How Many Grams Of Nano Hair Extensions Do I Need Based On My Hair Type?

by ABBEY WILSON / JAN 31, 2023

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    As most Nano hair extensions are sold in smaller packs its important to know how many you need to create the look you’re going for, this will also change depending on your hair type and length. Different brands will have different pack sizes each with different weight so if your switching brands its super important to research this before you order to avoid over or under ordering. We’ve listed the amount of Nano Ring Hair Extensions you need according to each hair type and desired length.

    1. How Many Grams Of Nano Rings For A Full Head?

    Typically a full head consists of 150-250 grams of Nano Tip Hair Extensions, this is generally enough to add both length and volume to most hair types. Although, if you have very thin or very thick hair the weight can be more or less, I have explained this below.

    2. How Many Nanos Do You Need For Fine Hair?

    If your hair is on the thinner side you will not need as many Nano Rings to create a full head look, this is the rare advantage of having thin hair! If you’re only looking to thicken up your hair without making it longer, you can achieve this with just 50-100 grams of Nano Tips. Nano Hair Extensions are perfectly suited to thin hair as they are super discreet and gentle, if you want to know more read “What do I need to know before getting nano extensions”.

    3. Nano Ring Hair Extensions For Length On Thin Hair

    To add lots of length to fine or thin hair you may not need as many Nanos to achieve this look as if your hair was very thick. To add just 2-4 Inches, 75-125 grams of double drawn Nano Tips should be well enough to create more length in fine hair. If you are adding more than 4 Inches, then stick to the recommended amount which is 150-200 grams of hair.

    4. Nano Ring Hair Extensions For Length On Thick Hair

    Thick hair tends to need a lot of hair extensions when you want to add more length, especially if the hair is short or cut in a very blunt, straight line. You will need at least 200 grams of hair extensions to ensure the Nanos blend naturally with your own hair, for extreme transformations such as above shoulders to hip level length 250-275 grams is advised. Blending hair extensions into thick, bluntly cut hair can be tricky so most stylists will choose to layer or “shatter” the ends of the hair before to make this process easier. For more tips on blending hair extensions check out “How to blend your extensions with different hair types”.

    As Nano Ring Hair Extensions are so small and delicate, they take a long time to apply, on thick hair this will take even longer as you need so many more of them. For adding length to thick hair you may find Weaves, Tapes or I-tips more suitable, and faster! Check out our blog dedicated for extensions for thick hair types “Which hair extension types are best for medium to thick hair”

    5. Can You Use Nano Ring Hair Extensions To Add Colour To Your Hair?

    Yes! Nano Tips and I-Tips are the most ideal extension type to use if you’re wanting to add colour or highlights to the hair. This is because they are the smallest system of hair extensions, applied strand by strand which gives a finer highlighted effect. Using extensions is a fantastic way of colouring the hair without needing to use damaging hair dyes or bleach, its also less of a commitment so if your not a fan of the colour you can easily remove it without harming your tresses! When your only using the extensions for this reason 50-100 is the perfect amount. For some highlights and balayage inspiration check out “Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hair Inspirations For 2023”.

    6. Cliphair Pack Sizes and Weights

    Now that you know how many grams are needed to achieve your dream hair depending on your hair type lets simplify the pack sizes for you! At Cliphair our Remy Royale Nanos are made from AAAAA grade top quality, double drawn, human hair. They are sold in smaller packs of 50 strands each weighing 50 grams per pack, 1 gram per strand. Below is a table explaining the pack weights and sizes for your desired results. Enjoy! 

    Amount of Packs



    1 Pack

    50 grams

    Enough to only add volume and thickness to thin/fine hair or problem areas

    1 Pack

    50 grams

    Enough to create a balayage look on thin/fine hair


    2 packs

    100 grams

    Enough to create a balayage look on all hair types


    2 Packs

    100 grams

    Enough to add thickness and 1-3 Inches of length to thin/fine hair ONLY

    3 packs

    150 grams

    Enough to add thickness and 3-5 Inches of length to thin/fine hair ONLY

    3 packs

    150 grams

    Enough to add thickness and 1-2 Inches of length to average thickness hair

    4 packs

    200 grams

    Enough to add thickness and any amount of length to all hair types apart from extremely thick short hair

    5 packs

    250 grams

    Enough to add any amount of length to extremely thick short hair

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