m satisfied with how it holds a salon blowout, my experiments with the occasional plaits, and how it stays silky smooth after I use a hair straightener on it. However, it can struggle with frizz and flyaways unless I tame it with a generous amount of Argan oil (find out what are the best hair oils on our dedicated blog). This made me hesitate a lot at the thought of a “heatless blowout” - but I’m sold. Not only is this hair accessory pretty comfortable to sleep in, but the results are truly amazing. If you don’t want to believe me, believe the thousands of TikTokers that show us how the revolution of hair styling is heat-free and kind to our tresses, with the aid of a silk hair ribbon!

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    8. Conclusion:

    This curling method has been known and used in the fashion industry for decades - it was more of a last resort behind the scenes to keep curls on hold and style multiple people at the same time when resources were running short. Now, someone’s take on this became an unmissable accessory for any hair care enthusiast. And let’s be honest: it also looks so, so cute.

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