Last Minute Haircare Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

by BRENDA L. / DEC 16, 2022

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    Congratulations! You may have survived Christmas shopping and all that it entails (including flies buzzing out of what’s left of your wallet, if you’re as bad at budgeting as I am), but you’re not done yet. Remember, Santa isn’t just leaving fancy presents under the Christmas tree, he also has to take care of Christmas stockings. If one of your loved ones happens to be a hair care lover, here’s a few cute ideas you can stuff their stocking with!

    1. Olaplex Ultimate Essentials Holiday Kit

    This mini-set has everything: from pre-shampoo treatments to a miraculous hair mask – all the magic of the worldwide-renowned Olaplex formula in a pocket size. The perfect for that travel bug friend that is already planning a cute getaway for New Year’s Eve. The set contains a hair primer, a pre-shampoo treatment to hydrate and prep hair before shampooing, the famous Bond Maintenance shampoo and conditioner duo, and a Bond Intense Moisture mask.

    Shop Now: Olaplex Ultimate Essentials Kit

    2. Cliphair Moisturising Silky Spray

    Available in two different sizes, this spray truly is a miracle in a bottle. Is your loved one a hair extensions user? Then surely they will love this delicate mist, which brings human hair extensions to life with just a spritz sealing the hair cuticles for ultimate shine, softness and manageability. With added bonus points for the gracious fruity scent, Cliphair’s Moisturising Silky Spray knows no rivals when it comes to showing Remy hair extensions some tender love and care. 

    3. Silk Scrunchies

    Silk scrunchies (available in different sizes and colours) are designed to avoid hair creases or kinks in your hair and minimise damage and frizz that you may find with cotton or elastic hair ties. On top of that, they are a fashionable, trendy alternative to boring nylon hair ties – not only does a silk scrunchie make the perfect hair accessory to protect your precious strands in your sleep holding them together without tugging or pulling, but it also can be a creative way to switch up your outfit!

    4. Larry King Haircare FLYAWAY WITH ME Kit

    If your friend is all about laying their edges in ways that not even FKA Twigs would think of, then this might just be the perfect, little Christmas stocking gift idea. The set goes straight to the point with a fantastic brush+comb dual-ended tool for baby hairs and the acclaimed A Social Life For Your Hair gel, that tames strays and edges in a sleek, glossy finish. Major points for sustainability, as the brush+combo duo is made of bamboo and the gel is housed in a chic, minimalistic aluminium tube!

    Shop Now: Larry King Haircare FLYAWAY WITH ME Kit

    5. Moroccanoil Hydrating Heroes Set

    Are you trying to tell them that since their bleach job their strands need some serious TLC? Then you can’t go wrong with Moroccanoil, a brand that takes hair hydration and moisture locking extremely seriously. The set contains their legendary Intense Hydrating Mask and their Hair Treatment oil, both packaged in an incredibly handy containers under 100ml that can be taken abroad to make sure that your loved one’s hair never goes thirsty.

    Shop Now: Morroccanoil Hydraing Superstars

    6. OUAI Essentials: Mini’s Bundle

    Detoxing, styling and moisture-lock: oh, if only there was a gift set that could do it all…! Wait a minute - there is! OUAI Essentials has, well, the essential tools to make the most of one’s hair. The set contains a detoxing shampoo that is gentle on the scalp but tough on debris, sebum excess and product build-up, from hard water deposits and styling products such as dry shampoos, hairspray, gel and wax; an ultra-lightweight mist that adds body and texture for those mermaid waves lovers; and last but not least, a little miracle potion – the OUAI hair oil, that protects hair during heat-styling and keeps it soft and shiny throughout the day.

    Shop Now; OUAI Essentials Mini Bundle

    7. Gisou PRIME & SHINE SET

    Gisou’s signature honey-infused formula strikes again. This time, they made their set even more enticing by adding a lovely large-toothed comb to the deal, entirely made of bamboo and recycled plastic to keep your loved ones trendy without hurting Mother Earth. You go, Gisou. The set also includes their Propolis Infused Polishing Primer to prep your hair and their Honey Infused Hair Oil to seal moisture in your precious tresses after you’re done styling.

    Shop Now: Gisou Prime & Shine Set

    8. SHRINE Drop It Copper Kit

    Are you filling up the Christmas stocking of a beloved redhead? Then make their jaw drop with this incredible hair set, specifically created for naturally ginger-haired people (but don’t worry, it will work wonders on dyed tresses too). The kit is everything they need to enhance the natural fiery shade of their hair or to maintain their dyed mane, depending on the case. From trendy copper shades to sultry auburn hues, this set will help them step up their hair game with rich pigment and shine. 

    Shop Now: Copper Hair Dye - Drop it Kit

    9. Sienna Naturals Wash Day Ritual - Trial Set

    Let’s talk about natural hair, curls and coils. If your special person is struggling with frizz, moisture retention, poor curl definition and tangles, chances are you’re going to make them very happy with this set. Sienna Naturals’ acclaimed Wash Day Ritual set states that 8 out of 10 people see positive results after just one use. The set contains a cleansing shampoo, a gentle, detangling conditioner and a leave-in conditioner to keep curls and coils soft and nourished. 

    Shop Now: Sienna Naturals Wash Day Ritual Trial Set

    10. Cliphair Detangling Brush

    Brushing human hair extensions is a serious job, and nobody knows this better than Cliphair - British leader of hair beauty and styling. Whether your loved one has permanent hair extensions fitted in or likes to play and switch things up with clip in hair extensions every now and then, getting them a detangling brush that is specifically designed to gently go through their hair without causing any trouble will make their hair care routine significantly easier.

    11. Conclusion:

    Christmas stocking stuffing can be incredibly fun – and with these little gift ideas you’re going to make sure that your special person’s hair will be shown all the love and care it deserves. Who knew St. Nicholas would be so up to date with hair care trends and beauty routines?

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