How To Care For Hair Extensions And Keep Them Looking Gorgeous

by BRENDA L. / OCT 17, 2022

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    Human hair extensions are way more than a regular hair accessory such as a hairbrush. They are made of real hair, sourced from real people, and treated to live and look lush on someone else’s head. After all, it’s only natural that, in order to keep such a delicate, pricey product looking at its best, it will be mandatory to pay some extra attention to it.

    Let’s see together how to make the most of your hair extensions and keep them looking gorgeous, shiny and healthy.

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    1. Hair Extensions Maintenance: Silk Products For Hair

    From your pillowcase to your scrunchies, ribbons and night caps: make sure that silk and satin become a huge part of your hair care routine! Silk products are gentle to your hair cuticles, they are kind to your skin, and generally speaking they work wonders on your mane. I have talked more in detail about silk products for hair in our blog: Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping.

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    2. How To Care For Hair Extensions: Bristle Brush & Detangling

    Picking the right hair brush and comb when it comes to styling hair and Remy hair extensions is essential. In general, it’s safe to say that a good roster of hair styling brushes and combs includes: a rat tail comb, a large-toothed comb, a boar bristle brush, a detangling brush and a round brush. All of these products serve different purposes when it comes to styling: from parting your hair to detangling it under the shower to achieving that flipped out Y2K look or a big, bouncy blowout. Need to stock up? Get your Cliphair detangling hairbrush now.

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    3. Hair Extensions Care: Heatless Styling

    Heat is an enemy for both your real hair extensions and your natural tresses. So, you might be asking yourself: “how do I get those luscious curls and hairstyles I had in mind when I bought my hair extensions?”. Well, the answer is pretty simple - but not that obvious. You will need to master air-drying and heatless styling! Whilst air-drying might not work on every hair type without a little frizz, heatless styling techniques are a real life-saver for your hair. You can learn how to use Velcro rollers on our dedicated blog, in order to recreate the bouncy look you’ve been longing for without the damage of a curling iron. Curling ribbons are also an awesome way to get soft, romantic curls on your lengths and ends.

    If you have to use heat-based styling tools such as curling wands, curling irons and flat irons, always make sure you’re using a heat protectant agent on your tresses. Keeping the temperature to the minimum and using the right styling techniques are key points to a flawless blowout with minimum damage. Find out more about how to curl your hair extensions on our dedicated blog.

    4. What Not To Use On Hair Extensions?

    Sulphates, silicones and parabens are a huge no-no when it comes to real hair extensions - also, avoid heavy oils that can cause product build up on your extensions and scalp. When washing your hair extensions you always need to make sure you’re using specific shampoo and conditioner: you can get your Cliphair 2 in 1 shampoo for hair extensions and make sure every washing up session doesn’t end with a nasty surprise.

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    5. Replace Hair Extensions Regularly

    Even if you pay extra attention to your hair, when you are wearing permanent hair extensions it's extremely important that you don't wait too long to visit your local salon and get them replaced when their time it's due. Nano Ring hair extensions and Micro Ring hair extensions need to be taken care of and replaced regularly, to avoid that grown-out, unkempt look. In the case of Micro Rings specifically, the beads are quite thick and can easily be spotted if you let your roots grow too long between one appointment and another.

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    6. Try Hair Dusting

    If you encounter some minor damage on your ends, don't panic: you can always try hair dusting on your hair extensions! n just a few words, hair dusting is a hair-cutting technique that gets rid of your damaged ends without affecting your hair’s length. Not only split ends but frizz and flyaways; trimming your mane with the dusting technique is a real lifesaver, especially if you’re looking for even, glossy tresses that stay put in place. Want to know more? Check out our blog: "Goodbye, Split Ends! What Is Hair Dusting?".

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    7. Never Sleep With Wet Hair Extensions On

    It might be tempting during a hot summer day, but if you went for a midnight swim with your tape-in hair extensions or permanent hair extensions on, you would need to take the time to give yourself a blow-dry once you get back to your hotel. Why?

    Just like your natural hair, Remy hair extensions are at their weakest when wet - going to sleep with wet hair extensions can not only damage the product you spent so much money on but can also leave you with tangled, matted hair when you wake up. Matted hair is no fun. Trust me.

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    8. Take Out Your Clip-In Hair Extensions Before Going To Bed

    This may sound like a given, but I've heard one too many horror stories about people that slept in their clip-in hair extensions and woke up with a matted mess on their heads. You know what sleep does to your hair normally, so you can only imagine how damaging that can be if you add metal or plastic clips to the equation. Surely anything like that doesn't sound too healthy for your tresses!

    9. Avoid DIY

    Nobody expects you to be a hair extensions specialist unless you had years of practice on your back and some good professional training. You trust your local butcher in cutting your Sunday roast meat to perfection, but you wouldn't trust him with brain surgery, right? That works for your hair too. Once damaged beyond repair, or cut the wrong way, the only way to salvage your mane is to wait until it grows back. Hair extensions are an accessory you can use to spice things up when it comes to your hairstyle but don't leave it in the hands of your friends to save money. For any type of hair extension installation, always make sure you get the help of a trained hairdresser and hair extensions specialist!

    10. Conclusion:

    Making the most out of your hair extensions means paying extra attention to your tresses both when you are wearing them and when you are storing them away. Make sure you read our blog “How To Keep Hair Extensions Looking Healthy” for additional help. Have your hair extensions gone bad? Then check out our guide: 7 Exciting Things to Do With Your Old Hair Extensions to give a second chance to your worn-out hair!

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