How Many Grams of Tape Hair Extensions Do I Need Based On My Hair Type?

by ABBEY WILSON / JAN 24, 2023

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    Your hair type plays a major role in deciding your extension type, length, color and weight. For example, you and another person could be going for matching transformations, but the chances are you’ll need different processes to get you there according to your natural tresses, even if your opting for the same look and extensions! In todays blog we have listed the amount of Tape In Hair Extensions  needed according to each hair type.

    1. How Many Tape In Hair Extensions For Full Head?

    Usually, a full head consists of 150-200 grams of tapes; this should be enough to add both length and volume to most hair types. However, if you have very thin hair or very thick hair the weight can change which I will explain below.

    2. Tape In Hair Extensions For Volume

    If you have fine or thin hair and are only looking to add some thickness and volume, you won’t need a full head application - which is not only faster to apply but cheaper too! 100 grams of tape in hair extensions should be enough to thicken up your tresses whilst still remaining easily hidden underneath thin or fine hair. As you are not looking to make your hair longer you should opt for a length that matches your own hair, if your hair is shorter than the options available it's best to choose the shortest length and have the extensions cut to fit once they are applied. If you’re not sure what length your own hair is check out our blog “How to choose the perfect length of hair extensions for you”.

    3. Tape Hair Extensions For Length On Thin Hair

    The good news is there are actually perks to having thin or fine hair. Adding extra inches to the hair when it's already thick requires a lot of time and hair extensions to ensure a natural blend which can be very expensive and a good deal of effort. If your hair is thin and you’re only looking to add 2-3 inches you should be able to get away with using a half head to achieve this which equates to 70-100 grams of tape-ins. If you’re going for a big transformation for example from above the shoulder to 26” then its best to stick with 150-200 grams to ensure a natural blend, even if the hair is fine.

    4. Tape Hair Extensions For Length On Thick Hair

    If you were blessed with beautiful thick hair and you want to add a lot of length you will need to use at least 200 grams of hair extensions to achieve a natural finish, sometimes even more for extreme transformations and very thick hair. Any less than 200 grams will not be enough to blend the natural line of your own hair into the hair extensions and it's likely you will be able to see the ends showing through. Another trick stylists use to blend thick hair into hair extensions is to layer the natural hair beforehand, to soften and thin out the ends - which helps to balance your own hair into the extensions. This is often referred to as “shattering” the hair. To know more about hair extensions for thick hair check out our blog “Which hair extension types are best for medium to thick hair?”

    5. Tape-In Hair Extensions For Around The Face Or Problem Areas

    Sometimes you don’t actually want a full head or even a half head of extensions applied, you may only have a specific area in mind you want to fill out or add some color, too. A popular area people like to add just a few Tape-Ins too is around the face and sides. The hair in this area tends to be weaker and more prone to damage which leaves a lot of us with gappy layers and thinner hair right at the front of our faces! Adding just 50 grams of hair extensions to these areas which are around 20 tape wefts can give you the thickness you need without interfering with the rest of your hair.

    50 grams of Tape Extensions is also the perfect amount if you are wanting to add flashes of color or highlights to your hair to create a subtle balayage. This clever way of coloring your hair means zero commitment or damage to your natural locks but all the fun of a new hair color! Check out our range of Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions to try a new look for yourself.

    6. Cliphair Pack Sizes And Weights

    Now that you know how many grams are needed to achieve your dream hair depending on your hair type let's simplify the pack sizes for you! At Cliphair we sell our Tapes in packs of 40 wefts that weigh 100g, this is 2.5g per tape weft. If you'd like to know how many grams you would need in Nano Ring Hair Extensions or even Clip-Ins, I've listed them for you in the blog "How many grams of hair extensions do i need?".


    Weight in grams


    1 Pack

    100 grams

    Enough to ONLY add volume and thickness to thin/fine/average hair

    1 Pack

    100 grams

    Enough to add volume and 2-3 Inches of length to thin hair

    1 Pack

    100 grams

    Enough to fill out thin problem areas and create a balayage look

    2 Packs

    200 grams

    Enough to add thickness and a lot of length to thin, average, and thick hair

    3 Packs

    300 grams

    Enough for big length transformations on very thick hair e.g., above shoulders to 26” (we advise 250-270 grams maximum; this should only be used on thick hair)

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