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by SHOPIFY API / JAN 23, 2014


    nail inspiration

     We always get such a great response when we share gorgeous nail photos with you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so we thought we would put together a blog full of gorgeous nails to inspire you! Enjoy! <3

    Pretty rainbow nails

     Love these pretty rainbow stripes. You can pick up very thin brushes in most good drugstores, which will allow you to create this stunning effect. So pretty and intricate!

    Super glamorous nails

     You can’t go wrong with simple matte black nails, and we love the twist on these with shiny strips through them! Super glamourous.

    We love these pink over the top girly nails – lots of gems and glitter with a rounded claw shape. Loving the pretty candyfloss shade!

    pink nails

    beige nails

    This looks so professional but is so simple -paint nails your desired colour, use nail guards to divide tips and nails and apply matte polish to nails. Voila!

    Glitter nails

    Love this bright burst of colour, contrasting against a thick chunky glitter ring finger. The colour works well on the sophisticated square shape.

    Leopard nails

    Leopard nails look so gorgeous and stylish, but if you look up close, they’re pretty easy to recreate. All it takes it three colours, one base shade, one for the blobs, and one for the outlines. Use a thin brush and wait for each addition to dry.

    We adore these pretty pastel nails with a touch of glitter to make them glamorous. Perfect for spring!
    Do you love experimenting with nail art? We’d love to see the styles you’ve created at home – share them on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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