Is The Dyson Airwrap Worth The Hype?

by BRENDA L. / FEB 15, 2023

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    Since its release, the mythical Airwrap designed and developed by Dyson has divided the public. Some people are not convinced, some others are intimidated by its price range, some others swear by it and say that they will never go back to traditional styling tools. But what is the Dyson Airwrap and how is it different from your old blow-dryer and curling iron? And most importantly: is it worth it? Let’s find out together.

    How Does The Dyson Airwrap Work 

    The innovative mechanism of the Dyson Airwrap is backed by science, and it’s all about taming airflow. The Dyson Airwrap uses a phenomenon called “Coanda effect”, where the airflow stays attached to the surface of the styling tool. Thanks to its motor, the Dyson Airwrap does most of the work for you, sparing you from having to learn how to section and hold your hair. This works without all the heat produced by traditional curling wands, flat irons and such – being gentle on your tresses whilst styling them in a fabulous, flawless way.

    How Much Is The Dyson Airwrap? 

    If the first thing to mention about this miraculous styling tool is its efficiency and innovative technology, the downside of it all is its price. Many people have complained about the Dyson Airwrap being too expensive, with retail prices over £400. This can be discouraging initially, but let’s not forget that other premium hair styling tools such as GHD hair straighteners are very expensive too – nonetheless, there’s a reason why they are a top-tier choice for salons. The Dyson Airwrap is expensive, yes, however, its results and long-lasting lifespan make it a great investment.

    Does Dyson Airwrap Dry Hair?

    The Dyson Airwrap uses airflow to style your hair, therefore it has a drying agent that will help you style your tresses without having to necessarily go through the blow-drying process first. If you’re looking for a tool to use on wet hair, the Dyson Supersonic will be what you’re looking for; the Airwrap, instead, works better on damp hair. Either way, it’s always recommended to use a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt to get rid of the water in excess before drying your tresses.

    Does Dyson Airwrap Damage Hair?

    Onto the real deal: does the Dyson Airwrap damage your hair? Although it significantly reduces the amount of heat that is applied to your strands, the Dyon Airwrap isn’t completely heat-free. The only way you have to give your hair a break from heat is, you guessed it, air-drying your tresses and using heatless styling methods such as the curling ribbon or velcro rollers. You can read more about how to curl your hair without heat in our dedicated blog: How To Get Heatless Curls In 12 Easy Ways.

    Even though the Airwrap isn’t completely heatless, the reviews online are enthusiastic and none of them highlights any hair damage related to heat. To be completely sure, always apply heat protection on your strands before styling. If you need to stock up, get your Cliphair Heat Protectant Spray – designed to shield both your hair and hair extensions from heat damage.

    How To Use Dyson Airwrap?

    If you’ve got your hands on this avant-garde hair styling tool and are wondering how to use it and make the most of its innovative technology, here’s how to use it to get a flawless, gorgeous curly do.

    1. Start with towel-dried hair; you want it to feel lightly damp but not soaking wet.
    2. Choose your barrel between the available options according to the type of curls you want to achieve.
    3. Select your heat setting. High heat and airflow guarantee a drying factor to remove water from your strands.
    4. Hold the curl until it’s completely dry, or around 15 seconds.
    5. Turn the machine off.
    6. Set the curl with the cool-shot option for around 5 to 10 seconds.
    7. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for maximum hold.

    The machine offers different types of styling techniques that you can achieve with its accessories and a bit of handiness. Between the options, you will find:

    • Taming hair & reducing frizziness
    • Shaping hairstyles such as bobs and lobs
    • Curls & ringlets
    • Fluffy, bouncy blowouts
    • Getting silky-smooth tresses
    • Adding volume and texture to straight hair

    Can You Use Dyson Airwrap On Dry Hair?

    Whilst it’s completely safe to do so, styling dry hair with the Dyson Airwrap may give you dissatisfying results that won’t last as long. You can try and compensate for this with hairspray and holding products, but then again this depends on the type of hairstyle you’re trying to achieve. Curls are harder to hold when you start with completely dry hair.


    Can I Use Dyson Airwrap Everyday?

    Technically yes. The tool doesn’t heat up over 150C (302F), so it’s much safer to use on your strands when compared to other tools such as traditional blow-dryers and curling or straightening tools. However, a lot will depend on the state of your tresses and your hair type. Those with fine hair will want to give their mane a break in between washing and styling sessions; you may want to use your Dyson Airwrap after completely air-drying your hair and using a generous amount of hairspray; last but not least, if your hair has been over-processed with coloring, bleach and heat-based styling sessions, you should limit the use of an Airwrap too and not resort to it on a daily basis.

    Does Dyson Airwrap Work With Extensions?

    Here’s the thing: the Dyson Airwrap works WONDERS on extensions – both clip ins and permanent types such as nano ring hair extensions or tape in hair extensions. Obviously, we’re talking about 100% Remy-quality human hair such as our beloved Cliphair extensions; not only are synthetic hair hard to style, but they also tend to look obviously fake and cheap. If you’ve invested in a good Cliphair set of hair, then good news: the Dyson Airwrap will help you to effortlessly and seamlessly blend in your hair extensions and will make them last longer, keeping frizz and heat-damage at bay!

    Is The New Dyson Airwrap Better Than The Old?(back to index)

    The latest version of the Dyson Airwrap features a significant improvement in terms of accessories and airflow control. If you struggle with frizzy hair and flyaways, the second generation of Dyson Airwrap will make you notice the difference.

    So Is The Dyson Airwrap Worth It? (back to index)

    Word to the experts – yes, the Dyson Airwrap is worth all the hype. Generally speaking, the product is innovative, perfect for users that are not so handy when it comes to sectioning techniques and styling their own hair, and works wonders both on your natural hair and on real hair extensions. Of course, everyone will keep their own opinion about it. If you style your hair only occasionally, the product will sound like an unnecessary expense. If you have naturally curly and coarse hair, you may find it difficult to style your tresses solely with the aid of this tool.

    10. Conclusion:

    Dyson never disappoints when it comes to hair-styling tools, and the Airwrap is no exception – I absolutely loved it and even if the price may seem scary, you can always resort to instalments for what, to me, looks like a great addition to a respectable collection of hair-dedicated products and accessories.

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